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Example sentences for "gallants"

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  1. Some comfort yet it is vnto me, to see how many gallants sprung of noble parents haue croucht to Gorinius to haue sight of his gold: O gold, desired golde, admired golde!

  2. You must come with me at once to Master Woods, the tailor, in Eastcheap, who makes clothes not only for the citizens but for many of the nobles and gallants of the Court.

  3. Or old as you are, and long as you have served us, I will have you thrown from this tower, with as little pity as Isabeau flung her gallants to the fishes.

  4. Beyond her, round the farther fireplace, clustered more than a score of gallants and ladies, of whom one presently advanced to me.

  5. Those presumptive gallants who were continually in the retinue of the Doña Inés de Tordesillas, for such was the name of this celebrated beauty, were never discouraged in their suit despite her haughty and disdainful character.

  6. Podstadsky was the son of a distinguished nobleman, high in the emperor's favor; he had just returned from his travels, and all the Viennese gallants were eager to imitate him in every thing.

  7. Poverty and the gaol alternated with tavern carouses or the place of honour among the wild young gallants at the playhouses.

  8. How coolly these hot gallants are departed!

  9. The young gallants of the day were wont to occupy part of the stage itself and criticise the performance of the opera; and often they adjourned from the theatre to the dueling-ground to settle a difficulty too hard for their wits to unravel.

  10. The romantic girl listened with delight to the protestations and vows of the young provincial poet, though she had disdained the flatteries of the troops of court gallants who besieged the opera-house stage when she sang.

  11. She soon created as great a furor among the gallants of the Austrian capital as she had in Italy.

  12. See, master alderman, these two crack'd gallants Are in several bonds to my predecessor For a debt of full two thousand a-piece.

  13. Twere To bring the gallants all about mine ears, And make me mine own patient.

  14. Had I known Your house had been so full of gallants now, I would have spar'd my visit.

  15. But the young gallants have blades that flash out at a moment's notice, as free as breath, though it's the stoppage of breath they're bent upon.

  16. He had no swingeing rapier, but a whinger in his belt and a spur on his heel, for use and not for show, a subdued figure, not like the gallants in their bravery.

  17. Here gallants held it little thing for ladies' sake to die, Or for the Prophet's honor and the pride of Soldanry; For here did valor flourish and deeds of warlike might Ennobled lordly palaces in which was our delight.

  18. Rodriguez then looked round for some hidden door, the sword all the while in his hand, and very soon he knew that room fairly well, but not its secret, nor why those unknown gallants had given up their rings.

  19. And she much preferred listening to the ladies and the gallants to gathering flowers or hearing the birds singing in the trees.

  20. And surely there would be many gallants ready to dance.

  21. But since our subtle gallants think it good To like of nought that may be understood .

  22. They also talked freely of the Court, and of that numerous class of gallants who were then described as "men of wit and pleasure about town;" and to which it seemed probable they themselves appertained.

  23. It is a pity one cannot mount the victor's car of triumph without having a victory to boast of; yet, faith, it is what most of our modern gallants do, though it would not become Buckingham.

  24. Some plumed gallants may Unclasp thy leaves and say, Th'art mirthful, but ere long Give place unto a song.

  25. Shopsters and gallants to his house would hop More than t' exchanges or canary-shop.

  26. Pray you be happy in the knowledge of this pair of accomplish'd Monsieurs; they are Gallants that have seen both Tropicks.

  27. They are Gallants that have seen both Tropicks.

  28. Your brother with two Gallants is at dore, Sir And they're so violent, they'l take no denial.

  29. An ordinary of the longest reckoning, whither most of your courtly gallants do resort: 2nd.

  30. I saw gallants lounging and talking together in the Park, games on the Mall, and soldiers and horses in the streets and squares; but none of these had any concern with me.

  31. But 'tis not my teachings will corrupt the gallants of Whitehall.

  32. Gallants and ladies came there to flirt and to gossip, to gamble and to pay homage.

  33. There, at a smaller table, sat Miss Stewart, half a dozen gallants hovering near her, engaged upon a game of cards of a vastly different sort.

  34. Our Gallants entred the Lists, and having made their Obeysance to his Highness, turned round to salute and view the Company.

  35. Have you ever stood in the dip of Piccadilly and watched the moonlight among the trees, and imagined a comedy by Wycherley acted there, a goodly company of gallants and fine ladies seated under the trees watching it?

  36. We all know that picture, the gallants and the ladies by the water-side, and the blue evening showing through the tall trees.

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