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Example sentences for "irritation"

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irritate; irritated; irritates; irritating; irritatingly; irritations; irritative; irrotational; irruption; irruptions
  1. It had all happened in a very few seconds: his entrance, his search for the missing box, the growing irritation in him which had caused him to lose control of his temper.

  2. The plain man will ordinarily fight only when excessive momentary irritation or alcoholic exaltation act to inhibit the more complex habits of response to the stimuli that make for provocation.

  3. People and conversation excited him--if too many, or too long-continued, to the point of irritation and exhaustion.

  4. And my emotion was less that of filial injury than of irritation at what seemed to me editorial stupidity in giving out the book to the wrong sort of person altogether--a Theist of some sort being the only proper reviewer.

  5. So probably he has said to you that Mrs. Tabor is a paranoiac, which may be so; or perhaps with continual irritation of the mind, only hysteria that may be aided by removal of the irritation.

  6. I recommend quiet and the removal of reminiscences, and still the irritation goes on.

  7. She cast me a look of mingled irritation and curiosity which I received calmly.

  8. A hundred grass ticks having at various times of outspan made convenient entry through open-work brown silk stockings, chewed at my ankles causing exquisite irritation not to be assuaged by a violent application of finger-nails.

  9. That burst of violent irritation following, as it had, Judge Buller's words!

  10. But he had not reached it yet--and she could read his irritation at his failure in his violent outburst when Judge Buller so innocently flung the difficulties in his face.

  11. And the way they talked of Kerr, with flourishes, made her feel a faint, responsive irritation that he had talked to so many of them in exactly the same way.

  12. I simply wanted to spare your feelings, my dear girl," was the rejoinder, the last three words being thrown in for the special irritation of Moya.

  13. He sidled off in a rough, jerky walk, betraying irritation in every movement, had Cecil been wise enough to know it.

  14. There was a trace of irritation in Dysart's voice; he passed one hand over his forehead; it was icy, and the hair on it damp.

  15. Kovalsky, will you permit me to point out--" the first voice interrupted, getting as close to expressing irritation as I imagine it ever allowed itself to do.

  16. It was good to feel the water parting under his vigorous strokes and delightful to exert his strength after the hours of stifled irritation at the Manor.

  17. To see him fumbling with the oars, made her tingle to take them herself; she could not abide the irritation of a return journey with such a boatman.

  18. Westerling held his irritation in control and looked around at Marta.

  19. You do not realize--" He had made the same mistake as the captain of engineers--touched a spot of irritation as raw as it had been in the morning.

  20. Voices spoke in a grim, tired monotone, broken by sudden flashes of irritation or eruptions of anger.

  21. Marta waited for some time before she heard a familiar, calm voice, with a faint echo of irritation over being interrupted in the midst of pressing duties.

  22. Next on our outward road we may place the phosphenes caused by pressure on the optic nerve or irritation of the retina.

  23. The shock to the system, and the irritation to the special parts affected, are greatly diminished by chloroform.

  24. At one end there is ordinary mechanical irritation by solid particles.

  25. These larvae possessed but feeble luminous powers; very differently from their parents, on the slightest touch they feigned death, and ceased to shine; nor did irritation excite any fresh display.

  26. When the insect was decapitated the rings remained uninterruptedly bright, but not so brilliant as before: local irritation with a needle always increased the vividness of the light.

  27. It was this which had enabled him to conquer his irritation at Percy's violence, and the grief it was to feel that Herbert too must doubt him.

  28. Thank God, I sought not his house with any hostile intention, with any irritation urging me against him.

  29. No amount of irritation could justify such conduct.

  30. Proportionally great was the irritation felt by the sprinkling of loyalists and by the paid servants of the crown in that quarter.

  31. Applications can be much varied to suit cases, and where violent irritation is present, it is sometimes necessary to use a more complex preparation than those mentioned.

  32. Will you frame it in such a manner that it must inevitably produce irritation and discord?

  33. The House, Sir, may possibly imagine that I rise under some little feeling of irritation to reply to the personal reflections which have been introduced into the discussion.

  34. No doubt a tumult caused by local and temporary irritation ought to be suppressed with promptitude and vigour.

  35. That one item contained enough irritation and excitement to ruin any "cure.

  36. As he spoke, the young officer rode up with a good deal of irritation evident in his countenance.

  37. We have seen with what irritation he shirked those little duties which no longer contained any amusement of satisfaction for him, and the open snarls with which, more recently, he resented her irritating goads.

  38. All the next day he felt unusually depressed and sat about as much as possible, to the irritation of those who admired energy in others.

  39. Pauline, I wish you would not speak of her like that," said Rose, with a note of irritation in her voice.

  40. Her irritation soon passed away when she was alone.

  41. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "irritation" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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