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  1. His caricature was a partial and distorted copy from Pascal, who with wonderful energy of language, amplified the helplessness of fallen man that he might insist the more strongly on the necessity of his restoration through the Gospel.

  2. The exaggeration is carried so far that even the similitude of caricature is lost.

  3. He was a sort of caricature of the usual troubadour excellence and foolishness.

  4. He has studied Calvin's Institutes of Theology, and knows enough of St. Augustine to caricature his teaching.

  5. It is, however, only the caricature of God created by popular misconception at which the poet aims, whatever may have to be said of his opinions concerning eschatology.

  6. Until this period, I fancy the Inquisition, censorship, and other causes prevented any display of a spirit of caricature which may have existed.

  7. The Walpole party surpassed their opponents in caricature; but caricature is powerless to turn back a genuine tide of public feeling, and a year later Sir Robert was honorably shelved in the House of Lords.

  8. The best specimen of Greek caricature that has come down to us burlesques no less serious a theme than the great oracle of Apollo at Delphos, given on page 30.

  9. Illustration: Family of the Extinguishers--Caricature of the Restoration.

  10. No one has treated so fully or so well as he the caricature of the Greeks and Romans.

  11. Political caricature rapidly assumed prominence, though, as long as Louis XIV.

  12. In the huge cathedral of English Winchester, which abounds in curious relics of the Middle Ages, there is a series of painted panels in the chapel of Our Lady, one of which is an evident caricature of the devil.

  13. Caricature speedily marked the "citizen king" for her own.

  14. Footnote 26: From Wright's "Caricature History of the Georges," p.

  15. The sudden breakup of the cabinet in 1831 called forth a caricature which dear Mrs. Trollope described as "the only tolerable one she ever saw in the country.

  16. Judaism was a barbarous version of some of the beautiful and lively fables of the Pagans; and the present superstition of Europe is a rude polytheistical caricature of the whole.

  17. He taught it to eat with a spoon; and it might have been seen more than once, tasting its protector’s coffee, and affecting a serious air, a perfect caricature of human nature.

  18. Livingstone says: “The same feeling which has induced the modern painter to caricature the Lion, has led the sentimentalist to consider the Lion’s roar the most terrific of all earthly sounds.

  19. There are quite a number of different methods of making caricature portraits.

  20. Another method of obtaining grotesque caricature portraits has been devised by M.

  21. Foregrounds for making caricature portraits are sold in this country.

  22. From this combined print another negative is made so that any number of these caricature prints can be made without extra trouble.

  23. Some of these, says Wright, in his Caricature History of the Georges, under the name of mug-houses, became the resort of small societies or clubs of political partisans.

  24. The caricature drawn of him by Hogarth will be remembered.

  25. Gillray represented him under the character of Bacchus, and his friend Dundas under that of Silenus, in a caricature entitled The Wine Duty, or the Triumph of Bacchus and Silenus.

  26. The pencil of Gillray was busy in 1788 with a caricature entitled, Market Day--Every Man has His Price.

  27. Mr. Temple had brought with him the specimen of the forgery to show to Alfred, and, upon comparing it with the handwriting on the cover of the letter on which the caricature was drawn, the similarity appeared to be strikingly exact.

  28. It is too like humanity--a sort of caricature that nature has set up, to mock us little lords of creation.

  29. Frenchmen in many of their undertakings seem striving to do better than nature, and, consequently, nine times out of ten they caricature what they attempt.

  30. Fifty or sixty Harvard students came to his lecture dressed to caricature him in "swallow tail coats, knee breeches, flowing wigs and green ties.

  31. Soon after Oscar left Oxford "Punch" began to caricature him and ridicule the cult of what it christened "The Too Utterly Utter.

  32. In 1894 a book appeared, "The Green Carnation," which was a sort of photograph of Oscar as a talker and a caricature of his thought.

  33. They associated with their efforts after true and exact representation a certain caustic humour, which impelled them often to substitute for a portrait a more or less jocose caricature of their adversaries.

  34. The statesman requested a private apartment in which to examine this communication, but the only closet available was a bedroom, where he opened the cover to find--a caricature of himself from Punch!

  35. The caricature of our "general sympathizers" in Martin Chuzzlewit is by no means a fancy sketch.

  36. I must say she has not shown a due respect to my feelings since the arrival of this sad intelligence; it is only this minute she has finished a caricature of you making love to a wild Irish girl with wings.

  37. In "Every Man in His Humour" there is certainly a caricature of Samuel Daniel, accepted poet of the court, sonneteer, and companion of men of fashion.

  38. The method of personal attack by actual caricature of a person on the stage is almost as old as the drama.

  39. Droghe d'Amore" supposed to contain a caricature of Gratarol.

  40. The caricature was complete; and I had to confess that Signor Gratarol had actually been parodied upon the stage in my comedy of the Droghe d'Amore.

  41. She modelled her gait and action and tone of voice upon what she conceived to be the Parisian manner, producing a most laughable caricature which spoiled her acting.

  42. She certainly suggested and contrived the travesty which turned Vitalba into a caricature of Gratarol.

  43. I made the players promise to modify Don Adone's costume, so that the effect of caricature might be reduced, and then sat down to hack away at the comedy.

  44. But the error, when it arose, was at worst the caricature of a blessed truth.

  45. It is merely the caricature of one--it may be of the mountain-peak.

  46. If one exhibited a statue at the Louvre, another was sure to caricature it for the Passage de l'Opéra.

  47. Hall had the ability to caricature men with a few gestures and attitudes, and was giving to his Eastern friend some descriptions of the old-fashioned Western lawyers he had met in his practice.

  48. Their squat little town is a caricature like themselves.

  49. Though we may laugh at Mark Twain's caricature of the saint with his golden harp, yet music is not to be laughed out of this universe.

  50. Jonah is a caricature of Israel, and that is what made him seem unreal to me.

  51. Up to the time of his nomination and following him in many ways on to his death, the Eastern States took up the most trivial news items and used them for ridicule, as representing Lincoln to be the mere caricature of a man.

  52. Throughout the war there was lavished upon him an unceasing tirade of caricature and lampoon.

  53. Some scurrilous fellow has drawn an absurd caricature of me and another person, in whom we are both deeply interested.

  54. The caricature made a very painful impression on him.

  55. Some mischievous person drew a caricature of Byelikov walking along in his goloshes with his trousers tucked up, under his umbrella, with Varinka on his arm; below, the inscription 'Anthropos in love.

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