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Example sentences for "hardworking"

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  1. They remained a robust, hardworking race, attached to their fields and woods, loutish and slow of understanding, unskilled in war, and not apt in defending themselves in spite of their natural bravery.

  2. Tim Jarvis was as decent and hardworking a man as any one could wish to know, till the evil spirit got astride his imagination.

  3. Tim was not only a decent, hardworking man, but recollected his early lessons, that the evil one should be resisted with might and main.

  4. As Mr. Wells said, the supply of rough, hardworking girls began to shrink.

  5. I think that new pride has done as much as anything to crush the old, large, unwieldy home, for its four stories and its vast basement needed many steady, hardworking slaves, who only spoke when they were spoken to and always obeyed.

  6. She is a good, hardworking girl though, and ambitious, and quite worth further training.

  7. It appeared that these poor hardworking men had been cruelly wronged by the board under the authority of which an Act of the preceding session had placed them.

  8. She was herself the motherless child of Robert Foulkes, a hardworking but somewhat improvident teamster on the Express Route between Big Bend and Reno.

  9. In estimating the worth to America of this pair, one must not consider alone the hardworking husband and the able wife; one must consider their contribution of healthy, educated children.

  10. It was, in the main, an honest and hardworking society.

  11. From such a start as this we Canadians have all waked up into opulence--that is, the hardworking share of us; and there's room enough for tens of thousands to do the same off in the bush.

  12. For, as a general rule, the hardworking Indian woman is more strongly developed in proportion than her lazy lord.

  13. And as a consequence only the hardworking emperors who kept their legions active and in close touch with themselves had long reigns.

  14. Caligula, upon whom the choice of the soldiers fell, was personally uncouth, but he seems to have been a hardworking and fairly capable administrator.

  15. I suspect that the 'fallen angel' is often good for a meal to the poor darkie, and I learn that he is a most respectable, hardworking fellow.

  16. A good hardworking woman has kept her home neat, even in such surroundings.

  17. The works of Mabuse are those of a hardworking and patient artist; the number of his still extant pictures practically demonstrates that he was not a debauchee.

  18. This tragedy was absolutely the result of economic conditions, for the man was a hardworking and intelligent fellow, who could not find employment and who went off his head from lack of nourishment.

  19. The most important tribes are Brahmans, Rájputs, and hardworking Gírths.

  20. The Jat is a typical son of the soil, strong and sturdy, hardworking and brave, a fine soldier and an excellent farmer, but slow-witted and grasping.

  21. The peasantry consists mostly of hardworking Hindu Játs, but there are also many Hindu and Muhammadan Rájput villages.

  22. If there be a feeling odious to the mind of a sober, hardworking man, it is the feeling that the bread he has earned is to be taken out of his mouth.

  23. He was a sober, hardworking man, and he hated all men who were not sober and hardworking.

  24. And so it is kindly to be hoped as you will kindly talk about it to the lady, you being reguly engaged by us for all these year, and knowing well that we are hardworking and independent, and not the kind as would wish to be beholding.

  25. His mates has got to hear about it, and they call him Gordon Bennett, and he is a hardworking man.

  26. To look at her, you would have said she must be the daughter of some robust and hardworking settler, accustomed from her youth to face rain and snow and sunshine in ready reliance on her inborn strength.

  27. He said a few words of cordial welcome, and seemed altogether a sturdy, hearty, hardworking man of business--rather a contrast to his son.

  28. The mother was a hardworking woman, toiling from morning to night for her family.

  29. Here were we, two hardworking sailors fresh home from sea, seized for all the world like blacks, and to be made slaves of for years to come, whilst people were always boasting of the land of the free.

  30. Uncle John is now a rich man, an honorable man, a hardworking man, and in the main a sensible man.

  31. However, she was one of the practical, hardworking saints of the nineteenth century, and it is no doubt quite right that the saints should take themselves very seriously.

  32. There had been in the spring a change at Wattlesea; the old incumbent died, and the new one was well reported of as a very earnest hardworking man.

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