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Example sentences for "exaggerate"

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exactions; exactitude; exactly; exactness; exacts; exaggerated; exaggeratedly; exaggerates; exaggerating; exaggeration
  1. La Bruyère was not a political reformer, and we must not exaggerate the influence of his charming book in this particular direction.

  2. I grant that the tendency of the times is to exaggerate the good which teaching can do, but in trying to teach too much, in most matters, we have neglected others in respect of which a little sensible teaching would do no harm.

  3. But you exaggerate it and call that a revolution.

  4. You exaggerate the pain of the world, dearest,” said Eleanor, soothingly.

  5. Note: Some commentators, among them Reimar, in his notes on Dion Cassius think that the hatred of the Romans against the Jews has led the historian to exaggerate the cruelties committed by the latter.

  6. The former were prompted by every motive of zeal, as well as vanity, to exaggerate the marks of his favor, and the evidences of his faith.

  7. The fabric of a mighty state, which has been reared by the labors of successive ages, could not be overturned by the misfortune of a single day, if the fatal power of the imagination did not exaggerate the real measure of the calamity.

  8. You exaggerate the matter very much," said Ivan Petrovitch, with rather a bored air.

  9. You are suspicious, you know, and jealous, therefore when anything annoying happens to you, you exaggerate its significance.

  10. Your ideas are, of course, most praiseworthy, and in the highest degree patriotic; but you exaggerate the matter terribly.

  11. You exaggerate everything," said the prince, excessively agitated.

  12. For my part, I believe you exaggerate what Mr. Van Berg said at the concert, and that he never meant to be so rude.

  13. The poor girl did not exaggerate the shadow that had fallen upon her association with Sibley, and her supposed grief and resentment at his treatment.

  14. I hope he didn't exaggerate your good behavior.

  15. My dear," said Madame de Villefort, who had just entered the room, "perhaps you exaggerate the evil.

  16. Nevertheless, you must not exaggerate the evil," said Monte Cristo, "for by endeavoring to avoid one fault you will fall into another.

  17. I think, sir, you exaggerate your situation," said Madame Danglars, whose beautiful eyes sparkled for a moment.

  18. My very good friend and excellent neighbor," replied the count, with a smile, "you really exaggerate my trifling exertions.

  19. I do not exaggerate when I say that in most Caucasian minds the Will of God is a bitter, ruthless force, to which we can only drug ourselves into submission.

  20. I do not exaggerate when I say that the simplicity of these conceptions was so refreshing as almost to give me a new life.

  21. And I would not have included the statement you just made of attempting to exaggerate or bizzare--is that the way you put it?

  22. One was as impossible as the other, and lest I be thought to exaggerate I will not say how many men pursued me to find out what I had been discussing with Jellaby.

  23. The whole affair seems to me so inconceivable that I am inclined to believe Nathalie is persuading Leon to exaggerate it, in order that she may gain a longer time in Paris.

  24. If I might--might presume to say so, I think you exaggerate the misfortune.

  25. Now, without challenging admiration for Pope on the simple ground that he made his fortune, it is difficult to exaggerate the importance of this feat at the time.

  26. Indeed, he would exaggerate the charm a good deal more than the atrocity.

  27. Yes, I see now it must have been very hard upon her, for, instead of doing all I could to help her, I was quite taken up with my own part of it, and ready to grumble at and exaggerate every little difficulty or disagreeableness.

  28. You exaggerate it,' said grandmamma, 'though I do believe I am a comfort to her.

  29. In presenting this picture I exaggerate nothing.

  30. The Admiral looked up the hill, and saw that they were so wonderfully large that he could not exaggerate their height and straightness, like stout yet fine spindles.

  31. He desired that many other prudent and credible witnesses might see it, and he was sure that they would be as unable to exaggerate the scene as he was.

  32. You think--for I must get to you--that I 'unconsciously exaggerate what you are to me.

  33. Some things you say are very touching, and some, surprising; and although I am aware that you unconsciously exaggerate what I can be to you, yet it is delightful to be broad awake and think of you as my friend.

  34. The first tendency of the incessant home life is to exaggerate personality.

  35. We perceive that the feminine form has certain curves and proportions, tending thus and so; and following the tendency we proceed to exaggerate those curves and proportions and fix them arbitrarily.

  36. Only I think we do not enough realize its tendency to heighten what is sad in life--often, I think, to exaggerate it.

  37. My anxiety for your success, dear Ted, may have led me to exaggerate in your favour,' etc.

  38. But in academic French sculpture it is exaggerated, and, what is fatal, one learns to exaggerate it in the schools.

  39. Hereupon the authorities that rule in such matters naturally redouble their vigilance and exaggerate their reasonable censure: chastity begins to seem essentially holy and perpetual virginity ends by becoming an absolute ideal.

  40. It would hardly be possible to exaggerate man's wretchedness if it were not so easy to overestimate his sensibility.

  41. It would be easy, however, to exaggerate the havoc wrought by such artificial conditions.

  42. He is one of the justest-minded men of my acquaintance, and I have never known him attempt to exaggerate the ill conduct of his political opponents, or to extenuate the errors of those to whom he belongs.

  43. There is a natural disposition to exaggerate the evil and to believe that your dominion is overturned.

  44. It is impossible to exaggerate my sufferings during that month.

  45. You couldn't recall him without seeming to exaggerate him, and then acknowledged, when you saw him, that your exaggeration had fallen short.

  46. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "exaggerate" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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