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  1. Addison had told him of one Davis Trask, a hardware prince, who was now collecting.

  2. Best hardware store in Carthage and holdin' my own in spite of bad business.

  3. Joel's father was an editor; Luke's kept a hardware store.

  4. She would have to stop keeping company with Ned Backus, the hardware man's son.

  5. The hardware shop was closed, but there was a light within and a man.

  6. No stronger proof of this can be given than the Boolean logic embedded in computer hardware and programming languages.

  7. It is possible that some of these conventions were assimilated in the hardware (brain) supporting cognitive activity and progressively projected in new forms of self-constitution.

  8. Its casing might survive the renewal cycle of two to three years that hardware goes through.

  9. Leaving his "reserves" standing in front of the Grand View, Mr. Crow hurried into Fryback's hardware store.

  10. Sim Jackson ambled to the front door, and Mort Fryback hobbled across the street from his hardware store.

  11. Mort Fryback, the hardware dealer, wavering on one leg while he reached frantically behind him for his crutch.

  12. Mr. and Mrs. Fryback, Marshal Crow and the amiable Foxes discussed the "points" of the frolicsome puppies in the rear of the hardware store.

  13. The proprietor of the hardware store was, at a glance, qualified to pass an opinion on the personal appearance of the two strangers.

  14. I rented the house in which I had lived with him the previous four or five years, and I carried on the business of hardware and agricultural seeds merchant.

  15. I think I spent most of my nights in the hardware store.

  16. Her daughter Ellen was married to Mortimer Downing of Kenmare, who kept a hardware shop in Skibbereen, and I soon became a clerk and general manager in that shop.

  17. I had a bedroom in the hardware store, and I could sleep there, or sleep with the clerks in the drapery store, whichever I liked best.

  18. In those visits I made to Bantry I got acquainted with William Clarke, who kept a hardware store and a dry-goods store there.

  19. He told me he would give me a salary of ten pounds a year, if I came into his hardware store as clerk, and increase that salary if I deserved the increase.

  20. The bookseller, with as much indifference as if he had been sending off hardware to niggers, packed up, pell-mell, everything that was then the fashion in the pious book trade.

  21. The coarse hardware was spread out on the ground between pyramids of eggs and hampers of cheeses, from which sticky straw stuck out.

  22. He argued that as the retail hardware business was not one which usually attracted energetic and ambitious young men he would meet with little competition from his fellow clerks.

  23. I know one young man who had a good position in a wholesale hardware house, who gave it up to take a place at lower wages in a retail store.

  24. It is impossible that I take up each article of hardware and consider it separately.

  25. In hardware we find two classes of work in the market which appear to have little in common--the one class being characterised by a preponderance of excellence, and the other by the dominance of what is coarse and inartistic.

  26. Besides this, it exemplifies the manner in which stones or jewels may be applied to works in hardware with advantage.

  27. Aunt Lydia got a job for me in Mr. Dilworth's hardware store.

  28. And as for a hardware store not being a chance for me--I mean to make Rome howl with a Mercer branch!

  29. He was a hardware merchant, and in 1827 it was for him that the first steam fire engine was named.

  30. It was Mr. Ketcham, the hardware man," the boy answered.

  31. So he told first of all about his visit to the hardware man, and how he obtained fourteen dollars for his muskrat skins.

  32. Of course there weren't all that many hardware manufacturers left around by then, after the shakeout and mergers of the mid-eighties, but somebody was buying heavily into the few that remained.

  33. If we could locate a little hardware to match Noda's Uzis, he'd be in for a surprise should he try and send down a Dai Nippon hit squad for an unscheduled visit.

  34. The high-tech hardware of tomorrow's world increasingly would be Japanese, while America became an economy of paper-shuffling MBAs and low-paid grease monkeys assembling products we no longer were able to design or engineer.

  35. The rock and roll dissonance of Siouxsie & the Banshees sounded from a tiny stereo assembled out of computer hardware and a new Yamaha digital tape deck.

  36. A decrypting key must be in the hardware down on eleven.

  37. Tisdale's corner, at the head of South wharf, and the home of the hardware business in St. John for many years; the grocery establishments of C.

  38. The Frye blacksmith shop had become a wagon shop, and then a hardware store was added; the flag fluttered from the high flagstaff over the Exchange National Bank building, and all day long farmers were going from the mill to the bank.

  39. The hardware tariff disclosed some surprising errors in the estimates from the American Expeditionary Forces.

  40. The consolidation of the experience figures in American hardware consumption resulted in a schedule of supplies known as the Army's hardware tariff, a schedule showing the proportions in which hardware might be expected to be consumed.

  41. These items selected at random give some idea of the extent of the Army's hardware business.

  42. The general supplies division of the quartermaster organization operated much of the Army's hardware store.

  43. In the matter of hardware these estimates came originally from the company units.

  44. When the American Expeditionary Forces saw that its hardware was coming in correct quantities, its officers notified the hardware supply organization to ship all tools and hardware materials in accordance with the so-called tariffs.

  45. The Army hardware office was also called upon to supply such small hardware as fasteners for gas-mask knapsacks and pistol holsters, and some metallic parts for cartridge belts and similar goods.

  46. The Hardware Manufacturers' Organization for War Service was formed to give just such assistance, cooperating up to 100 per cent of the hardware industry.

  47. The executive committee of the Hardware Manufacturers' Association for War Service, which made possible this achievement in commercial science, consisted of Messrs.

  48. It was a wholesale hardware store that hit--no retail affair.

  49. In a minute there was a fearful whistle--long, piercing, and savage, and then they had taken the Peters Hardware stock in Emporia and dumped it on the Wichita Union Station.

  50. And then they say that after the heavy hardware and shelf goods were distributed a British officer lifted his voice to say: "Men, you have written a brave page upon our history.

  51. The next morning after the interview with Jim Crill Bob was at the hardware store assembling the implements he had bought, when a tall, shambling hill billy sauntered up.

  52. The things one hates, like being a hardware clerk, for instance, automatically slide into the background when the desire of the heart approaches.

  53. I can't be wasting my time at my age o' life running around to hardware stores.

  54. But Mr. Humphreys, whose mind and fortune naturally enough centered in his hardware store, couldn't be expected to know that the impossible had happened for Peter Champneys.

  55. If he refused this miraculous opportunity, there would be Riverton, and the hardware store, or other country stores similar to it, to the end of his days.

  56. It was she who presently persuaded her husband to take Peter into his hardware store, at a better salary than the doctor paid him.

  57. It occupied the second story over Mr. Wooley's hardware shop.

  58. Moreover, there had been a long boy-and-girl love affair between him and Alma Wooley, the daughter of the hardware merchant.

  59. In the days which followed, the office-manager of the wholesale hardware house more and more justified the accusation of looking "queer.

  60. I'm the office-manager of a big hardware firm in Kansas.

  61. She learned as quickly as possible the trade which would bring in the most money immediately, became a good stenographer, though never a rapid one, and at eighteen entered the employ of the hardware firm.

  62. As for the elderly citizen of deceptive appearance, he walked uptown to a hardware store, replenished his supply of ammunition and returned to The Three Deuces in a highly cheerful frame of mind.

  63. Cost about dos pesos in any hardware store.

  64. Also he possessed a fair proportion of civic pride, and the horseman upon whom he trained his hardware was carrying a gunny-sack containing a pro rata of the said elderly citizen's three-seventeen.

  65. The same afternoon he saw some twenty or thirty men attempting to stave in a hardware store, evidently after pistols.

  66. What are known as "bolt-ends" can be bought at the hardware stores for this purpose.

  67. Such has been the record of John Smith, a hardware and implement dealer, whose activities not only center in Walla Walla but also extend to Waitsburg, Washington, and formerly to Milton, Oregon.

  68. For almost thirty years he has also been a director and once served as president of the Pacific Northwest Hardware & Implement Association and has the unusual distinction of having never missed a meeting of the board of directors.

  69. His interests and activities in connection with the hardware and implement business are thus extensive and important, his ramifying trade interests covering a broad territory.

  70. At length his health became impaired through close confinement and he sold his hardware store and bought a stock ranch of some twenty-five hundred acres seven miles from Pomeroy.

  71. The hardware store was then consolidated with his implement business and the new venture was incorporated under the firm name of the John Smith Hardware Company, with Mr. Smith as the president.

  72. In addition to his farming interests Mr. Bolick has a large hardware and implement store in Asotin which is supervised by Robert Anderson, who is half owner of the business.

  73. A year later he resigned to accept a position with John Smith, a hardware merchant of Waitsburg, where he filled the position of bookkeeper for four years.

  74. Monnett, who is a hardware and implement merchant of Dayton.

  75. In young manhood he turned his attention to the hardware business, establishing a store in Adam, Oregon, where he remained for two years.

  76. After spending a few months as an officer in the reform school in Waukesha, Wisconsin, he again went to Janesville, where he accepted a position with a hardware firm as bookkeeper.

  77. The father came to Washington with his family in 1885, settling in Pomeroy, where he established a hardware store, with which he was identified until about a year prior to his death.

  78. Again success attended his undertaking and on the expiration of that period he removed to Walla Walla, where he was engaged in the hardware and implement business for two years.

  79. He erected the first flour mill in southern Oregon at the old town of Oakland in Douglas county, and in 1858 he was conducting business in Portland as a hardware merchant.

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