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  1. Then our galleon pursued her course into the flat and desolate regions of the marismas.

  2. But it was no longer, at the end of the nineteenth century, a case of leaping aboard a galleon and waving a Toledo blade in air.

  3. Shortly after the galleon had struck, an officer came quietly to Anson, and told him the ship was on fire near the powder-room.

  4. Immediately on the commencement of the action, the mats with which the galleon had stuffed her netting took fire, and burnt violently, blazing up half as high as the mizen-top.

  5. The galleon was constituted by Anson a post-ship in his Majesty's navy, the command being given to his first lieutenant, Mr. Saumarez.

  6. Several squalls of wind and rain about noon often obscured the galleon from their sight; but when the weather cleared up she was observed resolutely lying to, waiting her impending doom.

  7. After this, they were to go to the coast of Mexico, at that time of the year when the great galleon usually comes from Manilla to Acapulco, which is commonly reported to be worth fourteen millions of dollars.

  8. From this account, it is plain that the ship they had now proposed to wait for must have been the galleon on her passage from Acapulco for Manilla, which always has a prodigious quantity of silver on board.

  9. Mr Fry soon returned, bringing the joyful news that the ship in sight really was the Manilla galleon for which we had waited so long, and of which we were now almost in despair of meeting.

  10. That is the treasure from the Venetian galleon which you were seeking," said the King.

  11. No one has ever found the hoard of Captain Kidd, or the gold carried in the Venetian galleon which sailed with the Armada and went on the rocks in this loch.

  12. No one knows whereabouts the galleon went ashore.

  13. And in came Ben like a great galleon poised High on the white crest of a shouting wave, And then the feast began.

  14. But, ere you die, you'll sail A British galleon to the golden courts Of Cleopatra.

  15. I knew that my men would not yield while the galleon kept afloat, and so I did not watch the Lowestoffe's departure with so much anxiety as I might otherwise have done.

  16. While we were endeavouring to repair the damage it fell a stark calm, and the old galleon began to roll away awfully in the swell.

  17. It was soon seen that the bulky old galleon would not keep way with the men-of-war, so the Lowestoffe took us in tow, not much to the satisfaction of those on board.

  18. If we shoaled the water much more we could not hope to force the heavy galleon through.

  19. He swore to me with a high and solemn oath that he would not rest till he had found some trace of his brother, and if he kept the galleon waiting for that reason, what wonder?

  20. The Saracen pirate who had boarded the galleon from Genoa which was carrying him and his lord to Cyprus, had parted him from Herdegen and Sir Franz, and sold him for a slave in Egypt.

  21. Now, while Gotz fared back to Venice, the galleon which carried Don Jaime, Prince of Catalonia, as far Joppa, brought us likewise to the Promised Land to the holy city of Jerusalem.

  22. After all this my heart rejoiced when we received Herdegen's first letter written from Genoa, nay, on board of the galleon which was to carry him, Sir Franz and Eppelein to Cyprus.

  23. The galleon gave a sudden jar, and stopped.

  24. Here is a Spanish galleon That once with gold was gay, Here is a Roman trireme Whose hues outshone the day.

  25. The first was an Indian galleon crowded by Bacchanals wreathed with vines.

  26. The compact made between the King and Menendez was, that he should furnish one galleon completely equipped, and provisions for a force of six hundred men; that he should conquer and settle the country.

  27. They were well furnished with both troops and artillery, and had directed themselves for our galleon and the other ship, which were alone at sea.

  28. The galleon spoken of was Menendez's own flag ship, the El Pelayo, the largest vessel in his fleet, fitted out at his own expense, and which had brought four hundred men.

  29. Proceeding along the coast on the 13th, we came up with a galleon which left Zabid before the rest of the fleet.

  30. On the 2d of October he arrived at Aracan, the chief port and residence of the king, having detached a galleon to Sundiva to give notice to Gonzalez of his arrival and intentions.

  31. During this year 1539, the viceroy sent Ferdinand de Morales with a great galleon laden on the kings account to trade at Pegu.

  32. Off the coast of Aden his ship struck on a rock and split in pieces; but the men were all saved, and Sequeira the governor went into the galleon of Pedro de Faria.

  33. The head gunner offered to sink the English ship by means of two 40 pounders; but the officers who accompanied the viceroy opposed this, alleging that the other three English ships would come upon him while alone and the galleon might be lost.

  34. It was by this Strait that the annual galleon from Acapulco entered, and here also the British privateers lay in wait for their silver-laden prey.

  35. The galleon which left Manila for Acapulco with rich merchandise, was obliged to enter a Japanese port by stress of weather, and was seized by the Japanese authorities.

  36. The Augustinians furnished a galleon for this expedition.

  37. I love the rough brute with a slash across his brow--the man who has lost a piece of his nose, who, perhaps, has captured a Spanish galleon whilst skipper of a vessel of twenty or thirty tons.

  38. Let me perish else,” answered Halyard, whom the result of his search in his pockets, now that an attack on the galleon appeared uncertain, rendered desperate.

  39. Cast adrift by the crew of the galleon which he had commanded, Don Luego had been rescued and carried to Spain by a trading vessel, by which he chanced to be observed after suffering terrible privations at sea.

  40. Strange rumours were heard by him when again in the southern seas of the galleon having been seen flying before the wind with another vessel pursuing it.

  41. The wild tribe had carried and placed the slain sailor by the spoils of the galleon which he had claimed for his own in the very face of Don Luego, the Spanish commander.

  42. The single vessel not taken was the galleon which José commanded, and after it, as it fled through the waves with every stitch of canvas spread, went one of the Feringhee ships.

  43. He found arms and ammunition in the galleon in abundance, and well it was for him that he secured them and made them serviceable in case of need.

  44. The Spanish galleon struck nearer to the coast, and at low water its hull could long afterwards be seen, but not a man aboard was saved.

  45. Don Luego responded by threatening the hardy sailor with death unless he pointed out where the contents of the lost galleon were concealed.

  46. After cruising about for a considerable time he had quite unknowingly come within sight of the island where the English vessel and the Spanish galleon had both been wrecked.

  47. All doubts as to the truth of the wreck of the richly-laden galleon off the coast about which Hassan had told us vanished as soon as ever we entered there.

  48. Even now a boat is being got ready for us to enter, and a warrior woman is to accompany us down the strange stream which leads to the place where the contents of the galleon have long been hidden.

  49. That was the galleon called "Santa Helena," which was carrying the pieces to bombard the fortress, and considerable of the other ammunition and apparatus.

  50. Fifteen fragatas and one galleon will be enough, and they are to be accompanied by Filipino pioneers.

  51. A galleon bound for Portugal sails and is despatched from the fort of Malaca, in certain years, by the open sea, without touching at India or on its coasts.

  52. At the same time, Don Francisco sent the galleon "San Felipe" to Nueva España with advice of those rumors.

  53. And then, on a day, a new turn was given to the whole matter: when the galleon from the Filipinas arrived at Acapulco and brought with it the proof that every word that Gil Perez had spoken was true.

  54. Indeed, all the crew appeared to be possessed of a like dismay, for they pulled at the oars with such an incredible force that they were under the quarter of the galleon before the boat was half filled with water.

  55. Whereupon the other did as he was ordered, and that so thoroughly that the water presently came gushing into the boat in great streams, whereat all hands pulled for the galleon as though every next moment was to be their last.

  56. Whereupon the fishermen, suspecting nothing, pointed to them a galleon of great size riding at anchor not half a league distant.

  57. The guns will burst, and we can then do what we please with the galleon and the town.

  58. The Adventure had arrived within about half a mile of the galleon when the latter opened fire with her heavy ordnance, of which she carried two tiers.

  59. He left us four nights ago, intending to make his way into the city of Cartagena, for the purpose of learning precisely when the galleon is to sail, together with any other information which he might be able to pick up.

  60. We can then land a party, destroy both batteries by blowing them up, capture the galleon and the town, and sail out to sea again, unscathed, when we have finished our business with the Spaniards.

  61. Therefore we will enter the harbour forthwith, lay the galleon aboard and take her, and then open negotiations with the authorities for the ransom of the town and the deliverance of Captain Marshall.

  62. Then they arrive at Cartagena in the West Indies, where they also capture a Spanish galleon carrying a valuable cargo.

  63. If not-- well, we must e'en fight fasting, and eat after the galleon is taken.

  64. The Dutch commander sent the other vessel back with the wounded and some sick men, as soon as the engagement with Don Diego de Quiñones had happened, chiefly because that galleon was leaking badly.

  65. But God frustrated their attempts by running the galleon aground on Hermosa Island, which is between Japon and this country.

  66. The largest galleon of the fleet, next to the flagship, was lost.

  67. A galleon likewise set out from Japon with a Dutch patache to come to these coasts, to steal whatever they could, as they have done in years past.

  68. The galleon is a very fine one, and it will be very useful when occasion arises.

  69. The most notable thing is that that galleon was lost on the very day of St. Mark, by whose intercession Don Juan de Silva had obtained the last victory.

  70. The galleon which went as admiral's ship sprang such a leak that it was forced to return to port, but when it had arrived there the rest of the fleet continued their journey.

  71. He is an enemy of ours, as well as he who attacked Malaca in the year 16, and burned a galleon of the four which were awaiting Don Juan de Silva.

  72. Last year the governor of the Filipinas sent to Macan to buy a very handsome galleon which was there.

  73. In my return voyage in 1566, I went from Goa to Malacca in a ship or galleon belonging to the king of Portugal, which was bound for Banda to lade nutmegs and mace.

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