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degeneracy; degenerate; degenerated; degenerates; degenerating; degenerations; degenerative; degli; deglutition; degno
  1. The time of their landing had to be removed far back to account for the present degeneration through continuous intermarriage.

  2. And such is the contagion of degeneration that the older members, while they affected disdain and annoyance, enjoyed it too.

  3. The most unwarlike of men are haunted by the fear that perpetual peace would induce a general degeneration of soul and body such as they now behold amid the rich man's sheltered comforts.

  4. The latter characterize small groups, genera, families, or classes; while the dominant function characterizes all animals of a given grade, even those which through degeneration have reverted to this grade.

  5. Many of them are largely or entirely parasitic, and in connection with this mode of life have undergone modifications and degeneration which make it exceedingly difficult to decipher their descent or relationships.

  6. But to the vertebrate these lowest depths of stagnation and degeneration are, as a rule, impossible.

  7. The present apparently, and really as far as freedom from discomfort and danger is concerned, always belongs to forms hopelessly doomed to degeneration or stagnation.

  8. If this fails of development, as in mollusks, the group is doomed to degeneration or at best stagnation.

  9. Later the other nerve-cords degenerated, for such a degeneration of nerve-cords is not at all impossible or improbable.

  10. We have generally no conception at all of the amount of extermination and degeneration which have taken place in past ages.

  11. Evolution and degeneration of muscles in hand and foot go on side by side, because some are used and some are disused.

  12. Its progress has added nothing to the total of life; its degeneration harmed no one, hardly even itself; it was doomed from the start.

  13. Here stagnation and degeneration mean, as a rule, extinction.

  14. Mollusks: The external protective skeleton leads to degeneration or stagnation.

  15. This degeneration will continue until the species has sunken into equilibrium, so to speak, with its surroundings.

  16. Indeed, if you will add one element to those mentioned above, namely, that all these shall be attained with the least amount of effort, they insure degeneration beyond a doubt.

  17. In other words, is not degeneration easier than advance and just as safe?

  18. To the medical mind these ecstasies signify nothing but suggested and imitated hypnoid states, on an intellectual basis of superstition, and a corporeal one of degeneration and hysteria.

  19. Lombroso, "is a symptom of hereditary degeneration of the epileptoid variety, and is allied to moral insanity.

  20. In advanced cases, however, in which the fatty degeneration is complete, recovery is impossible.

  21. In fatty degeneration the elements of the muscular tissue are replaced by fatty or oily granules.

  22. There is more or less inflammation of the membranes of the brain, kidneys, and liver, and some fatty degeneration of the voluntary muscles.

  23. It is also most liable to occur after abortion, in which preparation has not been made by fatty degeneration for the severance of these close connections.

  24. The surface becomes a soft, greasy mass; later it cracks open and from the fissures blood-colored pus exudes, being continually formed by the moist degeneration of the tissues beneath.

  25. This in turn interferes with the nutrition of the liver cells and they undergo fatty degeneration and perish.

  26. This is not attributable to his weight and clumsiness alone, but largely to the fatty degeneration of his testicles and their excretory ducts, which prevents the due formation and maturation of the semen.

  27. In still other cases the casts entangle clear, refrangent globules of oil or fat, which may imply fatty degeneration of the kidneys or injury to the spinal cord.

  28. This is not unknown in old cows of the beef breeds, the enormous masses of fat upon and within the pelvis being associated with weakness or fatty degeneration of the muscles.

  29. This bile injection causes in many cases a fatty degeneration of the liver cells, which makes the organ appear still lighter in color.

  30. However, it may be due to degeneration and consequent rupture of a blood vessel in the brain.

  31. An instance of the value of the exercise in these incipient cases of fatty degeneration is often quoted.

  32. The effect of the protracted use of ergot in the feed is pretty well understood to be that of producing a degeneration and obstruction of the smaller arterial branches.

  33. It is certainly not true, as I hold, either that the human race in general is nervously degenerating, or that nervous degeneration tends to a maximum in its most eminent members.

  34. We encounter in these studies phenomena of degeneration and phenomena of evolution.

  35. It is by considering hallucinations in this generalised manner and among these analogies, that we can best realise their absence of necessary connection with any bodily degeneration or disease.

  36. If life has been preserved for some days, there is extensive fatty degeneration of the organs.

  37. In phallin-poisoning the blood remains fluid; numerous hæmorrhages are present, with fatty degeneration of the internal organs.

  38. In chronic cases there is fatty degeneration of most of the organs and tissues of the body.

  39. For in the story which lays emphasis on personality, the evolution or degeneration of the particular trait which has been selected for presentation is the real story-element of the fiction.

  40. It is among the terraces and squares of the West Ends of great cities, and among the gardened villas of suburbs that this degeneration has evinced the fulness of its power.

  41. What we must realise is that this process of racial destruction will steadily go on working down the social {40} scale until the race is doomed--unless the conscience of the race be roused and the forces of degeneration routed.

  42. It was the degeneration into which the nation {183} had fallen.

  43. Degeneration always {11} begins at the top, and works downward.

  44. It was because the pure were disregarded that the cult of the empty cradle cast the glamour of its degeneration over the land.

  45. Whoever ponders the two Reports in which for the first time that degeneration is fearlessly and mercilessly exposed, cannot any longer be blind to that.

  46. The last-mentioned degeneration explains the deafness of the dancing mice; but in my opinion it is a change of secondary nature.

  47. There is therefore atrophy of the branches, ganglia, and roots of the entire eighth nerve, together with atrophy and degeneration of the pars inferior labyrinthii.

  48. There then you see established the relation between collective ownership and nervous diseases or degeneration in general, not only among the popular and more numerous classes, but also in the bourgeois and aristocratic classes.

  49. Nevertheless it will be possible for different causes to have a preventive and mitigating influence on the various forms of congenital degeneration (ordinary diseases, criminality, insanity and nervous disorders).

  50. He thinks that stigmata of degeneration are probably better correlated with mental defect and also with nutritional or environmental conditions than with criminalism as such.

  51. The tic movement is the symbol of the psychic defect or degeneration or instability.

  52. Now, if by degeneration be meant a more or less pronounced hereditary psychopathic or neuropathic tendency which betrays itself by actual physical or psychical stigmata, then tic patients are unquestionably degenerates.

  53. The degeneration whose first manifestation in a child is the development of a tic may reveal itself later by more disquieting signs.

  54. It is evident that in his case the variable chorea has been but an episode in adolescence, to be added to the numerous stigmata of degeneration enumerated above.

  55. If degeneration unveils itself in multifarious psychical or physical anomalies, the subjects of the tic are undoubtedly degenerates.

  56. Continuous strain upon her fingers and wrist caused a degeneration of the tendon sheath.

  57. The solicitor decided that in this tendon degeneration there was "no accidental element.

  58. The degeneration of the Germanic spirit is ascribed to its influence.

  59. Just why the degeneration must occur no one can say.

  60. The making of the career involves the distortion, the mutilation, degradation, degeneration or even the complete suppression of the true personality.

  61. Removal of the thyroid produces a degeneration of nerve cells and their processes, and associative memory becomes difficult or impossible because conduction from cell to cell is interfered with.

  62. In degeneration of the interior of the gland, which destroys the medulla, but not the cortex, the color of the skin is left unmodified.

  63. It is after the menopause in women that myxedema, the disease of complete degeneration of the thyroid, and of the physical and mental faculties, is most frequent.

  64. But the ordinary giant is one in whom there is degeneration of the pituitary after too much action of the anterior and too little of the posterior glands.

  65. Genius as a sport, as well as sudden degeneration of family stock, the whole problem of mutation, may be closely connected with this tendency.

  66. Therapy might have relieved Napoleon of his attacks, and so, halting the creeping degeneration of his pituitary, made Waterloo impossible.

  67. All these are grades of the degeneration which Ord, the Englishman, named myxedema.

  68. And it has been repeatedly shown that extirpation of the adrenals is immediately followed by degeneration and breakdown of the brain cells.

  69. The degeneration is not a mucinous infiltration of the skin and the internal organs which occurs with thyroid deprivation, but a fatty degeneration, with a tendency to inversion of sex.

  70. Insanity, degeneration of the normal brain life, may be caused by an upset of the endocrine balance.

  71. If only part of the anterior lobe is taken away, there occurs a remarkable degeneration of the individual.

  72. Within the last hundred years that process of degeneration has been hastened by two incidental afflictions--spring floods and summer droughts.

  73. Blind Fishes, Structure of, 48; Causes of Degeneration in, CARL H.

  74. To give alms to a beggar may mean to assist his moral degeneration and in the long run increase his misery.

  75. In evolution we should expect these to appear before the camera-like structure of a highly developed eye, while in the process of degeneration we should expect these fine histological characters to go first.

  76. Some Opisthobranchia are striking examples of degeneration (some Nudibranchia), having none of those regions or processes of the body developed which distinguish the archaic Mollusca from such flat-worms as the Dendrocoel Planarians.

  77. Degeneration of the shell occurs in some members of the order.

  78. Different degrees of the same process of detorsion are, as we have seen, exhibited by the Heteropoda among the Streptoneura, and both in them and in the Euthyneura the detorsion is associated with degeneration of the shell.

  79. The variety of special developments of structure accompanying the atrophy of typical organs in the Opisthobranchia and general degeneration of organization is very great.

  80. There was a tendency to fatty degeneration of that organ.

  81. You say there was a tendency to fatty degeneration of the heart?

  82. A person with major liver degeneration inevitably dies, with or without fasting, with or without traditional medicine.

  83. Her degeneration caused progressively more and more severe pain until she had a cholecystectomy.

  84. This degeneration producing less unpleasant symptoms, but in the long run, damages essential organs and moves the person closer to their final disease.

  85. However, these doctors lived in an era when the food supply was better, when mass human degeneration had not proceeded as far as it has today.

  86. Our bodies are at the poorer end of a century-long process of mass degeneration that started with white flour from the roller mill.

  87. The degeneration of the eye of the blind fishes of the caves of the Mississippi Valley, Amblyopsis, Typhlichthys, and Troglichthys, have been very fully studied by Dr.

  88. Degeneration in this sense is, like specialization, a phase of adaptation.

  89. The degeneration of extratropical fishes may be due to isolation and cessation or reversal of selection.

  90. In the fishes with jugular ventrals these fins have begun a process of degeneration by which the spines or soft rays or both are lost or atrophied.

  91. Apparently all of the bassalian fishes are derived from littoral types, the changes in structure being due to degeneration of the osseous and muscular systems and of structures not needed in deep-sea life.

  92. When jugular the number of soft rays may be reduced, this being a phase of degeneration of the fin.

  93. It is one of the most clearly marked yet most heterogeneous of all the classes of animals, and in no other are the phenomena of degeneration so clearly shown.

  94. Monotony and isolation permit or encourage degeneration of type.

  95. If the development of large numbers be a phase of degeneration the causes of such degeneration must be sought in the colder seas, in the rivers, and in the oceanic abysses.

  96. There is no question, furthermore, Professor Ritter observes, "that most of the group has undergone great degeneration in its evolutionary course.

  97. The specialization of one organ usually involves degeneration of some other.

  98. None of these, however, appear before Cretaceous time, a fact which may indicate that the simplicity of structure in Hexanchus and Heptranchias is a result of degeneration and not altogether a mark of primitive simplicity.

  99. The case in this view would have something in common with that of the Larvacea, which seems to be the primitive Tunicates, but which may have been produced by the degeneration of more complex forms.

  100. Among fishes it is most completely functional in the Dipneusti, and it passes through all stages of degeneration and atrophy in the more specialized bony fishes.

  101. In all lines of descent specialized forms do not appear to regain by regression or degeneration the potential characters of their ancestral condition.

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