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Example sentences for "ascends"

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ascendency; ascendent; ascendeth; ascending; ascendit; ascensional; ascensions; ascent; ascents; ascertain
  1. It ascends for 108 feet to a wide landing-place, where it divides into two branches.

  2. The navigator who ascends the St. Lawrence, after he has passed the Isle of Orleans, and entered the broad basin already mentioned, where he first comes in sight of this capital, is struck with intense admiration.

  3. Along a special vertical line the mother spider ascends to the surface and descends again, having entangled air in the hairs of her body.

  4. Running down the side of the nest, the spider --brushes off the air at the entrance, and the bubble ascends into the silken balloon.

  5. Whatever the kind, or the amount stolen, the unvarying penalty was double of the same kind.

  6. Next she spreads over her belly a pellicle of the same material, and ascends to the surface.

  7. The steep hill which ascends from this point to Vail's Gate derives its name from this circumstance.

  8. The road now gradually ascends the valley, and at the foot of Stalheimskleven it takes sixteen zigzag sweeps up the face of the cliff, which is here about 1,000 feet above the valley.

  9. About five miles on the way the road ascends through a forest of pine-trees and high, rocky knolls, into whose deep shadow the sure-footed pony plunges, to emerge into the warm and dazzling sunshine.

  10. The two Extensors of the Thumb are the Longior and the Brevior: The former proceeding from the upper and outward part of the Cubitus, ascends above the Radius, and is ty'd with a forked Tendon to the second Bone of the Thumb.

  11. The fact that the plumed quail ascends the mountains each spring to heights of from five to eight thousand feet for nesting purposes, gives it a better claim to the name, mountain, than has the other variety.

  12. It is an upstanding block of squarish outline, conspicuous on the left hand as one ascends Langstrath from Borrowdale.

  13. The West route ascends from this side to the depression between A and C.

  14. Old Man proper, except for the sake of the view, which is magnificent, and no one ascends except from Coniston, varied in a few cases by working north along the summit ridge and descending via Grey Friars on to the pass of Wrynose.

  15. Man's attention to life is to change its character as he ascends the ladder of being.

  16. But the tower which he raises with its help ascends to heights unreached by any other writer: to the point at which man is given the supreme gift of the Sparkling Stone, or Nature of Christ, the goal of human transcendence.

  17. In proportion to the divine heights to which it ascends must be the obscure depths in which the tree is rooted, and from which it draws the mystic sap of its spiritual life.

  18. Far below bright Okement loops the mount with a brown girdle of foaming waters that threads the meadows; and beyond, now dark, now wanly streaked with sunshine, ascends Dartmoor to her border heights of Yes Tor and High Willhayes.

  19. Then, at the mouth of the land between them, a great welter of white foam fills the gap, for the storm has beaten the sea mad, and the roar of it ascends in unbroken thunder over the meadows.

  20. Arable land ascends the hills, and the clank of plough and cry of man to his horses will soon be heard in the stubble of the corn.

  21. He alone ascends the hill of Christian Science who follows the Way-shower, the spiritual presence and idea of God.

  22. Faust ascends to Heaven by stepping on the head of Mephistopheles, 822-l.

  23. As the Inferior man ascends from the lowest matter even to the First Cause, so the Superior Adam descends from the Simple and Infinite Act, even to the lowest and most attenuated Potence.

  24. It ascends from earth to Heaven, and again descends to earth, and receives the force of things above and below.

  25. According to the dogma of antiquity, the thronging forms of life are a series of purifying migrations, through which the divine principle re-ascends to the unity of its source.

  26. It was one of the gates of the soul, through which the theologians, says Porphyry, say that it re-ascends toward the home of Light and the Good.

  27. Faust ascends to Heaven, by stepping on the head of the vanquished Mephistopheles.

  28. She remained there a few minutes facing the great black wall, which ascends and stretches above the arcade.

  29. Above the glazed cupboards, ascends the roughly plastered black wall, looking as if covered with leprosy, and all seamed with defacements.

  30. Having reached the bottom, he withdraws his foot from the stone, which ascends immediately to the stage.

  31. The smoke ascends up to heaven in a straight line.

  32. At the back a great mountain ascends obliquely, and in front an inaccessible precipice descends to the river.

  33. From this point onwards the road ascends slowly but steadily until a deep valley lies to the right, and the Zeta assumes quite diminutive proportions.

  34. Now that the King is crowned, he ascends the steps of the jube, and seats himself upon the throne.

  35. Frayssinous, Bishop of Hermopolis, ascends the pulpit and pronounces the funeral oration of the King.

  36. One of the agreeable surprises to the traveler in the Andes is to note the sudden and extraordinary changes in the character of the vegetation as he ascends or descends the mountain near the line of demarcation between two zones.

  37. Around the pulpy shoot that ascends from the trunks is a web-like integument that serves them for the slight covering they wear.

  38. Yet while his mighty soul ascends the skies, On earth his blood for ten-fold vengeance cries.

  39. Our troops are sorely pressed, HOWE ascends the smoky hill, Wheel inward, let these ranks be faced, We have yet some blood to spill.

  40. Having laid down the conditions of forgiveness, and expatiated on the divine benevolence, Isaiah now sings another song, and ascends to loftier heights.

  41. Every passion has, like the sea, its tide which ascends and descends.

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