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  1. The island Sicilians, of more hardy frame and courageous temper than their Continental neighbours, are, as they have lately shown, able to defend their liberties.

  2. Coming from the wildest and poorest part of the Norwegian coast, and mixing with the Celtic tribes of these regions, in the early ages; those hardy sons of the sea made extensive and permanent settlements among them.

  3. And, lastly, the physical and moral characteristics, as well as the manners and customs of the people, are those of the hardy race, whose transmitted blood gave the larger nerve and more enduring vigour which characterise their frame.

  4. That radiant sign shows the cheerless winter to be now over; and rouses the hardy peasants to the labours of the coming year.

  5. Item, that no Citizen, Burger, or Inhabitant of this City dareth be so hardy to go from henceforth to eat or drink in any Tavern.

  6. Item, that none be so hardy to walk by night in the Town after nine of the clock, without candle-light and also a lawful cause.

  7. It grows spontaneously in most parts of Russia, and is one of our most hardy perennials.

  8. It is a hardy annual, requiring support, and rarely exceeding the height of two feet, flowering in July and August, and is readily raised from seeds, which should be sown in the open border at the beginning of April.

  9. In Greenland, a hardy race, the descendants of the Northland warriors, appear to have multiplied; for, in A.

  10. It now ramifies into a great variety of all shades, from white to deep crimson, double and single, perfectly hardy here, and I think likely to be nearly everywhere on this continent.

  11. As tender plants, except the few that may have been wintered in windows and cellars, are beyond the reach of most of our country folks, I will consider those only that are perfectly hardy and in full blossom now, July 21.

  12. Field culture Some Hardy Flowers for Midsummer The Time Consuming Match VI.

  13. Many speedwells still remain in fine condition, notably Veronica longifolia; they are a hardy and a showy race of plants, and will grow anywhere.

  14. His manners were those of a ruffian, conscious of the suspicion attending his character, yet aiming to bear it down by the affectation of a careless and hardy familiarity.

  15. He was a thin, dark, active fellow, well framed for the hardy profession which he exercised.

  16. He who gave them hardships And a life of care, Gave them likewise hardy strength And patient hearts to bear.

  17. Little hardy flowers, Like to children poor, Playing in their sturdy health By their mother's door.

  18. Handbook of Hardy Herbaceous and Alpine Flowers, for general Garden Decoration.

  19. He was a wiry and hardy old rooster; though his frosty poll spoke of the many, many years he had "been around," his body was yet firm and his perceptions yet clear.

  20. His verses comforted the last hours of Charles James Fox and of Sir Walter Scott, while Thomas Hardy has acknowledged their influence on the realism of his novels.

  21. When in 1867 Mr Walpole resigned, from dissatisfaction with Mr Disraeli's Reform Bill, Mr Hardy succeeded him at the home office.

  22. The "curled" or "Normandy" cress is a very hardy sort, of good flavour.

  23. The hardy species will grow well in dry sandy soil, and are suitable for rockeries, old walls or edgings.

  24. Mr. Wright was appointed general manager; Mr. Hardy superintended the forge; and Mr. Walker assisted generally.

  25. Mr. Hardy withdrew about 1840, when Mr. Walker took the management of the forge.

  26. Mr. Dodd, of the Horseley Works, showed how this could be done by a reversing action, and Mr. Hardy patented both processes.

  27. Even the hardy British matron who in Paris will address the cabman as cochon refrains from speech in Galicia, because no word of Spanish has formed part of her education.

  28. Look at these hardy fisherfolk, and still more at the husbandmen and graziers in the inland valleys, and you will recognise their close resemblance with some of our own people.

  29. Griffons are hardy little dogs, though, like most others, they are more susceptible to damp than to cold.

  30. In other respects they are quite hardy little dogs, and--one great advantage--they seldom have distemper.

  31. Once over distemper troubles--and the breed certainly does suffer badly if it contracts the disease--the Borzoi is as hardy as most breeds, if not hardier.

  32. The Shetlanders use them with the sheep, and they are excellent little workers, intelligent and very active, and as hardy as terriers.

  33. The terrier in existence then was the Black and Tan wire-hair, a hardy game terrier, a great workman on land or in water.

  34. No enterprise was too hazardous for these hardy mariners to undertake, and no disparity of force ever induced them to pause.

  35. His inward payne he coud not kepe in store, Nor for to speke, so hardy was he nought.

  36. O hardy herte, O loving creature, 90 What was it but love that made thee so endure?

  37. The hardy Spartans, who valued most the qualities of bravery, endurance, and self-denial, used the gymnasia only as schools of training for the more sanguinary contests of war.

  38. The Western Border-States are noted for the production of a large and hardy race.

  39. Hardy changed the subject, and Nugent, nothing loath, discoursed on his wanderings and took him on a personally conducted tour through the continent of Australia.

  40. Only two minutes before he had taken Mr. James Hardy into the kitchen to point out the interior beauties of an ancient clock, and the situation simply appalled him.

  41. For a short time Hardy stood gazing in silence, and then, suddenly crossing the room, took his hat from a peg and went out.

  42. Framed in the queer, high-backed old chair which had belonged to Mr. Wilks's grandfather, she made a picture at which Jem Hardy continued to gaze with respectful ardour.

  43. Something of his reflections he confided to Hardy as he rose to leave.

  44. Hardy crumpled the paper up and flung it aside.

  45. Hardy sat as though glued to his chair, one eye on Mr. Wilks and the other on the clock, and it was not until that ancient timepiece struck the hour that the ex-steward suddenly realized the awkward state of affairs.

  46. Jem Hardy took his pipe into the garden, and, pacing slowly up and down the narrow paths, determined, at any costs, to save Dr.

  47. On that subject most people would have found the ex-steward somewhat garrulous, but Jem Hardy listened with great content, and even brought him back to it when he showed signs of wandering.

  48. Hardy thanked him, and, following him in, took a chair behind the door, and with an air of youthful deference bent his ear to catch the pearls which fell from the lips of his host.

  49. Her eyes expressed a little surprise, not unmixed with hauteur, but Hardy was too pleased to have them turned in his direction at all to quarrel with their expression.

  50. The command was given in his most imperious manner, and his daughter dropped her muff in some resentment as she rose, in order to let him have the pleasure of seeing Mr. Hardy pick it up.

  51. But these were trifles to the hardy assailants, who were now fairly on fire, and had a definite object before their eyes.

  52. Some hardy spirit would venture to approach her with a sarcasm.

  53. In this hardy enterprise, and in the foregoing letter, we may mark the strong hold which the favourite maxims of the parents had taken of their child's mind.

  54. Far from the land in which his life began; Walled from the healthful air of hardy man; Reared by cold hearts, and watched by jealous eyes, His guardians jailers, and his comrades spies.

  55. So, as the fisherman was a hardy old man and had a bold, brave soul, he loosed the boat and set off in all the storm.

  56. Life was rough and hard in that country home, but the peasant baby grew into a strong, hardy boy, learning early what cold and hunger meant.

  57. He had lived in a state of profound dissimulation under Augustus, and was not yet hardy enough to show himself in his real character.

  58. These hardy nations, who now found the way to conquer by issuing from their forests, and then retiring on the approach of a superior force, began to be truly formidable to Rome.

  59. Here a new scene of pleasure opened to his barbarian troops: they at once gave themselves up to intoxication; and from being hardy veterans, became infirm rioters.

  60. The asphodels are hardy perennial plants, several species of which are cultivated for the beauty of their flowers.

  61. Those planks of tough and hardy oak that used for yeas to brave the buffets of the Bay of Biscay.

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