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Example sentences for "diverges"

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divergence; divergences; divergencies; divergency; divergent; diverging; divers; diversa; diversaj; diversajn
  1. A little farther the road to the Gerbier diverges to the right.

  2. In its course through the northwestern section, this fine street diverges around the enclosure of Girard College, occupying grounds covering about forty-two acres.

  3. The route to Bamian and Kabul from Herat diverges at the small deserted fort of Sofarak, and follows the Lal and the Kerman valleys at the head of the Hari Rud.

  4. From Herat eastwards, past Obeh as far as Daolatyar, there is no great difficulty to be overcome by the traveller, although the route diverges from the main valley for a space.

  5. Yet if, of the three, he be most like Christianity in particular passages, he diverges most widely from it in his general spirit.

  6. He diverges from Christianity in many of his modes of regarding life, and in many of his most important beliefs.

  7. The new private road to Achnashellach, ten miles from Kenlochewe, diverges at this point, and is seen skirting the eastern shore of Loch Clair.

  8. The Mareway is an old track or drift-road, dating from primitive times, which diverges from the Old North Road and runs for some miles along the top of the low chalk downs which bound my southern horizon.

  9. The more firmly that a Church holds the necessity of what is unessential, the more it diverges from the Spirit of Christ.

  10. This section diverges in form from those before and after it, as also from the original.

  11. But it diverges strangely from the original, ‘Pater iste familias animus potest intelligi, cuius familia sint cogitationes et motus earum, sensus quoque et actiones tam exteriores quam interiores.

  12. From the satirical the poet diverges into the mock heroic:-- See Inebriety!

  13. Value, therefore, though in the first instance it is equivalent to the labour employed in producing the products, necessarily diverges from that standard in the end, and has then an utterly different measure.

  14. Even at the present day the prosperous and intelligent community of Jains follow a similar doctrine and the Advaita philosophy diverges widely from European theism.

  15. And in several other places he diverges equally from that law.

  16. The bird diverges at D, and goes on to B.

  17. The reptile, bird, and mammal, go on together to C, where the reptile diverges in like manner, and advances by itself to R.

  18. Here again we see how Bentham virtually diverges from the a priori school.

  19. Two and a half miles farther on a road diverges to the left, crosses the Peabody by a bridge, and stretches on over a depression of the range to Randolph, where it intersects the great route from Lancaster and Jefferson to Gorham.

  20. One route leaves the travelled highway a short distance beyond the East Branch of the Saco, and ascends Thorn Hill; another diverges from it near Glen Station, in Bartlett.

  21. Commonly it diverges to a smaller extent from the middle notes--uses notes neither so high nor so low in pitch.

  22. Marx's severest stricture on the iniquities of the capitalistic system is that contained by implication in his development of the manner in which actual exchange value of goods systematically diverges from their real (labor-cost) value.

  23. Although the disciples of the mind-cure often use Christian terminology, one sees from such quotations how widely their notion of the fall of man diverges from that of ordinary Christians.

  24. These towns communicate with the outside world by a branch line of railway which diverges at this point.

  25. At Howardsville, which was the center of everything years ago, the reviewer diverges up Cunningham gulch, completing the circle of his inquiries, for from Howardsville to Silverton it is only four miles.

  26. From India our author now diverges to Egypt.

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