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Example sentences for "fraternity"

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  1. A fraternity at Brentford commemorated “The Nine Orders of Holy Angels,” and in the Valor it is termed hospitalis Angelorum.

  2. This fraternity was in fact a benefit-club, for members became eligible for admission after paying their dues for seven years.

  3. St. John’s hospital in Winchester outlived the fraternity annexed to it.

  4. It undoubtedly exercised a considerable influence in its day; and individual members of the long-named fraternity did much to mould the thought of the American people in after years.

  5. His monumental work was the founding of the Paulist Fathers, a strong organization, influential in the religious life of New York, though the church and the home of the fraternity are located across the Hudson river, in New Jersey.

  6. That none of the said Fraternity hereafter pay more than fourteen pence for his feast.

  7. The freemen were formerly enrolled in the “yeomanry” and formed a minor fraternity within the Company (see the chapter on the Yeomanry).

  8. And all the brothers and sisters of the said fraternity go in procession with the said candle, and all the brothers and sisters offer at the Image of Saint Saviour a halfpenny, under a penalty of one pound of wax.

  9. That each brother of the said Fraternity pay in pledge for his livery, when he has the same, forty pence at the least.

  10. If we were nearer the boys we might attend a fraternity dance once in a while.

  11. But I thought one could always go to a fraternity dance if properly chaperoned," remarked Grace innocently.

  12. It is usual for every fraternity to have a tribunal of its own for the trial of members who break its laws or violate its discipline.

  13. In later years I have often wondered why I and all the other boys who comprised the newspaper-selling fraternity of that day always landed in Park Row, and in the midst of the future colleagues?

  14. My apprenticeship in the fraternity owed its beginning to one of these spontaneous outbursts.

  15. Begging has come to be such a national institution and is so much a part and parcel of the Indian's life and religion, that any proposal to extinguish the fraternity may cause in some minds positive regret.

  16. He has the usual abnormal appetite of his fraternity for rupees.

  17. The apostles of fraternity carried fire and sword to the farthest confines of Europe, demanding that a continent should submit to the arbitrary dictation of a single people.

  18. Liberty was sacrificed to efficiency; equality to man's love for titles of honour; fraternity to desire of glory.

  19. There is nothing in the mere fact of fraternity to establish friendship.

  20. The merchant replied that the leaders of the crowd were his kinsfolk, although his father had abandoned the fraternity and adopted commercial pursuits.

  21. That sense of equality and fraternity amongst authors has always struck me as one of the most amiable characteristics of the class.

  22. Many of the same fraternity consume the midnight oil in distant suburbs, their work gravitating to the great centre in the morning.

  23. It is much to the credit of the fraternity of engravers that this rarely or ever happens.

  24. The Anti-Publisher Society had been set up, and it was through the obstetric aid of that fraternity that the Great Book was to be ushered into the world.

  25. It is to this fraternity that we have before alluded, as being the sole mill-owners on the Kerka.

  26. Their present notions of fraternity and equality they get from hunger and from rags.

  27. Actually, they should be debarred from practice, just as the legal fraternity takes effective action against members of the bar who go outside the pale, though nothing is ever done to engineers.

  28. In the field of medicine one must show by many practical cases wherein a certain treatment has proved effective before the fraternity at large will even give the practitioner a hearing.

  29. The fraternity of the wage-workers of the civilized world is at hand.

  30. Given such officers, the organization comes to possess a sense of unity and of fraternity in its routine existence which expresses itself as the force of cohesion in the hour when all ranks are confronted by a common danger.

  31. That aptitude is not an endowment of formal education, though the man who has led a football team, a class, a fraternity or a debating society is the stronger for the experience which he has gained.

  32. Possibly the electrical fraternity does not realize that this earnest work of Edison, twenty-eight years ago, resulted in the establishment of the high quality of copper wire that has been the recognized standard since that time.

  33. In those days the telegraph fraternity was rather demoralized, and the discipline was very lax.

  34. The Herr Director shook his head many a time at the external glory of our universities and even more at the comfort and luxuries of the dormitories and fraternity houses.

  35. We don't admit anybody into our fraternity whose people are not somebody in their communities.

  36. We were the guests of one fraternity at dinner.

  37. This fraternity is preparing for our end of the town, by their ability in the exercises of Bacchus, and measure their time and merit by liquid weight and power of drinking.

  38. My late treatises against duels have so far disobliged the fraternity of the noble science of defence, that I can get none of them to show me so much as one pass.

  39. I Frier Marcus de Xlicia, of the Franciscan Order, and Praefect of the whole Fraternity residing in the Perusian Provinces, one of the first among the Religious, who arriv'd with the Spaniards in these parts.

  40. They are a very prolific family--they may be found everywhere, and the whole fraternity is distinguished by a strong family likeness.

  41. Next it considers the fraternity to which the father's father belongs, considers their consorts and their children and grandchildren, and then takes up the study of the fraternity of the father's mother in the same way.

  42. Finally a fraternity was traced to which the author had called particular attention because three of its eleven members were born blind.

  43. It describes fully the fraternity to which the father belongs, giving an account of each member, of the husband or wife of that member (if married) and their children, who are of course the first cousins of the maker of the genealogical study.

  44. Remembering that longevity is in general inherited, and that it is found in the families of all the people of this study (since one in each fraternity lived to be 90 or over) how is one to interpret this zero coefficient?

  45. Another fraternity was then picked out consisting of two men, both idiots and congenitally blind, and a woman who had married and given birth to ten normal children.

  46. The cashier was a fraternity mate of mine.

  47. So I stayed on in the college town, living in the fraternity house.

  48. In the quest for manly wisdom, I read a book on sex-matters, which I found in my fraternity house.

  49. I happened to be the only man from my fraternity on the football team, and, when the dinner broke up, I found myself alone.

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