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Example sentences for "beefy"

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beef; beefe; beefore; beefsteak; beefsteaks; beeg; beehive; beehives; beeing; beeinge
  1. Next morning the whole story came out at the orderly-room, and Beefy M'Fadyen was awarded fourteen days Confined to Barracks.

  2. Meantime Beefy had reached the green, and, true to his trust, commenced to gallop round.

  3. As a matter of fact, Beefy couldn't knock a herring off a plate.

  4. Spud Tamson got fourteen days cells for this little trick, and poor Beefy received a paper stating, "You are discharged from His Majesty's Service as unlikely to become an efficient soldier.

  5. Put him in the guardroom, corporal," roared the sergeant-major, and off went poor Beefy to the cells.

  6. Minor contests were got up in the meantime, and in all these it was arranged to let Beefy have the knock-out blow.

  7. Beefy entered the ring, shook hands with Curly Broon, then sparred.

  8. Beefy M'Fadyen all perspiring and somewhat bruised--a perfect nightmare in his boxing attire.

  9. In the evening it was publicly announced that Beefy was in training to fight the champion named.

  10. Beefy Duncan found a fiendish delight in flattening the nose of Adolph Squarehead, the late boots of The Grand; while they nobly strived to tap blood and gather as much loot as possible in the struggle.

  11. This roused the hopes of Beefy higher still, and of course he was cheered to his task.

  12. Beefy commenced by hopping round like a cat on a hot plate, delivering natty little blows at his opponent's chest.

  13. Unsuspecting, Beefy glibly complied, while Spud and his friends took post in the darkest corners to watch the affair.

  14. Yet a careful observer might have noticed that the pulse of his beefy neck was beating faster than usual.

  15. He even made an attempt to speed up to Beefy's rate of shovelling, although he knew by old experience alongside Beefy that he could never keep up with him, the unchallenged champion of the old gang.

  16. Beefy Wilson and Jem Duffy between them found Jigger's body and brought it as far as the dressing station.

  17. The joke was too good to keep to himself, and he passed it to Beefy next time he came near.

  18. They had half an hour's rest before recommencing work, and Beefy Wilson and Jem Duffy hugged the shelter of some tumbled sandbags, lit their pipes and turned the bowls down, and exchanged reminiscences.

  19. Beefy saw the jest clearly and guffawed aloud, to the amazement of a clay-daubed infantryman who had had nothing in his mind but thoughts of death and loading and firing his rifle for hours past.

  20. Then he stepped forward, halting between the chairs of the young man and the man with the gray hair and facing the beefy man in the light tunic.

  21. The beefy Marnark fairly licked his chops in anticipation.

  22. The beefy man stopped laughing and stared at him; then sprang to his feet.

  23. One was a beefy man in a gold-laced cream-colored dress tunic; he had thick lips and a too-ready laugh.

  24. Beefy came down in answer to the insistent bell which connected with his modest flat--it ought to be called a suite, for the lower hall boasted only six speaking tubes--and he swore like a pirate as he came.

  25. One beefy cavalryman in his forties, who looked the Bavarian peasant all over, boarded our car to see what might be seen.

  26. He who was always beefy became beefier; his eyes bulged out with fury.

  27. A hard-muscled sledgehammer of a man barged into the Charnel Pit, sullen anger knotting his beefy face.

  28. Following behind him were three beefy former members of East Germany's Stasi--now being sought by authorities in the new unified Germany for torture and other crimes of the past.

  29. That worthy gentleman, we will admit, is in a sense more gross and beefy than his American cousin.

  30. I don't believe Beefy ever would," put in Olphert.

  31. Beefy jerked his great head toward an open door, and the tail of my eye caught the glint of glasses in the firelight, but the rest of it was otherwise engaged.

  32. Big, beefy Achille Marot, who kept the butcher shop on the corner had never been one, except in the reserve, where he had done some police duty behind the front.

  33. A hand that was like steel closed on the beefy neck of the butcher and a calm voice behind him spoke in his ear.

  34. He ran his beefy hand back through his red crew cut in a gesture of satisfaction.

  35. Ross muttered, running his beefy hand back over his crew cut.

  36. Beefy is an ass, in the mental sense of the term.

  37. Ginger regarded Beefy as an over–healthy animal, only fit for Rugger and philandering; while Beefy held the view that Ginger’s physical laziness was a menace to the company and the Empire.

  38. You were afraid of them collaring Beefy and me.

  39. We were sitting about the hut, smoking and reading, when Beefy blew in with the information that he had managed to get the company officer to challenge B Company (our deadly rivals) to a cross–country run next day.

  40. Beefy Jones and I agreed that Sergeant–Major Kneesup was much too German, and yet, somehow, we wouldn’t have given him to the Germans for quids.

  41. Then, just ten yards from the tape, all were dumbfounded to see Ginger leap forward like a deer and breast the line three yards ahead of Beefy Jones.

  42. I wanted to see Adela again; and Beefy wanted to see her sister.

  43. We’ve got to run the other company to–morrow, and it’s up to us to see Beefy through.

  44. With an almost superhuman effort Beefy recovered and levelled up.

  45. You look glum, John,’ remarked Beefy that night.

  46. But, a week later, I was so sorry to learn that you and Beefy had been silly again, sporting about with two low–class girls in the local hotel.

  47. There were others, not forgetting Beefy Jones, the lustiest beggar who ever carried a gun.

  48. As we entered Ginger and Beefy hurriedly pushed some liqueur–bottles under the blankets, while Tosher discreetly flung a rug over a series of wall pictures taken out of the Sketch and the Tatler.

  49. On this subject Beefy was an authority.

  50. No more guards, no more fatigues, no more school,’ said Beefy one night.

  51. He was a heavy set old party, rather baldish, with snowy mutton chops and a beefy complexion that was jolly well tanned below the hatband line, you know.

  52. The beefy face, white mutton chop whiskers and bald head were as indelibly imprinted on my memory as the sunburn line that fenced his fiery face.

  53. The beefy rolls of his lower jaw actually trembled.

  54. Now and then Mary heard the sharp voice of the beefy man: "Break!

  55. The Kid and the Bearcat stepped out of sight, and likewise the beefy man.

  56. A man lay across his body--a huge, beefy individual of extraordinary weight, who pressed him hard against the concrete.

  57. It is to be hoped that the son will not resemble the sire--that he will not have the beefy mug of the booze-sodden old beast who disgraced the presidency by playing that high office for his personal profit.

  58. And now this erstwhile seneschal of the Buffalo Beast, this pitiful stool-hopper for the d--est fool that ever disgraced the presidency, turns up his beefy proboscis at the intellectuality of the Bryanites.

  59. If he piles up any more muscle, hell have to go to Trinity Hall and join the beefy brutes and get drunk and all that kind of manly thing!

  60. Have to go to Trinity Hall if you go on being a beefy Briton.

  61. Hull made his explanation eagerly and anxiously, dabbing at his beefy face with the handkerchief.

  62. Tiny red capillaries seamed the beefy face of the fat man.

  63. He stood glaring at the young man, his prominent eyes projecting, the red capillaries in his beefy face filling.

  64. Too unsporting," growled the beefy squire, his pale eyes squinting with strain.

  65. In puce velvet, a great trumpet-mouthed gun in his hands, he stood beefy and menacing before them.

  66. A beefy paw went out and banged a button inset in the table and which Josip had not noticed before.

  67. After a time he put a beefy hand down on the reports.

  68. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "beefy" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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