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  1. Of course the profit on the ton of coke is considerably more, and to this has to be added the value of the additional weight of coke, which in the ordinary beehive ovens from coal of the same quality is only 60 per cent.

  2. It is right to state that prior to 1879 Mr. Henry Aitken had applied bottom flues for taking off the oil and ammoniacal water to beehive ovens at the Almond Ironworks, near Falkirk.

  3. Another day we rowed out nine miles in an Irish craft to visit the Skerry Islands, famous for the old Beehive Monastery, and the countless nests of gannets and other large sea-birds.

  4. Whereupon he up with a teeming beehive and threw it among them.

  5. A beehive is a city of bees built by the entire community for its common use.

  6. The scheme adopted by Nature in the beehive to eliminate sexual jealousy is radical and cruel, but effectual.

  7. The simplest form of coke oven, and probably that still most largely used, is the so-called "beehive oven.

  8. Coals containing at most about 35% of volatile matter are best suited for the beehive oven.

  9. Coke from retort ovens is not so dense or brilliant as that made in beehive ovens, but the waste being less there is a decided saving, apart from the value of the condensed products.

  10. The time of coking is much less than in the beehive ovens and may be from 24 to 36 hours, according to the proportion of volatile matter present.

  11. The beehive masonry is also found in connexion with these, as are also (6) Caves, or subterraneous structures, resembling those of Scotland and Ireland.

  12. The Beehive House is a large old-fashioned mansion with the kind of pillared front so often seen in the architecture of the South.

  13. Illustration: We were invited to meet the President of the Mormon Church and some members of his family at the Beehive House, his official residence] Certainly there is no need to prove that education is death on dogma.

  14. They soon found out, however, that the princess was missing, and in a moment the palace was like a beehive in a garden; and in one minute more the queen was brought to herself by a great shout and a clapping of hands.

  15. As for her own feelings on the subject, she did not even know that there was such a beehive of honey and stings to be fallen into.

  16. There he looked sadly on the little place; A beehive round it was, without a trace Of occupant or owner; standing dim Among the gloomy trees it seemed to Him A final desolation, the last word Wherewith the lips of silence had been stirred.

  17. Worn garments and odds and ends of stuff are sent to the Beehive from all parts of the country by sympathising friends.

  18. Another moment, and Stephen Welland entered, apologising for the intrusion, and saying that he merely called with Sir Richard Brandon, on their way to the Beehive meeting, to ask if anything had been heard of Sam.

  19. There is a picturesque little hut at the foot of the garden of Beehive Villa, which is inhabited by an old woman.

  20. Come in, and welcome, do," said Mrs Twitter to Sir Richard, whose face had become a not unfamiliar one at the Beehive meetings by that time.

  21. Dusty diamonds sent out from the Beehive were by that time appreciated, and therefore coveted; for the western land is vast, and the labourers are comparatively few.

  22. As he wheeled around, gazing over the beehive of activity in Flight Control, he could already feel the adrenaline beginning to build.

  23. The Beehive House and the Lion House constituted the residences of the late Brigham Young and eighteen or twenty of his wives.

  24. An observation beehive is simply a glass box or hive instead of a wooden one.

  25. An observation beehive with a glass front which may be darkened will show us the wonderful intelligence of these little creatures.

  26. Each house is a fortress, and nothing is to be seen above its walls but a quantity of beehive roofs and a number of truncated cones of winter fodder on a central platform.

  27. The march to Babarashan is for twenty miles along a featureless irrigated valley about a mile wide, with grass and stubble, several beehive villages, and mud hills never over 150 feet high on either side.

  28. And he thus describes his first sight of the beehive houses:-- "I do not think I ever came upon a scene which more surprised me, and I scarcely know where or how to begin my description of it.

  29. The Beehive House is still the official residence of the head of the church, and in it President Snow was living at the time of his death.

  30. Hyde wrote, seventeen or eighteen of Young's wives dwelt in the Lion House, and the Beehive House became his official residence.

  31. He has become greatly interested in bees, and the other day started down to get a beehive from somewhere, being accompanied by a mongrel looking small boy as to whose name I inquired.

  32. At other times she can melt and be generous; in her beehive she is not only the congregation of workers, but also the queen.

  33. Use the Yarn the Pattern Calls For= Use only Patons and Baldwins yarns, and Beehive Knitting Needles for any of the garments in this Book.

  34. Mary drew Tweedles and me off in whispered conference and then mounted the beehive by the side of Harvie and made her maiden stump speech.

  35. We went out in Aunt Milly's little yard and Harvie mounted an old beehive so he could make a speech.

  36. I was told I could have either a break-wind of boughs or a beehive hut, and on consideration I chose the latter.

  37. There were, however, two or three grass huts of beehive shape, about seven feet high and ten feet in diameter, with a queer little hole at the base through which the occupier had to crawl.

  38. A wreath of ragged chrysanthemums and ivy leaves surrounds the central design, on which a beehive is placed, among hollyhocks.

  39. A beehive at the right, and at the left a view of the ocean, with distant sail in sight.

  40. Besides a spirited material version of the Psalter, his chief satirico-theological work was “The Beehive of the Holy Roman Church,” written in the Flemish dialect.

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