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  1. It is possible to obtain prints with half-tones in fatty ink by means of plates of zinc coated with marine-glue.

  2. Sch├╝tzenberger (1864) speaks of the use of sulpho-conjugated fatty acids for the fixation of aniline colors.

  3. Castor oil, modified by sulphuric acid, can be introduced at once into the dye-beck, so that the fixation of the coloring matter as the lake of a fatty acid is effected in a single operation.

  4. These have only one result, in addition to the formation of a lake of fatty acid, that is to make the shades lose in intensity.

  5. In the latter the content is water or a watery jelly; in the former it is a thick mixture, rich in food-yelk, of albuminous and fatty substances.

  6. They make use of the ashes of oak, maple, beech, and pine; the ashes of the fir and of the willow turn out good work, but from their fatty nature yield glass that is not so white.

  7. Passing over some obscure references to the nitre of Ophir and the copper of Cyprus, Pliny goes on to say that the whole is melted 'like bronze,' in closely grouped furnaces, and that a blackish mass of fatty aspect is obtained.

  8. Owing to the ease with which it penetrates the skin, wool-fat both in the anhydrous form and as lanolin, sometimes mixed with such substances as vaseline or fatty oils, is largely employed as a basis for ointments.

  9. The muscular system is usually well developed, but there is deficiency of fatty tissue, which affects the features (particularly by giving relative prominence to the eyes) and the general character of the skin.

  10. A fatty body, crystallizing in pearly scales, and obtained by digesting saponified fats (soaps) with an acid.

  11. A fatty substance, extracted from animal fats and certain vegetable oils, formerly supposed to be a definite compound of glycerin and margaric acid, but now known to be simply a mixture or combination of tristearin and tripalmitin.

  12. A white waxy substance, found in small quantities in spermaceti as an ethereal salt of several fatty acids, and regarded as an alcohol of the methane series.

  13. It was formerly supposed to be an individual fatty acid, but is now known to be simply an intimate mixture of stearic and palmitic acids.

  14. This being finished, water is poured into the canoe, and the fatty mess then left for a few hours to be heated by the sun, on which the oil separates and rises to the surface.

  15. They contain so much fatty matter, that vultures and dogs devour them greedily.

  16. On the other hand, the assistance of the albuminoids is equally necessary to enable the fatty and saccharine foods to maintain the internal heat of the body.

  17. During the digestive processes the starchy, saccharine, and albuminoid elements of food are dissolved, and the fatty matters are emulsified.

  18. Thus the albuminoids cannot undergo the wonderful vitalizing process necessary to fit them to enter into and form part of the living body, except an adequate quantity of fatty matter be present to assist in the vital transformation.

  19. The albuminoids are used to build up the organism, while the fatty and saccharine are burned in the body to keep it warm.

  20. When you have washed them, and removed all bits of skin and fatty matter, cover with cold water, and heat to a boil.

  21. Select with care enough of the fatty portions which lie on the top of the head and the cheeks to fill a teacup, and set them aside to cool.

  22. Most of the lard in general use is, however, made from the fatty portions of pork lying next the skin of the hog, and are left for this purpose by the butcher.

  23. These larvae are thick, fleshy, legless grubs, and feed on the fatty tissues of their hosts, but do not attack the vital organs.

  24. Butter is a practically pure fat and will not take the place of meat in supplying protein, although it will take the place of the fatty portions of the meat.

  25. In addition, a decided gain in weight was noted-not by any means in the form of mere fatty tissue, but of firm, substantial flesh.

  26. I cannot detect any fatty changes in the vessels, but some of the smaller biliary ducts contain some cloudy albuminous material, and their nucleation is not distinct.

  27. Hugo met only occasionally with fatty degeneration of the liver, but there was marked steatosis of the epithelium of the gall-bladder of dogs.

  28. There was commencing fatty degeneration of the liver, the kidneys were flabby, and the capsule adherent.

  29. The alcohol, on evaporation, leaves a mixture of digitalin mixed with other principles and fatty matter.

  30. In the experiment of Caillol and Livon also all the organs were pale, the liver had undergone fatty degeneration, and the lung had its alveoli filled with large degenerated cells, consisting almost entirely of fat.

  31. The liver itself is more deficient in blood than in the normal condition, and the more bloodless it is, the greater the fatty infiltration.

  32. Phosphorus is somewhat soluble in alcohol and ether, and also, to some extent, in fatty and ethereal oils; but the best solvent is carbon disulphide.

  33. Nearly all the lead from oils and fatty matter may be dissolved out by shaking up the fat with dilute nitric acid; if necessary, the fat should previously be melted.

  34. The liver cells were swollen, and the nuclei very evident, but they contained no fat, fatty drops being formed afterwards.

  35. Its alkalinity also saponifies the fatty acids on the surface of the body, cleanses and opens up the sudorific glands, and thus assists the free absorption of the nitrogen into the system.

  36. And at last he sneezed so violently that he lost his hold on the fence and went tumbling down to the ground, with the umbrella, Jasper Jay, Fatty Coon and Frisky Squirrel on top of him.

  37. So Fatty Coon set to work to take off the buttons.

  38. So Mr. Crow hurried over to the swamp where Fatty Coon lived.

  39. In the first place, Mr. Crow was afraid of Fatty Coon.

  40. You see, as was usually the case, Fatty was hungry.

  41. If I were you I'd go straight to Mr. Frog's shop and make him take the stitches out," Fatty Coon said.

  42. When Mr. Crow explained what a fix he was in, and asked Fatty to unbutton his coat for him, Fatty stepped up to him at once.

  43. And in the second place, Fatty was so big that he crowded Mr. Crow almost off the fence.

  44. Yes, you're right, sergeant," said Fatty Matthews humbly.

  45. Fatty Matthews," said Sergeant Mackay in disgust, expressing the general opinion.

  46. They took refuge in a shell hole, and there, while covering Fatty Matthews from the breaking shrapnel, Barry got his wound.

  47. In portentous silence he turned his back upon Fatty Matthews and walked the whole length of the line to get a mule back over the rope.

  48. Most natural fats are essentially mixtures of triglycerides of fatty acids.

  49. Chemically, fats are composed of fatty acid, as stearic, palmitic, oleic, etc.

  50. It is the first member of the fatty acids in the paraffin series, and is homologous with acetic acid.

  51. At moments of leisure he abased his fatty whitish jowl and contemplated with watery eyes the floor in front of his highly polished boots, having first placed his ugly clubby hands together behind his most ample back.

  52. From this total amount of fatty acids the free fatty acid is deducted, and the quantity of combined fatty acids thus obtained.

  53. By agitating glycerol with chloroform, fatty acids, rosin oil, and some other impurities are dissolved, while certain others form a turbid layer between the chloroform and the supernatant liquid.

  54. After it has been cleaned and purified from grease, oil, and other fatty substances by treatment with alkaline solutions, it is carefully picked over, and every piece of coloured cotton rag or string carefully removed.

  55. These impurities consist of the products formed by the action of nitric acid on the fatty and resinous substances contained in the cotton fibres.

  56. Mixed ketones are obtained by distilling together salts of two different fatty acids.

  57. Field groups the solvents of pyroxyline into classes thus: Two of the monohydric alcohols; compound ethers of the fatty acids with monohydric alcohols, aldehydes; simple and mixed ketones of the fatty acid series.

  58. Footnote A: Ketones are derived from the fatty acids by the substitution of the hydroxyl of the latter by a monad positive radical.

  59. The glycerine, when diluted one-half, should give no deposit or separation of fatty acids when nitric peroxide gas is passed through it.

  60. We thus avoid a deposit of fatty matter, which, in the first case, soon clogs up the tube, if it is too fine a one, and thus puts a stop to the experiment.

  61. The draining and pressing of the curd may be accomplished much more rapidly than in the fatty cheeses.

  62. The difference was found by Currie[73] to be due to an actual difference in the combination of fatty acids present.

  63. Suzuki,[103] in studying the fat, found no enzyme capable of producing lactic acid or volatile fatty acids.

  64. In the highly flavored sorts some of the fatty acids of a very marked odor are present in abundance, as are also the ammonia-like bodies.

  65. Production of fatty acids and esters in Cheddar cheese, Wis.

  66. These appear to be due to the development of volatile fatty acids, such as valerianic and caproic, which diffuse throughout the cheese, even penetrating the unripened sour portions.

  67. The fatty degeneration so much admired in infancy, aids in the production of emaciation and consumption at adult age.

  68. Thus we observe that grossness is by no means essential to fatty degeneration, although all obese persons are, of course, thus affected.

  69. There are many besides myself who believe that President Garfield died from fatty degeneration, chronic dyspepsia, and constant feeding during his illness, rather than from the effects of the bullet.

  70. Footnote 28: Microscopic examination reveals the presence of a multiplicity of fatty crystals throughout the substance of the lungs of persons who have died of consumption.

  71. It makes no difference to a dead man whether his lungs were devoured by bacilli, or simply broken down from fatty degeneration; but to the living, it is a matter of the utmost importance to learn the true condition of things in the premises.

  72. Koch to be the cause of consumption, were simply fatty crystals.

  73. A milky fluid containing the fatty matter of the food in a state of emulsion, or fine mechanical division; formed from chyme by the action of the intestinal juices.

  74. A morbid condition in which the urine contains chyle or fatty matter, giving it a milky appearance.

  75. It contains a fatty and gelatinous substance of a light yellowish color, much esteemed as a delicacy.

  76. It contains a fatty and gelatinous substance of a dull greenish tinge, much esteemed as a delicacy in preparations of turtle.

  77. Adipose or fatty tissue is one of its many forms, and cartilage and bone are sometimes included by the phrase.

  78. XIV Mrs. Squirrel Has a Visitor Fatty Coon was very hungry.

  79. It was a tight squeeze; but Fatty managed to get inside.

  80. When Mrs. Squirrel and her son Frisky scampered up the tree about sundown that evening they had the surprise of their lives--though not just the sort of surprise Fatty had expected.

  81. When they came back to the old hickory tree the next morning Fatty Coon had gone.

  82. Fatty had smiled because he thought Mrs. Squirrel would be surprised when she came home.

  83. He tried and tried; but though he struggled hard, Fatty found that he simply could not squeeze through.

  84. Fatty was still smiling as he stuck his head through the opening in the tree.

  85. After what had happened neither he nor his mother had any fear that Fatty Coon would ever trouble them again.

  86. Mrs. Squirrel knew that Fatty had had a hard time, because he had left a good deal of his fur behind him.

  87. And they ordered Fatty to get out of their house at once.

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