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Example sentences for "amplified"

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ample; ampler; amplest; amplification; amplifications; amplifier; amplifies; amplify; amplifying; amplissima
  1. The amplified voice from below said, "The police analogue computer is now hooked directly to the controls of the blaster cannon battery.

  2. The Ashkanian Kings of the Third Dynasty appended others to them and they were augmented and amplified in the days of the Sassanides (the fourth and last royal house).

  3. Footnote 604: I may say, however, that I think it is a compilation containing very ancient sayings amplified by later material which shows Buddhist influence.

  4. Though his idea of a translation was at best an amplified metrical paraphrase, yet he coincides verbally with the original so often that his work can hardly be described as an independent poem inspired by it.

  5. Khotan and secondly a much amplified collection preserved in the Korean Tripitaka and reprinted in the Tokyo edition (xxiv.

  6. It amplified the language and the law, but did not permanently divide the country.

  7. These definitions are amplified in another part of the same section.

  8. But we've succeeded in separating the plates and transferring their records in amplified form to new sheets.

  9. Then out of those alien lips, amplified a thousand fold by the audio system installed within the chamber to catch any uttered words, there came an alien voice that only Underwood could understand.

  10. They were afterwards amplified by Coxhead, and furnished the keynote of the scheme finally carried out.

  11. Throughout the "Allegories of the Laws" he takes the verse of the Bible not so much as a text to be amplified and interpreted, but as a pretext for a philosophical disquisition.

  12. The Palestinian and Babylonian Jews, free for the most part from outside influences, developed the Torah for the Jewish people, amplified the tradition, and determined the Halakah, the practical law.

  13. Wace had amplified Geoffrey's chronicle somewhat, but Layamon made much larger additions, derived, no doubt, from legends current on the Welsh border.

  14. The functions of this body were soon amplified to the extent that it was given jurisdiction over emigration to the colonies.

  15. It had neither visual plate nor amplified output; only the user could know what was being communicated, and with whom.

  16. What was Indra may be seen by comparing a few citations such as might easily be amplified from every book in the Rig Veda.

  17. Article 10 of the Protocol decrees sanctions against any State resorting to war without availing itself or in defiance of, the procedure of pacific settlement provided in the Covenant as amplified by the Protocol itself.

  18. It evidently has not the perfection that attends some of his papers, and would have been amplified and improved if his life had been spared.

  19. No doubt he would have separated them, if he had lived to complete his work, and amplified his treatment of the latter, for the materials under that head were scanty.

  20. Eked out with a confession of faith in the Trinity, and otherwise amplified as piety or zeal for doctrinal purity suggested, every liturgical formula of the kind is clearly derivable from the form of words in St. Matt.

  21. Sigismund Augustus considerably amplified and solidified the self-government of the Jewish communities.

  22. A similar need, though now in an amplified form, arises at the present stage of our studies.

  23. This picture of the three ur-deeds of the I can now be amplified in the following way.

  24. It could not be washed away by rains; it could not be overthrown by winds; any wound made upon it was miraculously healed; and the earlier statements as to its physical functions were amplified in sonorous Latin verse.

  25. The coast-line of the eastern extremity of the Australian Quadrant, including the outline of the Ross Sea and the coast west-north-west of Cape Adare as far as Cape North, was charted by Ross and has been amplified by seven later expeditions.

  26. A supply of heavy cameras for base-station work and light cameras for sledging was purchased; our stock being amplified by many private cameras, especially those belonging to F.

  27. Here is an extended statement which, more fully amplified with a detailed list of donations, will be again published when additional funds have been raised to pay off the debit balance and establish equilibrium.

  28. Scientific Equipment The scope of our projected scientific work necessitated extensive purchases, and these were amplified by loans from many scientific bodies and individuals.

  29. A current of radio frequency that is amplified by an amplifier tube or other means before it reaches the detector.

  30. A current of audio frequency that is amplified by an amplifier tube or other means.

  31. He played the much-amplified sound through the underwater horn held in the air.

  32. That required a unit for a submarine horn, to broadcast the amplified sound.

  33. Near the port rail the recorder poured out the amplified sounds its microphone picked up from the sea.

  34. But the subject seems to merit a more amplified illustration, and may be of sufficient interest to excuse some appearance of repetition.

  35. In the bosom of medieval society they were the last witness to a state of things that the regular development of Catholic cult had amplified and modified.

  36. Blyth, which have recently been endorsed and amplified by R.

  37. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "amplified" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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