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Example sentences for "enlargement"

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enkindles; enkindling; enlaced; enlarge; enlarged; enlargements; enlarges; enlargeth; enlarging; enlever
  1. Within the period of which this book treats the world has won an enlargement of horizon of which it never dreamed.

  2. It is the history of a gradual attainment of purer revelation, of enlargement in the application of it, of discovery of new principles contained in it.

  3. Yet that surrender is the preservation and enlargement of our independence.

  4. There were clauses forbidding alienation of domain, the abuses of purveyance, the usurpations of the courts of the royal household, the enlargement of the forests, and the employment of unlawful sources of revenue.

  5. Forests, charter of the; perambulation of the; enlargement of the.

  6. Cut off from other fields of expansion, Edward threw his chief energies into the enlargement of his power in southern France.

  7. Less yielding was the Tzar's attitude on the question of the partial enlargement of the Pale of Settlement.

  8. Therefore Russia had been advised at the Reval meeting to forgo the enlargement of her navy, and to concentrate all her energies on her army.

  9. A one-sided understanding between Germany and Britain could no longer be thought of, since both Austria and France had now voted large sums for the enlargement of their respective navies.

  10. This change had without doubt been brought about by my remarks concerning the necessity for a further enlargement of the German Navy, if the action of Britain compelled our Government to take such a course.

  11. The expansion of the passenger business also necessitated an enlargement of the facilities for the dispatch of the Company's steamers.

  12. The enlargement of the St. Lawrence system of canals was vigorously prosecuted in accordance with the report of a royal commission, appointed in 1870 by the previous administration to report on this important system of waterways.

  13. The navigation of the St. Lawrence was now made continuous and secure by the enlargement of the Welland and Lachine canals, and the construction of the Cornwall, Williamsburgh, and Beauharnois canals.

  14. An enlargement of canals and locks, to enable the food of the west to flow unimpeded and at the smallest cost direct in the same bottom to Europe, or any other part of the world.

  15. This answer carries with it the apparent supposition that all the changes have come because the majority of women wanted them, and that further enlargement of liberty must cease because the majority do not want it.

  16. What is needed for women is an enlargement of their moral sense so as to include social as well as private virtues.

  17. Contemporaneously with this utterance there came into the Prayer Book, as a direct consequence of the enormous enlargement of the naval and commercial marine that had taken place under the Commonwealth, the "Forms of Prayer to be used at Sea.

  18. It was all very well to tell myself that I was here on behalf of my remnant honour to secure the enlargement of Mr. Herbert.

  19. I must needs accept the offer and--betake me again to the hillside, in which case there was little probability that I should be able to effect anything towards Anthony Herbert's enlargement before I was captured myself.

  20. The five girders of wrought iron cross the street, here only forty-two feet wide, and the span is sixty feet, in order to allow of future enlargement of the street.

  21. The enlargement of the prison on the south-east side formed a quadrant thirty-eight feet long and twenty-nine feet wide.

  22. His Majesty Somdetch P'hra Paramendr Maha Mongkut, the late Supreme King, contributed interesting souvenirs to the enlargement and adornment of this temple.

  23. But scarcely any modification seems so easily acquired as a succulent enlargement of the stem or root--that is, a store of nutriment laid up for the plant's own future use.

  24. He was to be employed, it appeared, in the enlargement of this blessed orphanage.

  25. If the enlargement is great, that is, 25 or 30 diameters, it might be well to draw a small circle around each characteristic and then draw the line from the circle to the number, since the ridge will be much thicker than the illustrating line.

  26. The degree of enlargement is not important in itself, so long as the ridges of the latent print are readily distinguishable by the eye.

  27. Ten diameters have been found adequate, although any enlargement from 5 to 30 will serve.

  28. He was but twenty-five when he arrived; and the sudden advancement of his position and enlargement of his resources, must have had rather an exciting than a sobering influence on such a temperament as his at that buoyant age.

  29. At that time a member of my own family had an enlargement of one of the cervical glands.

  30. Cause unknown, unless it was in connection with chronic enlargement of prostate gland.

  31. In three days the soreness and pain had entirely disappeared, but the enlargement continued several days.

  32. A young man, aged twenty-three, applied for treatment of a long array of symptoms, some of which seemed to indicate enlargement of the prostate, and others a vesical catarrh.

  33. Another case was that of a woman who "was suffering from compensatory enlargement of the heart from mitral insufficiency," was taken with dyspnoea when Dr.

  34. Usually these swellings are slow in forming, so that the size of the enlargement depends entirely upon its age.

  35. Later, however, a tender but hard enlargement made its appearance in the hollow of the heel, which enlargement, later still, became soft and fluctuating.

  36. This enlargement of the Haversian canals is well seen when the bone is macerated, the whole then giving the appearance of a piece of very rough pumice-stone.

  37. In the later stages the coronary enlargement is plainly seen to be due to an extensive formation of bone.

  38. No coronary enlargement or flinching on pressure to the coronet, no shrinkage or wiring in of the heels, neither is the characteristic pointing of navicular present.

  39. By this term is indicated an enlargement forming on the inner surface of the wall.

  40. At times the hypertrophy is as a huge and compact enlargement occupying the position of the frog.

  41. The enlargement of the coronet was hard and firm, not particularly sensitive.

  42. From this onwards the enlargement increases, and lameness becomes excessive, the animal going more and more on his heels, until, finally, no portion of the solar surface of the foot comes to the ground at all.

  43. If the enlargement of my home and its decoration were to go beyond due limits, it would be wrong in me to permit it; you yourself would blame me, Lourdois.

  44. It would be little to my credit, however, had my views of the doctrine of evolution and its implications undergone no development or enlargement since the publication of "Cosmic Philosophy.

  45. There is nothing alike or common in them: and to expect that by any multiplication or enlargement of our faculties we may be enabled to know a spirit as we do a triangle, seems as absurd as if we should hope to see a sound.

  46. He wrote an appeal to the Peers who had condemned him, asking them to intercede with the King for the enlargement of his liberty.

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