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  1. Parker, as deputy from Massachusetts and New Hampshire, set their hands in October, 1789, and by their act effected the consolidation of our Church.

  2. Now, in relation to his inference that I am in favor of a general consolidation of all the local institutions of the various States.

  3. Isolated points, however, held out most gallantly and held up the advance of the enemy while consolidation on or about the Black Line was completed by troops in rear and whilst the withdrawal of the remainder was safely effected.

  4. Digging in and consolidation at once commenced.

  5. Next day, brigade considered the necessity for careful consolidation of the ground gained by the 6th and 7th, but Capt.

  6. Conditions at Havrincourt were rather different from those at Epehy, although the same characteristics due to recent consolidation still prevailed.

  7. There was very little of outside interest during the succeeding days beyond the usual work of consolidation and keeping the enemy under closest possible observation.

  8. The level-headed ones saw that consolidation of all the school districts was absolutely necessary.

  9. The measure for consolidation was carried.

  10. In Hartford the question of consolidation of districts has twice come before the people since women voted, and in both instances they cast a large number of ballots.

  11. The discontinuance of elementary work in the University, however, and a consolidation of the schools of the two districts finally led to the establishment of the Union High School in 1853.

  12. Its successor was the present Athletic Association, organized in 1890 through a consolidation of all the athletic interests in the University.

  13. An eventual consolidation did not save them and the last number of the combined journals appeared in 1891.

  14. Two important steps were taken by the new Association immediately upon its consolidation in 1897.

  15. But the interest taken was more or less perfunctory, and in 1897 a consolidation of all the departmental organizations was effected, resulting in the present Alumni Association of the University of Michigan, with ex-Regent Levi L.

  16. Could any thing be more conclusive as to the consolidation of the army?

  17. But just as much legality and constitutionality as there was in these governments, so much there was in the consolidation and organization of the army under Gen.

  18. Luther’s Hymns Amongst the means to be employed for the spread and consolidation of the new Evangel Luther included, in addition to his Bible, German hymns for use in public worship.

  19. His soreness at such a consolidation of Catholicism he relieved by a sort of last effort in his book “Against the Roman Papacy founded by the devil.

  20. Those words: 'The consolidation of the Union:' sprang up.

  21. We will talk of the consolidation of the Union by and by.

  22. After the consolidation of the great kingdoms, they for some time kept each other in mutual check.

  23. And this document, inspired by race hatred, and apparently designed to propagate race hatred, is offered to the youth of these countries as an aid towards the consolidation of the Empire.

  24. Instead of conquest and consolidation they gave us mere invasion and disturbance.

  25. The other phases covered the occupation of Luzon and the consolidation of the Philippines.

  26. Prepare to conduct such operations as may be later directed by this headquarters to: (a) Complete the consolidation of SAMAR.

  27. These assaults usually came when the Americans' energy and ammunition were at their lowest point during the day and when they would prevent proper consolidation of the front lines before dark.

  28. When the consolidation of the battalion was made, Colonel Spragins determined that he was east of Hill 1525 as shown on the maps.

  29. But before the consolidation came to pass, two companies had been organized to control freight-carrying upon the tracks of the Philadelphia & Columbia Railroad.

  30. And that is where the modern system of excessive consolidation in our big land carriers turned one good, faithful railroad executive into a howling anarchist.

  31. With the consolidation of a number of railroads in Southern New England into the New York, New Haven & Hartford system, and the popularity of the North Station so close at hand, the South Station came as a matter of course.

  32. The big rent-paying consolidation went into the courts, after its cool, impassive way.

  33. Until it is completed, the consolidation of office records will not be practicable, because the various general offices are now scattered over town.

  34. Delayed union means that consolidation is taking place very slowly, if at all.

  35. The Customs Consolidation Act 1853 dispensed with the giving of bonds, and laid down various provisions for securing the payment of customs duties on goods warehoused.

  36. England had failed in winning Prussia, for Hardenberg desired, by observing the old neutrality, to secure the consolidation of the Prussian territory through the acquisition of Hanover from the French.

  37. Brumaire and its consequences opened their eyes and confounded their plans; every step in the consolidation of Bonaparte's power was a new blow to their pretensions, and the amnesty which he tendered of his mercy was gall and bitterness.

  38. In my first message to Congress I strongly recommended the consolidation of the forest work in the hands of the trained men of the Bureau of Forestry.

  39. Reformation and the Northern Schism certainties; the consolidation of Spain prepared a way for the autocracy of Charles V.

  40. After the death of Gian Galeazzo Visconti, in 1402, the generals whom he had employed in the consolidation of his vast dominions attempted to divide the spoil among themselves.

  41. On the contrary, the forces which move society, the inner instinct of the nation, and the laws of progress and development, tended year by year more surely to the consolidation of despotisms.

  42. In his madness, if such we may call this inhumanity, there was method; he used it to the end of the consolidation of his tyranny.

  43. The Squittino and the Borse became instruments in the hands of the Medici for the consolidation of their tyranny.

  44. All considerations of religion and morality were subordinated by him with strict impartiality to policy: and his policy he restrained to two objects--the advancement of his family, and the consolidation of the temporal power.

  45. He was able to vote fifty-five per cent of the stock straight, and you know what that means: a consolidation with the Richlander foundry trust, and the hearse and white horses for yours truly and the minority stockholders.

  46. In this way a want of coherence between the two masses is produced, along the plane of junction, which after consolidation of the deposits causes an actual divisional plane along which the two deposits may be separated.

  47. Urbino profited by each mistake of Sigismondo, and the history of this long desultory strife with Rimini is a history of gradual aggrandisement and consolidation for the Montefeltrian duchy.

  48. His one object, the consolidation of power for his family on the basis of popular favour, was kept steadily in view; and he would do nothing that might compromise that end.

  49. While his capital was continually increasing he lived frugally, and employed his wealth solely for the consolidation of his political influence.

  50. For instance, during the last month there has been a consolidation of control of buying in world markets by the European Governments.

  51. In every case where combination or consolidation restricts competition in an industry, one effect produced is an increase in the power over the public which the industry possesses.

  52. It is plain that the general effect is a fluctuation of rates between wide limits, an enormous waste of capital and labor, and ultimately, the permanent death of competition by the consolidation of the two lines.

  53. But besides this, as is well known, in a great many cities consolidation has gone on as rapidly among street-railway companies as among the great trunk-line railways.

  54. It is plain enough that if this is allowed to go on, the various stages of receivership, sale, and consolidation will follow in regular order.

  55. The effects of this consolidation have been of two sorts.

  56. Competition is so deadly to it that it is impossible for rival companies to occupy the same street without ruin to both, or without consolidation with its attendant double investment, and cheap light is thus rendered an impossibility.

  57. And because this is so, it is greatly to be desired that the beneficial effects of consolidation should be better understood.

  58. This is the chain of cause and effect which has wrought the consolidation of competing parallel roads in scores of cases, and which, if free competition is allowed to act, is sure to do so.

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