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Example sentences for "gallantly"

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  1. Captain D---- at once stepped into the breach and gallantly laid siege to the fair fortress.

  2. Again they were sharply engaged, by largely increased forces this time, but they gallantly held their own, your son again holding a detached position at important cross-roads, and again the battalion was able to withdraw in safety.

  3. B Company was heavily engaged from both sides of the road, and Captain Simms was killed gallantly leading the attack.

  4. All experienced a feeling of sadness as the ship that had gallantly towed them into their polar berth lessened on the horizon, and then vanished altogether in the direction of the north.

  5. This flag was afterwards most gallantly carried by James B.

  6. They were gallantly resisted by General Walthall’s brave little brigade of less than one thousand Confederates.

  7. Since the beginning of the war he had served most gallantly in the Confederate army as a general in the Army of Tennessee.

  8. The Army of Tennessee was occupying the field they had so gallantly won at Chickamauga.

  9. I know," said Isidore; "the same who gallantly forced a passage up the Onondaga quite at the outset of the war.

  10. Yet they were soon reinforced, and came on so gallantly that we were repulsed, losing many men and some prisoners.

  11. Cailloux, who is said to have been a free man of color, although all the officers of his race were at that time supposed to have resigned, fell at the head of the leading company of his regiment, while gallantly cheering on his men.

  12. With the conditions of Coronel thus reversed, Von Spee, abandoning the attempt to run as hopeless, decided to die fighting, and met his death as gallantly as Cradock had done some five short weeks before.

  13. It failed, but not before the Germans had pierced the front along the Menin road in the first clash of arms on the morning of the 11th, a battalion of Royal Fusiliers being practically wiped out in gallantly disputing their passage.

  14. He rides gallantly into the quicksand, knowing it to be such, and the quicksand, as certainly as the worm of Nilus, will do its kind.

  15. But, when the Dauphin is called a mere youth, it must be borne in mind that he was considerably older than Henry was when he headed his father's troops in Wales, or fought so gallantly in the field of Shrewsbury.

  16. Here John Bromley gallantly recovered the standard of Guienne, and for his valour was allowed to bear its figure for his crest.

  17. She was fair to look upon and Turk gallantly moved, presenting a roomy end of his seat to her.

  18. There was no denying the fact that with all his confidence his colors were sinking, while hers remained as gallantly fluttering as when the struggle began.

  19. Mr. Blyth, gallantly attacking the squaw's mixture this time without any intermediate assistance from the spoon.

  20. Zack, having thrown away the end of his cigar, gallantly advanced and offered her his arm.

  21. The strife began in the morning and continued until darkness put an end to it: the French right wing yielded after a succession of heroic assaults, but the centre and left wing resisted gallantly until the very close of the battle.

  22. Before any fell, however, he found her a place of shelter--such as a corner drug-store and then himself gallantly went forth into the storm for an umbrella.

  23. The cordial girl at once placed him upon the chair and gallantly procured another for herself.

  24. Following up these thoughts, as the mare jogged along, it was a great solace to good Sailor Jack, after their dismal drive, to see Don look up at the house as they turned into the lane, and wave his hat gallantly to Dorothy.

  25. Ere the signal for the charge could be given, Croquart's noble horse (which had borne him gallantly through countless frays) was all at once seen to give a violent start, and began to rear and plunge as if maddened with sudden terror.

  26. This charge of theirs was gallantly repulsed by the men on that line led by Capt.

  27. Otis was thus gallantly advancing with his train, Col.

  28. And as he spoke, the arrow sprang gallantly forth, and quivered in the very heart of the white.

  29. He kissed the gloved hand of his queen, gallantly bending over his saddle-bow, and the next moment he was by the side of a younger if not a fairer lady, to whom he was devoting the momentary worship of his inconstant heart.

  30. Mount says you conducted most gallantly under fire," said Monroe, smiling.

  31. No more gallantly than did all at Cresap's fort," said I, annoyed.

  32. As for Phronsie," and he gallantly lifted her up to the step, "she's half asleep already.

  33. So Phronsie's little blue stockings were tied on, and after Grandpapa had gallantly seen that everybody else was served, he had his pulled on over his boots and fastened securely, and the line of march was taken up.

  34. For years past the Squire was to have been found among the former and more prudent set of riders, but on this occasion he went gallantly through the thickest of the underwood, close at the huntsman's heels.

  35. She had resolved gallantly that she would be true to her own heart, even though by such truth she should be preparing for herself a life of disappointment.

  36. And he raised her gloved hand and carried it gallantly to his eager lips.

  37. On the walls the French tricolour was everywhere displayed, the revered drapeau under which he had so gallantly and nobly served against the Huns.

  38. The conqueror stood with his foot on the neck of the enemy; his chivalrous heart melted towards the vanquished, who, after all, had done his devoir gallantly in an evil cause.

  39. Nevertheless, he accepted the position very gallantly and gracefully, sinking down easily into the causeuse and nestling comfortably into its cushions, without any affectation of eagerness or betrayal of reluctance.

  40. Very scanty are the relics that abide with us of the old-time chivalry; but our dames and demoiselles still play their part as gallantly and gracefully as ever.

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