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Example sentences for "swelling"

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sweit; swell; swelled; swellest; swelleth; swellings; swells; swelp; sweltered; sweltering
  1. Perhaps, however, we may bleed from the right foot, provided we understand that there is on the right side a sanguineous tumor, the danger of which is greater than that of the swelling on the right hand.

  2. For instance: A person is suffering pain in the joints of the right hand, but has also an acute swelling in the bladder, the kidneys or the womb.

  3. Hence swelling is the best sign of curability.

  4. That form of the disease, however, in which there is swelling from a subtile and liquid material deposited in the soft parts is the more quickly cured.

  5. If, however, it is found that swelling is occasioned by the cast (ex strictorio?

  6. Down, my pride, And all my swelling thoughts!

  7. And struck by Duryodhana with the shaft, the swift-handed Arjuna of unfailing strength, swelling with rage, pierced the king in return, taking up arrows that were endued with the energy of snakes of virulent poison.

  8. And Bhishma baffled with his own arrows that arrowy shower, like the bank resisting the swelling sea, and covered the son of Pandu in return.

  9. Let them, well-disguised, wander through swelling kingdoms and populous provinces, prying into assemblies of the learned and delightful retreats of provinces.

  10. If he that is come is the king of the Matsyas or Vibhatsu, even I will resist him as the banks resist the swelling sea.

  11. And beholding those divisions advance towards him like the swelling surges of the ocean, Dhananjaya, the son of Pritha, quickly rushed at them like a crane rushing at a descending cloud.

  12. His graying hair was cut at the nape of his neck, sweeping back from his swelling temples in a manner really suggestive of a mane.

  13. Chet forgot the pain of his swelling hands to shake with suppressed mirth.

  14. Blood red they were, and partially transparent in the light of the setting sun; growing things, attached by their thick ends to swelling mounds of red that seemed anchored to the ground.

  15. Swelling as the cat's body had swollen; and yet receding and rising until Garth, momentarily forgetting that he was the one whose size was changing, thought that the man's titanic body would fill the room.

  16. And when even the veins of squaw and husky thrilled with excess of vigor, the tremendous swelling and merging of the passion that absorbed Desiree and Dunvegan could be vaguely gauged.

  17. Nothing," he murmured, the veins of his neck swelling and nearly choking him.

  18. She was an exceedingly clumsy affair, with swelling bows and a tower-like poop such as characterized the ships of the seventeenth century.

  19. The weather had been rainy, and an interesting feature of the retreat was the swelling of the rivers, which rendered them unfordable.

  20. The parish church had responded to the first stroke of vespers chiming at the Basilica; and now all the convents, one after another, were contributing to the swelling peals.

  21. When I had got a Tuscan painter to plant our flag in the shape of a sign-board, I sailed forth into the street and inspected it from outside with a swelling heart.

  22. I am the Sole Agent,' I burst out, with swelling dignity.

  23. It was surmised that the vessel lay with her stern cocked up, and that in this end, indicated by the swelling of the sand bank, the treasure was hidden.

  24. Tam grinned, suddenly feeling the warmth of the old friendship swelling Back.

  25. She heard the deep sonorous swelling of the chants; she saw the little procession come out from the doorway and cross the old wooden bridge, and go slowly through the sunlight of the meadows.

  26. She avoided the swelling puddles between the house and the corral.

  27. He knew from the ugly swelling that the wound had become infected.

  28. He was amazed at the way the swelling had completely disappeared.

  29. I ran back, and saw him with the bugle to his lips, and his cheeks swelling as he blew another blast.

  30. The men drew up, and the horses shook their heads, then pricked their ears, as out of the darkness ahead came the murmur of a chant, swelling up to a deep boom, and sinking again till almost inaudible.

  31. To Manuel, a woman was a magnificent animal with firm flesh and swelling breast.

  32. And, when the melancholy grove I seek, Scarce can my palpitating heart controul, While silent tears are trembling on my cheek, The flood of pleasure swelling in my soul.

  33. I feel the icy hand Of hasty death, press down my swelling heart; E'en now I hear a sweet aerial band, Summon thy faithful Arthur to depart.

  34. Through the window of his room he could see the foliage of a great horse-chestnut tree that stood by the side walk; it was swelling into flower.

  35. A feeling of impotence thrust its chilling edge into the swelling heat of his resentment.

  36. They were abreast of a large cave, where the swift grey-winged pigeons flew in and out over the swelling waves, which seemed to glide slowly on and on, to rush rapidly after the birds and disappear in the gloom beneath the arch.

  37. As for the cabbages, in their swelling proportions they are rather like balloons than ordinary vegetables.

  38. A swelling of the gums, relieved by lancing.

  39. A soft movable swelling on point of hock, caused by a bruise, usually got in kicking.

  40. A swelling caused by a bony growth on the inside of the hock-joint towards the front.

  41. A soft, painful swelling on the back of the hind-leg six or eight inches below the hock.

  42. A soft swelling on the inner side of the hock-joint towards the front.

  43. A severe swelling of the glands of the throat, which gathers and breaks.

  44. A swelling in nearly the same place caused by an aneurism or sac of arterial blood.

  45. Thus conjured, Dhruva, with a swelling heart Repeated to his mother every word That proud Suruchee spake, from first to last, Even in the very presence of the king.

  46. Another swelling had appeared on my jaw, stopping my mouth so that I could take my food only in a liquid form, sucking it through my teeth.

  47. A sweet calm settled over my body; and to my happy surprise, I found that the swelling had broken.

  48. I was suffering greatly with a swelling on the inside of my jaw that entirely closed my mouth.

  49. He prescribed a poultice, and said that the swelling would probably break in about three days.

  50. The doctor said he would not dare to lance the swelling as the tendons and arteries lay so near that such an operation would be dangerous.

  51. Now swelling forth, as it were, in wild and uncontrollable grief, and now sinking exhaustedly into a low and touching mournfulness which seems almost human!

  52. The swelling of the breast under strong emotion uplifts understanding.

  53. To save me from being carried away by the swelling tide was one of his chief aims.

  54. He shall come up like a lion from the swelling of Jordan.

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