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Example sentences for "beehives"

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  1. The next day, when the dead mare had been removed for burial, a letter was brought to Mrs. van Warmelo from the Provost-Marshal, commanding the immediate removal of the beehives to some safer spot in the lower portion of Harmony.

  2. Once he was so easily pleased--the row of beehives and the new thatch did not for her settle the question.

  3. Now they would be married, they would live in a small house with a green door and new thatch, and a row of beehives under a hedge.

  4. Three beehives were placed on a bench, a gnarled vine hung down from the roof and a small pine-bough was suspended over the door by way of sign-board, for Cuny carried on the business of innkeeper in this solitary place.

  5. During the long summer afternoons she walked in the orchard among the beehives or climbed over fences and went into a wood, where she sat for hours on a fallen log staring at the trees and the sky.

  6. In his orchards beneath the trees stood more than a hundred beehives and every year he shipped honey to Cleveland.

  7. Rows of typical Southern beehives are shown in the two succeeding illustrations.

  8. Yet we were as secluded, as embowered in vines and trees, with beehives and rabbit hutches and chicken coops for happy children at the garden's end, as truly in beautiful privacy, as if in the midst of a hundred acres.

  9. Beehives were once found in every garden; bee-skepes they were called when made of straw.

  10. Photographed by Henry Troth facing 394 Beehives under the Trees.

  11. These beehives are not very ancient in shape, but when I see a row of them set thus under the trees, or in a hive-shelter, they seem to tell of olden days.

  12. Mr. Darwin next tested this theory by the experiment of introducing into beehives plates of wax, and observing that the bees worked upon these plates just as the theory required.

  13. Huber specially states that it was not until the beehives had been repeatedly attacked and robbed by the death's-head moth, that the bees closed the entrance of their hive with wax and propolis.

  14. Not more than twenty feet away from the rail was the row of beehives to which reference has been made.

  15. The sight of them recalled to the mind of the troubled boy the beehives near his father's house and his thoughts naturally wandered from bees to the people who were in the far-away home.

  16. A delicate, dreamy humming led my eyes to a group of beehives (always dear to me because of the Miel du Chamounix and our happy, sweet-toothed boyhood!

  17. A similar superstition is, that Beehives belonging to deceased persons should be turned over the moment when the corpse is taken out of the house.

  18. Maillet in his Description of Egypt, where the blossoming of flowers is about six weeks later than in the upper districts, the practice of transporting Beehives is much followed.

  19. To discover and rifle the beehives concealed in the woods is a matter of little difficulty to the Abipones, who, when the sky is clear, and the sun bright, ride out on horseback into the country.

  20. In these forests we first encountered the artificial beehives so commonly met with all the way from this to Angola.

  21. I reckon the boys are taking his beehives just to spite him.

  22. But the Messenger did not hear; there was something far more interesting to occupy her mind--a row of straw-thatched beehives under the fruit trees at the eastern end of the house.

  23. The house was neat and white and small; orchards stretched in every direction; a few beehives stood under the fruit trees near a well.

  24. Stuart, very much interested in the beehives belonging to a friend of his, a Mr. Enderly.

  25. There was little change, indeed, since the days of Clara's visit, save that the beehives had been moved farther out.

  26. A cottage almost unapproachable for beehives and their bees--an insect for which Clara had an aversion.

  27. Pausing outside, as if in thought, she proceeded to a spot where the sun came earliest in spring-time, and where the north wind never blew; it was where the row of beehives stood under the wall.

  28. Nicodemus, despite all his reputation for breaking up beehives and dismissing schools, was a valuable ram.

  29. Worse than that, he had butted the unfortunate parson into three beehives and released three other swarms upon him.

  30. Oh, after that I generally light a pipe and go and sit among the beehives looking for an incident.

  31. We assured him that we were willing to postpone a go at the beehives till later.

  32. Mr. Afterthought walked as far as the front door with us and showed us a short cut past the beehives that could take us directly through the bull pasture to the main road.

  33. Footnote 47: Allusion to beehives on the trees; to take honey from them, the keeper was obliged to climb a rope.

  34. All around were many flourishing villages; near them were orchards full of trees, linden groves, storks' nests on the linden trees, and beneath the trees were beehives with straw roofs.

  35. Straw beehives rolled along like gigantic pine cones, and rustic hencoops of bottom-land settlers kept their balance as they moved.

  36. The slave cabins, the loom-house, the kitchen, and a row of straw beehives were ranged at the back of the lawn, edging the garden.

  37. I thought I should rather like to float down a gentle river between flowery banks, surrounded by beehives on which I could rely to furnish me with a secure though moderate income; and I said so.

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