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defuncti; defunctorum; defuse; defy; defying; degenerate; degenerated; degenerates; degenerating; degeneration
  1. The general opinion is that such cases arising from a background of degeneracy are incurable.

  2. There were evidences of degeneracy on the mother's side.

  3. Rouma's case had stigmata of degeneracy in ears, palate, and jaw.

  4. In his epistles, or in a personal interview, he revealed the wealth and nakedness of his country; the weakness of an unpopular prince; the degeneracy of an effeminate people.

  5. Farther, the languages of the various populations differ in proceeding from these centres in a manner pointing to degeneracy such as is likely to occur in small and rude tribes separating from a parent stock.

  6. This Degeneracy is not only the Guilt of particular Persons, but also at some times of a whole People; and perhaps it may appear upon Examination, that the most polite Ages are the least virtuous.

  7. This is indeed wonderfully contrived (as I have formerly observed) for the Support of every living Species; but at the same time that it shews the Wisdom of the Creator, it discovers the Imperfection and Degeneracy of the Creature.

  8. The Author doubtless designed it as a Pattern to those who live among Mankind in their present State of Degeneracy and Corruption.

  9. Amongst too many other Instances of the great Corruption and Degeneracy of the Age wherein we live, the great and general Want of Sincerity in Conversation is none of the least.

  10. Half Wits do not apprehend the Miseries that must necessarily flow from Degeneracy of Manners; nor do they know that Order is the Support of Society.

  11. For the Degeneracy of human Life is such, that our Anger is more easily transferred to our Children than our Love.

  12. From this Degeneracy therefore, and a sort of Self-Love, we are more prone to take up the Ill-will of our Parents, than to follow them in their Friendships.

  13. I am not affronted at the Design your late Behaviour discovered you had in your Addresses to me; but I impute it to the Degeneracy of the Age, rather than your particular Fault.

  14. On the other hand there was degeneracy that could not be denied.

  15. Degeneracy precedes new growth when that growth is of a different kind.

  16. Greece and Rome struggled and died in a national moral degeneracy they had created.

  17. In the same way the question of degeneracy and its bearing upon modern life has been frequently misstated, so that statements of protests such as Mr. Thayer offers are both opportune and likely to have a wholesome effect.

  18. That long life is inconsistent with a general degeneracy may be admitted; but that great men exhibit this quality to any unusual degree has certainly not been proven.

  19. The shortening of the course in recent years is probably a further sign of the degeneracy of our present racers.

  20. It seems to me that much of the evidence which has been brought forward to assimilate greatness with degeneracy is of questionable value and that the logical force of such evidence has been very much overrated.

  21. We see in these latter days of the Empire that the best generals were of barbaric birth,--an impressive commentary on the degeneracy of the legions.

  22. The enemies were the Gothic barbarians; the evils were the degeneracy and vices of Roman soldiers, which universal corruption had at last produced.

  23. In him ferocious fate chastised racial degeneracy with too heavy a hand.

  24. Footnote 32: The contemporary degeneracy of lovers and of the art of love is a favourite theme of mediaeval poets.

  25. It will be seen that this practice of forced seclusion of the heir to the throne during the lifetime of the reigning Sultan was one of the main causes of the degeneracy of the Othman dynasty.

  26. Whatever may be the explanation, there can be no doubt that the degeneracy of the Othman dynasty dates from the accession of Selim the Sot.

  27. This was greatly due to the degeneracy and corruption of the central Government at Constantinople, and to its evil example and influence throughout the Empire.

  28. It has been suggested by some writers that this treatment of the heirs to the Ottoman throne was the main cause of the lamentable degeneracy of the Othman dynasty.

  29. First and foremost of the causes has unquestionably been the degeneracy of the Othman dynasty.

  30. What is it that Kipling says in lamenting the degeneracy in sterner virtues of the gentry of Britain?

  31. But there is no enduring to see men enamoured only at the sight of their own impertinences repeated, and to observe, as we may sometimes, that they have a secret dislike of their children for a degeneracy from their very crimes.

  32. The fall of empire, contempt of glory, and a general degeneracy of manners, are before his eyes in all his writings.

  33. If this theory could be supported by incontestable facts--and there are many who think it possible--it would give to the term degeneracy that real and tangible meaning which the author alleges to be wanting.

  34. The meaning of the word degeneracy is now obvious.

  35. Degeneracy was the name given to this cause of dissolution.

  36. It is necessary, then, to show what degeneracy is.

  37. It is further said, though with less plausibility, that there is a general degeneracy of the human race--that we are inferior in physical strength to our ancestors, etc.

  38. In times of intellectual degeneracy it is otherwise.

  39. If this definition of degeneracy be accepted, and its consequences admitted, the problem of the rise and fall of empires no longer presents any difficulty.

  40. Favoured in his degeneracy by George III.

  41. Political degeneracy of England during the reign of George III.

  42. This universal degeneracy was sad to think of; but the profane knew it not.

  43. Degeneracy is the critical history of the Arts.

  44. They were emphatic among their friends on the degeneracy of these days which rendered possible such an outrageous crime as the murder of a High Court judge.

  45. There is the degeneracy of a faith held in pureness and peril into a popular and fashionable religion.

  46. With the emergence of the church from persecution to power, we see that the intellectual degeneracy has set in along with the moral.

  47. The place, too, was crammed, contrary to Lady Dasher's fears concerning the spread of unbelief and the degeneracy of the present age.

  48. Nevertheless, enough cross-fertilized seed is set to save the species from the degeneracy that follows close inbreeding among plants as well as animals.

  49. The endless devices of the more ambitious flowers to save their species from degeneracy by close inbreeding through fertilization with their own pollen, alone prove the operation of Mind through them.

  50. It will be observed that all species which bear blind flowers rely somewhat on showy, cross-fertilized blossoms also to counteract degeneracy from close inbreeding.

  51. Florence, 224 Arts, degeneracy of the plastic arts in the early Middle Ages, i.

  52. They are directed toward the grand end of Italy's restoration from weakness and degeneracy to a place among the powerful peoples of the world.

  53. Having outlived their time they have become corrupt and worse than useless and now present a spectacle of political degeneracy never before witnessed in this or any other country.

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