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generallie; generally; generalmente; generals; generalship; generated; generates; generating; generatio; generation
  1. SN: How an Horse or Bull may generate after they be gelt.

  2. Just what kind of turns with what around what did you make to generate a psi force?

  3. If he hadn't got in and riled things up, maybe the Swami would not have been emotionally upset enough to generate the psi force which had activated these new cylinders.

  4. Under what conditions is the tubercle-bacillus able to generate pulmonary consumption after it has entered the human organism?

  5. It is supposed that a poison is transferred into the system with the lymph which is enabled to generate the phenomena of scrofula.

  6. On the other hand it must be considered that the penetration only of the tubercle-bacilli into the body is not sufficient to generate tuberculosis.

  7. Shall we risk the inflicting of wounds which will generate a rancour never to be subdued?

  8. The mediaeval belief in werewolves is especially adapted to illustrate the complicated manner in which divers mythical conceptions and misunderstood natural occurrences will combine to generate a long-enduring superstition.

  9. I obtained a large quantity of them and found that they were very light, that they would stand enormously high pressures, and generate a very large quantity of steam.

  10. At this rate, and to be consistent, a mule ought to be also classed with inorganic matter, since it is unable to reproduce itself and generate life.

  11. Only the spouses have a reciprocal right upon each other's body to generate a new life: an exclusive, inalienable right, which cannot be ceded.

  12. In context the Holy Father was dealing with the false claims made in the name of eugenics that the State might legitimately sterilize those who by reason of hereditary defect might be considered likely to generate defective offspring.

  13. But the applause bestowed on others will often generate uneasiness and a sigh, in men least of all qualified by nature to acquire similar applause.

  14. A great water-power, or a location where fuel is cheap, may offer opportunity to generate electrical energy at an exceptionally low cost.

  15. There is no need, therefore, to generate dialectical disputes about the final goal of politics.

  16. Like all inventions it will disturb deeply the classicalist tendency, and this disturbance may generate a new impulse to replace the decadent one of the pioneer.

  17. If Machiavelli is a symbol of the political theorist making reason an instrument of purpose, we may take Sorel as a self-conscious representative of the impulses which generate purpose.

  18. Rousseau, from the exposure and heats that generate it.

  19. Abolish that for ever which must else for ever generate abuses; and attribute the faults of the man to the office, not the faults of the office to the man.

  20. Steam cannot generate unless there be a space above the water.

  21. But if each ceases to generate heat for itself and depends on the heat radiated to it by the rest, the entire cluster becomes cold.

  22. Deficient belief in causation is, indeed, exemplified even in those whose discipline has been specially fitted to generate this belief--even in men of science.

  23. Thus the stars and the elements may generate new spiritual, and ultimately, new vegetable seed, by means of putrefaction.

  24. Thus, while the seed of all things is one, it is made to generate a great variety of things.

  25. In The New Chemical Light it is said: "While the seed of all things is one, it is made to generate a great variety of things.

  26. Your third step is to calmly, concentratedly and confidently command your Passive Mind to generate that quality.

  27. Hence you see we owe it to ourselves as well as to humanity in general to generate only positive, loving and lofty thoughts.

  28. Therefore Semmelweis said, "Not only can the particles from dead bodies generate puerperal fever, but any decomposed material from the living body can also generate it, and so can air contaminated by such materials.

  29. What does Kant mean by asserting that in the apprehension of number we generate time?

  30. Nor does succession generate the conception of time; but stimulates us to form it.

  31. If, then, any movement is ascribed to the earth, that motion will generate the appearance of itself in all things which are external to it, though as occurring in the opposite direction, as if everything were passing across the earth.

  32. The inner representations do not produce or generate the spatial objects, do not even condition their existence, but are required only for the individual's empirical consciousness of them.

  33. To debar subjectivism is not to maintain the illusory or phenomenal character of the individual self; and to rule out materialism is not to assert that the unconscious may not generate and account for the conscious.

  34. Thus number is nothing but the unity of the synthesis of the manifold of a homogeneous intuition in general, whereby I generate time itself in the apprehension of the intuition.

  35. But if space is merely the form of sensibility, the fact that in space the part is only possible through the whole will apply to everything in it, and so will generate a fundamental difference between conception and intuition.

  36. Just as the synthetic processes which generate consciousness are not known to be themselves conscious, so also the manifold cannot be identified with the sensations of the bodily senses.

  37. For just as imagination and understanding, in judging of the beautiful, generate a subjective purposiveness of the mental powers by means of their harmony, so imagination and Reason do so by means of their conflict.

  38. In mathematics such procedure is legitimate, because its objects only are quantities for us, and can only be represented as quantities, in so far as we can generate their representation by repeating a unit a number of times.

  39. In conditioning experience they generate the only self for which experience can vouch, and consequently, in the absence of full and independent proof, must not be conceived as individually circumscribed.

  40. For it is they that generate the eggs, or ova, or ovules, which, after becoming fertilized or fecundated by the spermatozoa of the male, develop into children.

  41. Consider this when you read in carelessly researched garden books and articles about the advantages of interplanting legumes with other crops because they supposedly generate nitrates that "help" their companions.

  42. Anaerobic chemistry is slow and does not generate much heat, so a pile that suddenly cools off is giving a strong indication that the core may lack air.

  43. Vegetableatarian households greatly increase the amount of organic waste they generate during summer.

  44. During summer these generate large quantities of compostable straw after the seed is thrashed.

  45. These days, larger, modern mills generate electricity with bagasse and sell their surplus to the local power grid.

  46. Soil animals and microorganisms working over the thin layer of leaf litter on the forest floor also generate heat but it dissipates without making any perceptible increase in temperature.

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