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Example sentences for "enhance"

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engulfing; engulfs; engulph; engulphed; engyne; enhanced; enhancement; enhancer; enhances; enhancing
  1. The only effect of those efforts, has been to enhance the price of such men as were obtained, and thereby to disable the States, who exerted themselves to raise recruits, from pouring supplies into the public Treasury.

  2. But while such pains are taken to enhance expense, every request for revenue to pay it is treated with neglect.

  3. His reasonings were deeply felt, as one may see in his Meditationes, where thought and feeling mutually support and enhance each other.

  4. To separate the sincere and passionate from the fanciful in such songs is neither easy nor apt, since fancy may enhance the expression of passion, or present a pleasing substitute.

  5. But often the writer of a vita deliberately inserts miracles to make his story edifying, or enhance the fame of his hero, perhaps in order to benefit the church where he is interred.

  6. The other characters are but foils to enhance the solitary greatness of Luria.

  7. They lift and enhance the image of Pompilia.

  8. The square shapes of the chair-backs repeated several times give us an opportunity for balancing colours and introducing forms of decoration which may be made to contrast with everything else in the room, and so enhance the general effect.

  9. This was, till lately, believed to be only a fiction, intended to hide the truth and enhance the value of the new Coan material.

  10. No article of real novelty or merit which will enhance the attractions of his exhibitions is suffered to escape for lack of energy, or for want of liberal expenditure of money.

  11. I called upon the lost, the absent, to share the present with me--I called upon past feelings to enhance that moment's delight.

  12. It thus has become necessary for them to enhance the value of the land, and this seems to be the chief difficulty in the way of lowering the acreage price, to the manifest encouragement of emigration and the cultivation of the soil.

  13. It seems also to be evident that the effect of this measure will be to enhance by 70 per cent the cost of blue vitriol--an article extensively used in dyeing and in the manufacture of printed and colored cloths.

  14. In young animals that become "leg-weary" from constant overwork, rest and recuperation are necessary to enhance recovery.

  15. In some cases of this kind recovery is tardy, because of the difficulty in maintaining perfect apposition of the divided structures, and reactionary inflammation is not of sufficient extent to enhance prompt repair.

  16. Eventually Arlene persuaded her that cameras lie and the only way to look like yourself is to enhance those qualities that make you you.

  17. For example, primitive peoples have no manufactured, synthetic drugs, so they use natural herbs to enhance their own immune system and stay healthy.

  18. Nor can past losses be used to enhance the value of the property to support a claim that rates for the future are confiscatory (Galveston Electric Co.

  19. The primitive potter as he laid his rude coils noticed that the ridges thus produced served to enhance the appearance of the vessel.

  20. He is only anxious to enhance the value of his story by being mysterious.

  21. He had left her niece irritated, but the trace of anger she felt was likely to enhance her interest.

  22. So keen, indeed, are the Bonarenses to enhance the beauty of their city that a prize is offered each year for the handsomest structure to be erected.

  23. Nevertheless, many salesmen in average stores can enhance their effectiveness and their service by helping their customers to avoid choices that do not seem to harmonize with their obvious personal characteristics.

  24. The polish of a piece of wood should not hide the beauty of the wood but should enhance it.

  25. Then proceed as suggested, recommending nothing that will not enhance the attractiveness of the room for its particular use.

  26. Forest and shade trees greatly enhance the beauties of a country, and no country can be beautiful in the highest degree without them.

  27. Good roads to market and neighbors increase the price of farm produce, and bring people into business relations and good fellowship, and thereby enhance in value every homestead situated in their neighborhood.

  28. It will greatly enhance your reputation, besides preserving the sacred relics to the Jews.

  29. But for my father's reputation--in order to enhance it, and also that through him Israel shall recover her sacred relics, I am ready to sacrifice anything.

  30. How it would enhance his great reputation if he were the person to launch it forth upon the world!

  31. Thou shouldst thus wield the rod of chastisement, and enhance thy treasury and support thy friends and consolidate thy kingdom thus, practising the qualities of truthfulness and sincerity and supported by thy friends, treasury and forces!

  32. The king should enhance the burthens of his subjects gradually like a person gradually increasing the burthens of a young bullock.

  33. The subjects, O king, always protected by Chastisement, enhance the might of their ruler.

  34. I shall now (acting according to these precepts) do that which would enhance thy prosperity.

  35. One, therefore may similarly enhance his misery by committing unrighteous acts.

  36. I have, however, resolved to enhance thy fame, O thou of great splendour!

  37. The event must show whether the pains he had taken to unite his race with their fellow-citizens as brethren would now weaken or strengthen his cause--whether it would enhance or mitigate the bitterness of the impending quarrel.

  38. And Vasudeva of the Vrishni race, in order to enhance the dignity of Arjuna, gave fourteen thousands of excellent elephants.

  39. O sinless one, are thy inclinations and practices such as I have described them, and as always enhance the duration of life and spread one's renown and as always help the cause of religion, pleasure, and profit?

  40. And increasing day by day like the moon in the bright fortnight, the child began to enhance the joy of his parents.

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