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  1. Heimskirck concentrated upon the galleons and came to close action after the fashion which seems to have been characteristic of the Dutch in naval engagements throughout the war.

  2. I will add them here, as I have heard them affirmed many times by the Spaniards in Cavite, namely: Who are the men who convey and conduct the ships and galleons from Acapulco and other kingdoms?

  3. In 1702 he was sent with a squadron of about twenty men-of-war to join the Grand Fleet, and bring home the galleons and other rich boats taken by the Duke of Ormond and Sir George Rooke at Vigo.

  4. It was not till 1585 that Elizabeth sent over an army into the Netherlands to oppose the forces of Philip II, and despatched a fleet under Sir Francis Drake into the West Indies to molest the Spanish galleons and colonies there.

  5. A regular trade was established from Manila to Mexico and Spain, but was restricted to one or two annual galleons each way between Manila and Acapulco.

  6. A running fight occurred in the Channel and several of the galleons were sunk or driven on shore.

  7. The plan of reconnoitering the coast with laden Manila galleons was now given up for one of exploring in light vessels sent out from the ports of Mexico.

  8. Hearing that the Spanish galleons would rendezvous at Cartagena and then sail to Puerto Bello, where bullion was waiting to be exchanged for merchandise, Vernon determined to attack Puerto Bello.

  9. At Chimney Point the rollers were breaking in especial violence over the black rocks, on which one of the galleons of the Armada went to pieces.

  10. It was along the top of these cliffs that we set out, that Sunday morning, and below us lay the strand where three galleons of the Spanish Armada went to pieces, as they were staggering homewards from the battle in the Channel.

  11. Galleons were sometimes built at Otong, which was on several occasions attacked by the Dutch.

  12. That in future there should be two galleons per annum, instead of one as heretofore, carrying merchandise to Acapulco, each to be of 500 tons.

  13. Also the dollars with which they annually purchased cargoes from the Chinese for the galleons came from Mexico.

  14. It is said that the outside planks of the old Philippine-Mexican galleons were of this wood because it did not split with shot.

  15. Hence, from those islands, the ships of a powerful Netherlands Trading Company sallied forth from time to time to meet the Spanish galleons from Mexico laden with silver and manufactured goods.

  16. In July, 1620, three Mexican galleons were met by three Dutch vessels off Cape Espíritu Santo (Sámar Is.

  17. The abortive attempt to annex the British Isles to the Spanish Crown in 1588 brought about the collapse of Spain's naval supremacy, enabling English mariners to play havoc with her galleons from America.

  18. Philippine-Mexican galleons laden with treasure became the prey of British commanders, notably Admiral Anson.

  19. Otong in olden times was a place of importance when the galleons put in there on their way to and from Mexico, taking the longer route in order to avoid the strong currents of the San Bernardino Straits.

  20. The Philippine Colony lost immense sums in the seizure of its galleons from Mexico, upon which it almost entirely depended for subsistence.

  21. Besides this fraud, contraband goods were taken to Acapulco in the galleons themselves, hidden in water-jars.

  22. In fact, it came in sight of this port--seven vessels in all, sailing in a line, four galleons and three fustas.

  23. In my galley manned by black corsairs I crept to the very bastions of the sea-washed castles of black-walled Khemi by night, and burned the galleons anchored there.

  24. Conan still stood at the casement, staring down into the harbor at the purple and crimson and vermilion and scarlet sails of galleons and caracks and galleys and dromonds.

  25. Six galleons were taken by the English and five by the Dutch, who sank six.

  26. Here he found the flota, consisting of six galleons very richly laden, and ten other vessels.

  27. As to the wealth on board the galleons we have no exact account.

  28. The latter lay within the port, with a strong barricade before them; the galleons without the boom, because they drew too much water to lay within it.

  29. Ship after ship like broken waves That wash up on a rock, Those mighty galleons fall back foiled And shattered from the shock.

  30. From the prisoners they heard that two galleons lay in the port, that the fleet was at Porto Bello, and that some ships were about to set out.

  31. The English fired five shots to one of theirs, and the effect was the more destructive because, as with Rodney's action at Dominica, the galleons were crowded with troops, and shot and splinters told terribly among them.

  32. Had he been well disposed and free to act it would still have been too late, for the very next morning, September 17, De Baçan was off the harbour mouth with thirteen heavily-armed galleons and frigates.

  33. The Ark out-sailed her consorts and found herself alone with the galleons all round her.

  34. Unfortunately he had now a worse enemy to deal with than Spanish galleons or Spanish garrisons.

  35. As matters stood it would have been perfectly possible for Drake to have gone into the Tagus, and if he could not have burnt the galleons he could certainly have come away unhurt.

  36. The great galleons were to them no objects of terror.

  37. The San Martin with forty of the best appointed of the galleons were riding together at their anchors.

  38. The galleons were named after the apostles and saints to whose charge they were committed, and every seaman and soldier confessed and communicated on going on board.

  39. Give me five vessels,' the writer said, 'and I will go out and sink them all, and the galleons shall rot in Cadiz Harbour for want of hands to sail them.

  40. A faint westerly air was curling the water, and towards midnight the watchers on board the galleons made out dimly several ships which seemed to be drifting down upon them.

  41. Homeward-bound galleons or merchantmen were to be met with occasionally at the Azores.

  42. The English ships had the same superiority over the galleons which steamers have now over sailing vessels.

  43. At the same instant the guns of the galleons and of the shore batteries opened fire on the Jesus and her consorts, and in the smoke and confusion 300 Spaniards swarmed out of the hulk and sprang on the Minion's decks.

  44. Ships that could fight the Spanish galleons were not made in a day or a week.

  45. The old fortified ports where the Spanish galleons used to lie at anchor in former days, Nombre de Dios and Puerto Bello, stand farther to the east.

  46. Sailing from Plymouth with five ships, he passed through the Straits of Magellan to the South Seas, captured many large Spanish galleons with his famous Golden Hind, and returned to Plymouth by the Cape of Good Hope.

  47. Quite undaunted he proceeded to Puerto Rico, entered the bay, sounding his trumpets, and, sending on shore, told the governor that he had come to offer his services to escort the galleons which were then ready to sail.

  48. So wealthy was this golden city that more than 2,000 mules were employed in the transport of the gold and silver from thence to Porto Bello, where the galleons were loaded.

  49. At the moment Sir Richard was thus entangled, four other galleons loofed up and boarded him, two on his larboard and two on his starboard.

  50. Two galleons were sunk, and two others so handled as to lie complete wrecks upon the water; yet it was evident no human power could save Sir Richard's vessel.

  51. Essex was fretting in Cadiz Bay With the galleons fair in sight; Howard at last must give him his way, And the word was passed to fight.

  52. Among these were the galleons of Calderon and Ricaldo, the Rita, San Marcos, and eleven other vessels.

  53. The sides of the galleons had been riddled with shot, and the splinters caused by the rending of the massive timbers had done even greater execution than the iron hail.

  54. The English admiral saw at once that, with the wind rising from the south, if he could drive the unwieldy galleons north they would be cut off from Dunkirk, and would not be able to beat back again until there was a change of wind.

  55. The argosies and galleons were also captured.

  56. In other days the southern seas were covered with the towering galleons of Spain, bringing the ingots of gold and silver, wrought in the mines of America through the cruel labour of thousands of enslaved Indians.

  57. Soon afterward, the Acapulco galleons bring goodly succor to the islands.

  58. After that, our galleons were left becalmed until one o'clock; and at that hour were descried from the flagship four hostile sails, which were sailing toward her aft, with an east wind.

  59. The heretics did not dare to measure their forces at close range with ours; nor was the wind favorable for our galleons to sail in among those of the enemy.

  60. Meanwhile, our artillery and musketry kept up an incessant fire on the enemy's sides, which were unprotected--displaying as much dexterity and order in their firing as they could have done if the galleons were apart.

  61. The galleons were already in the shipyard when the heretical Corsairs again appeared on the coast with three ships.

  62. In the same year, both the galleons from Acapulco are wrecked, which inflicts heavy losses on the islands.

  63. One of the largest galleons ran ashore at Calais--from which the spoil taken was fifty thousand ducats--one at Ostend, several in different parts of Holland.

  64. One of the galleons ran aground at Fair Isle, in the Shetlands, where relics are still kept, and the dark complexions of the natives show traces of Spanish blood.

  65. At that time galleons somehow meant to me money pieces in use, though since then the name has been given to a species of boat.

  66. At the assault of Prevesa the prince commanded, not to speak of square-sailed galleons and caracks, twenty-two triremes whose names we find set down in the chronicles of that period.

  67. We'll breakfast, and you shall take me down to Galleons Station.

  68. The West Wind called:--"In squadrons the thoughtless galleons fly That bear the wheat and cattle lest street-bred people die.

  69. Is it Tilbury and a tender, or Galleons and the docks?

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