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Example sentences for "exacerbation"

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  1. Where the fever was sharp, it usually remitted during the day, having its exacerbation in the night.

  2. The nocturnal exacerbation now takes the form of delirium and incoherent talking.

  3. It is this that predisposes the patient to the development of the condition which seems to be so acute and yet is really only an exacerbation of a chronic condition.

  4. The ache continued and at the end of about a year there was an acute exacerbation which justified an operation, and the stone was removed.

  5. After this long exacerbation of excitement there was a short remission and then depression again set in, which lasted about fifteen months.

  6. He was kept under observation, and in spite of treatment the malady advanced in a periodic manner, each exacerbation being preceded by a feeling of tension in the parts, after which a crop of vesicles would appear.

  7. Initiation or exacerbation of a tic is very frequent about the time of puberty, when both physical and mental evolution is peculiarly apt to suffer interruption.

  8. It was noticed that the psychical symptoms were periodic, and that their nocturnal exacerbation coincided with the advent of hallucinations.

  9. Defn: The time of the exacerbation and remission of a disease, or of the paroxysm and intermission.

  10. The act rendering more violent or bitter; the state of being exacerbated or intensified in violence or malignity; as, exacerbation of passion.

  11. The time of the exacerbation and remission of a disease, or of the paroxysm and intermission.

  12. This was immediately followed by a marked exacerbation of his psychotic manifestations.

  13. In each of these Cases Vinegar, used externally and internally, is the best Remedy during the Exacerbation or Height of the Paroxysm; and Plenty of Lemon Juice and Water after it.

  14. It has been established that in Graves' disease injury to any part of the body, even under inhalation anesthesia, causes an exacerbation of the disease.

  15. Of extreme interest is the fact that, in the acute stage, the patient may be unable to refer to the exciting cause without exhibiting an exacerbation of the symptoms of the disease.

  16. The periodicity shows itself in the form of an exacerbation of the still continuing fever, and that exacerbation may take place twenty-four hours after the first onset, or the interval may be only half that period, or it may be double.

  17. The periods of the pleurisy recur with exacerbation of the pain and fever about sun-set, at which time venesection is of most service.

  18. Even in severe cases, occasionally the pain itself is not severe for several days, when there may come a sudden exacerbation of symptoms.

  19. If, with proper treatment and rest, these symptoms persist, there is an extension of the process to the bone ends and an exacerbation of symptoms.

  20. After having attained in a few days an extraordinary degree of exacerbation the fever assumed a less alarming character.

  21. In the intermittent form the fever usually has the quotidian type; some slight chilliness is experienced in the early morning as a rule, and the exacerbation occurs in the afternoon and evening, the sweating being slight toward the morning.

  22. After a time the intermittent phenomenon ceases, and there occurs a remission merely, the exacerbation being preceded by chilliness and succeeded by sweating.

  23. The fever during the attack is distinctly remittent, the evening exacerbation rarely exceeding 103 degrees F.

  24. The vomiting is most apt to occur during the febrile exacerbation or at the time of sweating.

  25. An exacerbation of the disease will in a few days cause the cheeks to grow hollow, the eyes to appear sunken with dark rings around them.

  26. The day is passed in comparative ease, but the evening generally brings an exacerbation of pain and fever, and the night another paroxysm of agony--not as severe as the first, but severe enough to make the daylight a benison.

  27. During the sweating the temperature begins to decline, and reaches its lowest point just before the chilly sensations during the early morning announce the onset of the daily exacerbation of the afternoon and evening.

  28. Now the place has been set by the ears, and a tone of exacerbation prevails.

  29. I glance through what has been written and detect therein an occasional note of exacerbation and disharmony which amuses me, knowing, as I do, its transitory nature.

  30. So that when Eleanor discovered the disputants she witnessed the exacerbation of Smithers' ire, and the descent of his whip across William's shoulders.

  31. The man remained for fully twenty-four hours in the state we have mentioned; when the exacerbation of his malady threatened to terminate his existence.

  32. When the nervous exacerbation was calmed, he employed himself in attending on the sick, and, later on, obtained his liberty, and a certificate attesting his sanity.

  33. In this woman the phenomenon always preceded a crisis of exacerbation followed by stupor.

  34. It is not rarely observed that the attacks of exacerbation to which they are subject are preceded by an abnormal manifestation of the intellectual forces.

  35. His death served still more to increase the exacerbation of the conquerors against the conquered.

  36. These and many such reflections passed through Lindsay's mind, and had roused his feelings to a tone of exacerbation against Arthur Butler, far surpassing any displeasure he had ever before indulged against this individual.

  37. The intermitting pulse, the great disturbance from change of posture, and the swelled legs induced me to conclude that the exacerbation of his old complaint was occasioned by serous effusion.

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