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generals; generalship; generate; generated; generates; generatio; generation; generatione; generations; generative
  1. The moment the pressure of the lifting gas in the big oiled silk and aluminum container was lowered, it started the generating machine, and enough extra gas was pumped into the uninjured compartments to compensate for the loss.

  2. The gas-generating machine was of importance, for there would be a leakage and shrinking of the vapor from the big bag, and some means must be provided for replenishing it.

  3. According to the Mechanic's Magazine, such an engine with a complete gas generating plant was fitted to a boat which ran as an experiment upon the Thames.

  4. For the power of increasing, nourishing, and generating similars, and the one prior to these three, viz.

  5. For we see motion generating and keeping up heat and spirits under ail circumstances, and rest allowing them to escape and be dissipated.

  6. The following case, which has very lately occurred, renders it highly probable that not only the heels of the horse, but other parts of the body of that animal, are capable of generating the virus which produces the cow-pox.

  7. They have not only the power of generating heat in proportion to their healthiness, but also of resisting cold.

  8. We know the self only as conscious, and the synthetic processes, being the generating conditions of consciousness, are also the generating conditions of the only self for which our experience can vouch.

  9. They depend upon the same generating conditions as the motions which produce them.

  10. What, then, is the nature and what are the generating conditions of synthetic judgments that are also a priori?

  11. Consequently we have no right to assume that the self can precede such consciousness as its generating cause.

  12. The wider issue is the generating problem of Kant's Critique: How in a judgment can a predicate be asserted of a subject in which it is not already involved?

  13. As a subjective form that lies ready in the mind, it precedes experience and co-operates in generating it.

  14. The experiments showed that in any automatic generator of this type the cut-off should be so arranged that one quarter of the total capacity of the gas holder is still available to store the slowly generating gas.

  15. Those in which water in considerable volume is allowed to rise in contact with carbide, the evolution of the gas being regulated by the driving back of the water by the increase of pressure in the generating chamber.

  16. The idea of legal constraint is thus the generating idea of justice throughout all its transformations.

  17. They did, in fact, bring on that attack of hysterics, the first and last in Elizabeth's life, which had been slowly generating in her healthy nervous system under the severe and various trials of the day.

  18. Lift-generating surfaces--these are the bases of all flying.

  19. In fact, when the process is most complete, as described in the first paragraph, the alcohol is entirely and profitably employed in etherization, and generating fulminic acid.

  20. When breathed, it is very deleterious to animal life; and being nearly twice as dense as air, it may be poured from its generating bottle into cavities; a scheme successfully employed by M.

  21. Manufacturers differ much from each other in the proportion of their materials for generating chlorine.

  22. Table, consisting of Frigorific Mixtures, having the power of generating or creating cold, without the aid of ice, sufficient for all useful and philosophical purposes, in any part of the world at any season.

  23. Genius, or the faculty of discovering, is the generating principle of science.

  24. But this I deny; and in support of this denial I proceed to show that the hypothesis which it is pretended to get quit of, is the generating principle of all human knowledge.

  25. Edgard Quinet, in his Lyons course, taught that the religious idea is the very substance of civilization, and the generating principle of political constitutions.

  26. If the machine is used most of the time for night operation, have a higher echelon increase the generating charging rate.

  27. It is also clearly evident that this kind of generating influence (the automatic) should combine with another.

  28. Anyone who possesses a fair-sized stationary engine and boiler might increase the realism of the outdoor track by setting up a generating station, which will give a good deal of extra fun.

  29. Instead of dry cells or accumulators a small foot or hand operated dynamo generating direct, not alternating current, might be used.

  30. Societies are never saved and regenerated except by their generating principle; and the generating principle of Western civilization is Christianity.

  31. Methods have greatly altered in all departments, but the generating principle, the inner mind of Jacobinism, is unchanged.

  32. The generating principle of the French nation was the Catholic Faith.

  33. For in this case the reproduction of nebulous masses fit for generating new systems of worlds must go on through space that is endless, and consequently the process can never come to an end and can never have had a beginning.

  34. Both seem to have conceived the idea, simultaneously and independently, of generating electricity by revolving globes run by belt and wheel in much the same manner as the apparatus of Hauksbee.

  35. The improved method of generating electricity that had come into general use made several of the scientists again turn their attention more particularly to attempt putting it to some practical account.

  36. Part of the gravity generating plant--in a sense the key component--is an electronic computer, capable of making all the calculations and juggling the proportion of power required to produce directed or undirected gravity continuously.

  37. He watched the engineer depart for the gravity generating chamber below the surface of the asteroid.

  38. It would be different if she had an unlimited supply of gravity generating parts, or could get what she needs made to order.

  39. But to call on him would leave the gravity generating plant unprotected.

  40. The gravity generating unit was not a unit.

  41. The third part was the control unit, the real heart of the gravity generating system.

  42. The heat-generating material is generally fresh manure from the horse-stable, or a mixture of that and coarse litter.

  43. There should be at least a foot and a half of this heat-generating material.

  44. An electric automobile garage, situated close to a public generating station and offering a larger and more regular demand, will of course obtain current much cheaper.

  45. This advantage reduces the expenditure necessary upon boilers, engines, and dynamos at the tramway generating station.

  46. The full economies of generating electricity by steam power are not, however, realised until business is done on a large scale.

  47. This locomotive is a 'generating station on wheels.

  48. The Heilmann locomotive was practically a generating station on wheels.

  49. When the driver moves his controller, current flows from the generating station at a high pressure, passes through the controller, operates the motors, and returns to the generating station at a low pressure.

  50. All that is required is to erect a generating station and provide each car with a storage battery and electrical equipment.

  51. The Heilmann electric locomotive--a generating station on wheels.

  52. A large generating equipment is cheaper in first cost than a multitude of small power-producing plants, and it is much more economical in operation.

  53. The ideal electric power station is one which is constructed with the largest generating units and produces current at its maximum capacity throughout the twenty-four hours of each day.

  54. The whole of the power-producing plant for a typical electric tramway system is concentrated at a generating station placed (if possible) near the centre of the system.

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