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Example sentences for "deepen"

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deems; deenars; deep; deepe; deepely; deepened; deepening; deepens; deeper; deepest
  1. The sorrows of the last two months had done somewhat to deepen the slight nature of Adrian.

  2. Allen saw him once more, at Verona, when the shadows of the grave had already begun to deepen over him.

  3. Its effect is not only to widen the valley and deepen it, but also to advance the deep section farther up the stream and its tributaries.

  4. If we could deepen these cavities to the extent of a thousand miles, the pressure would become so great that if the pit were kept free from the heat of the earth the gaseous materials would become liquefied.

  5. They impressed me as meeting the great needs of the modern world more fully and satisfactorily than any other presentation of religion which I had come across—an impression which subsequent study has only served to deepen and confirm.

  6. And here in Athens, art also vied with nature to deepen the religious sentiments.

  7. I did not want so much to alter the place and use of things as to weight them with a new dimension; to deepen them by going down to the potential nothing; to lift them to infinity by measuring from zero.

  8. Such discrimination may not help the young novelist to make money, but it can refine judgment and deepen appreciation.

  9. The explanation can only deepen my blame, your honor.

  10. A footstep was heard coming along the corridor, and the re-enforcement of light told the prisoners that the turnkey had a lantern in his hand, the dim gas jet at one end only sufficing to deepen the shadows in the cells.

  11. Her beautiful hair was gathered up loosely, and partially bandaged by a kerchief whose purple colour served to deepen the golden hue of her tresses.

  12. Or would the shadows around him gradually deepen into darkness, the darkness that was now gathering around his mother?

  13. Nothing, nothing more would come but the dragging past of the monotonous years; and, with each year, the bright circles would shift farther and farther apart and the gloom would deepen around him.

  14. To deepen the shade wet the places desired to be darker two or three times with the dye.

  15. A case of tools] After the design has been traced remove the paper and holding the nut pick firmly in your right hand as you would a pencil, proceed to deepen the lines.

  16. This was certainly a good sign; and somehow, he found himself now often watching and calculating the signs, and somehow again they did not seem to deepen or change, or indicate much.

  17. And now she murmured, and whispered, and talked, as the impression seemed to deepen in her own heart, and she knelt, and once more a fervent prayer of hope and faith went up.

  18. Its rhythms seize upon our bodily life, to accelerate or to deepen it; and we must either become inattentive altogether or remain enslaved.

  19. These inner lucubrations, however, while they lengthen the moment's vista and deepen present intent, give no indication whatever about the order or distribution of actual feelings.

  20. But this touching aspect of age and lost prosperity merely serves to deepen the peculiar impression of the old city, which is not derived from its former commercial importance, but from other associations.

  21. The first thing was to deepen the hole from three feet to six feet everywhere, and get rid of the earth by working it back under the floor of the house.

  22. That will give us plenty of stuff for the dam and help to deepen the pond.

  23. The new learning had no power to deepen or strengthen the moral life of the people.

  24. It needs to be bound up with the earliest impressions and intertwined with those impressions as they deepen and extend.

  25. As in nearly all other ornaments previously described, so in this,--we have only to deepen the Italian cutting, and we shall get the Northern type.

  26. It is clearly to deepen the sense of reverence for human life, that not only must the ox which kills a man be slain, but his flesh may not be eaten; thus carrying further the early aphorism "at the hand of every beast will I require .

  27. Nor does anything tend to deepen such perilous estrangement, more than the very education, culture and refinement, in which men seek a substitute for religion and the sense of brotherhood in Christ.

  28. Clemens did not forgive his dead enemies; their death seemed to deepen their crimes, like a base evasion, or a cowardly attempt to escape; he pursued them to the grave; he would like to dig them up and take vengeance upon their clay.

  29. Over wastes of blasted heather, Where the pine-trees stand together, Evermore my footsteps wander, Evermore the shadows yonder Deepen into gloom.

  30. One plan is to broaden and deepen the channel so that large vessels may pass, without unloading, from the Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico.

  31. What he now suffered was not the visitation of God's wrath, but a fatherly chastening, designed to deepen his contrition and quicken his vigilance.

  32. It was fitted very greatly to deepen his trust in God, as his Protector and his Friend.

  33. The sky does not deepen its hue to-day: it brightens it-- the blue glows as if it were taking fire throughout.

  34. Perhaps the sea may deepen its hue;--I do not believe it can take more luminous color without being set aflame.

  35. That, my dear Nanda, will deepen the peace.

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