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Example sentences for "amplify"

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amplification; amplifications; amplified; amplifier; amplifies; amplifying; amplissima; amplitude; amplitudes; amplius
  1. Emphasize it, amplify it, but do not subtract a thought, do not erase a word.

  2. Heaven is jealous of the extent that we attribute to the right of human prudence above its own, and cuts it all the shorter by how much the more we amplify it.

  3. The more we amplify our need and our possession, so much the more do we expose ourselves to the blows of Fortune and adversities.

  4. Certain Success" and "The Selling Process" are handbooks of fundamental ideas which each reader, by his individual thinking, should amplify and fit to his own work or ambition.

  5. You will need to master the remainder of the book in order to amplify and to apply most effectively in practice the general principles and methods that have been outlined.

  6. Having thus far proceeded- Unless thou think'st me devilish- is't not meet That I did amplify my judgment in Other conclusions?

  7. This would have seem'd a period To such as love not sorrow; but another, To amplify too much, would make much more, And top extremity.

  8. Selected to cover subject in study outline and amplify the text.

  9. Opportunities will occur to fill up the brief outline and amplify each detail.

  10. Never has it been said that it is the part of a good presiding officer to amplify his power; and there is at least one obvious reason: a presiding officer is only an agent, acting always in presence of his principal.

  11. There is a familiar saying of jurisprudence, that it is the part of a good judge to amplify his jurisdiction: Boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem.

  12. It is the part of a good judge to amplify his jurisdiction: Boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem.

  13. But on this occasion the good Congress need not amplify its jurisdiction.

  14. Is it not meet That I did amplify my judgment in Other conclusions?

  15. Or we may amplify it by guesswork, and suppose, in the absence of evidence, some just possible but exceedingly improbable thing: as, that an important canonical Gospel has been lost.

  16. We may amplify it from our conceptions of the probable according to our knowledge of that society--as, for instance, when we say that there was probably a bishop at Marseilles before the middle of the second century.

  17. But such, As love to amplify another's sorrow, To much, Warburton.

  18. In a word, the playwright and the actor work in partnership, with broad strokes, relying upon the eager imagination of the audience to amplify the tiny sketch into a well-rounded, full personality.

  19. Treat but one subject and amplify that one subject with singleness of purpose.

  20. The sepulchre I have not charg'd to make of too much state, But of a model something mean, that you of younger fate, When I am gone, may amplify with such a breadth and height As fits your judgments and our worths.

  21. Content he his great heart With his third portion, and not think, to amplify his part, With terrors of his stronger hands, on me, as if I were The most ignoble of us all.

  22. If any further edition of these my silly endeavours shall chance, I will mend what is amiss (God assisting me) and amplify my harsh Comment to Homer's far more right, and mine own earnest and ingenious love of him.

  23. At the corner posts hang posies of cods' heads to serve as fodder for the cows and goats during the winter, and these too help to amplify the stink.

  24. It would be easy to reduce these five to three, and range all considerations under Economy, Climax, and Variety; or we might amplify the divisions; but there are reasons of convenience as well as symmetry which give a preference to the five.

  25. Let us amplify the expression in the redundant style of miscalled eloquent writers: "God, in the magnificent fulness of creative energy, exclaimed: Let there be light!

  26. We'll simply go out the distance light has traveled since that time, gather in the rays given off, amplify them a few billion times, and take a look at whatever went on.

  27. The Increase of Movement As certainly as a universal life must surround us and, with efficient power, in some way be implanted within us, yet only our own activity can appropriate and amplify that life for us.

  28. To realise clearly that we belong to the world, and energetically to amplify this relation, is of the greatest significance for artistic creation and appreciation.

  29. In an evil moment some friend suggested that Tennyson should amplify this glorious lyric into a story.

  30. Theme for discussion: Amplify the probable consequences of the acceptance of Mohammed by the Jews.

  31. Amplify the probable consequences of the acceptance of Mohammed by the Jews.

  32. Sub-titles are often used to supplement and amplify the titles.

  33. With the main topics arranged in the best possible order, the writer selects from his available material such details as he needs to amplify each point.

  34. Suppose, however, one wishes to amplify the signals from a radio-broadcasting station.

  35. Sometimes we use an audion to amplify the e.

  36. Illustration: Fig 95] In the circuit which I have just described an audion is used to amplify the current which comes from the detector before it reaches the telephone receiver.

  37. One of these might be used to amplify the radio signals before detection and the other to amplify after detection.

  38. Illustration: Fig 100] The circuit I have described uses an audion to amplify the audio-frequency currents which come from the detector and are capable of operating the telephones.

  39. In some cases it is desirable to amplify the radio signals before applying them to the detector.

  40. On the scheme being explained to others there was opposition, and Rudbeck requested Linnæus to amplify his notes into a thesis, and read it as a lecture.

  41. The Overseers decided to ask Fiske to amplify the subject and give a course of lectures on the Law of Evolution.

  42. And here I will take the liberty to amplify things.

  43. Isa 53:1) When the prophet speaks of the saved under this metaphor of gleaning, how doth he amplify the matter?

  44. Indeed this may be; and therefore no similitude can be found that can fully amplify the matter, 'for what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

  45. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "amplify" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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