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  1. Hanoverian Guelphic Order of Knighthood, annexed to that order a King of Arms, by the appellation of Hanover.

  2. Two provinces long annexed to the Habsburg monarchy de facto became so de jure, and the vision of a Serb empire with a free outlet to the sea, never very practicable, was finally dissolved.

  3. She had, indeed, to restore to Austria the territories annexed to her at the expense of the Habsburg monarchy by the French emperor: Tirol, the Quarters of the Inn and of the Hausruck, and part of Salzburg.

  4. Whereunto are annexed certaine Scholies, Annotations and Inventions, of the best Mathematiciens, both of time past and in this our age.

  5. Russia had recovered the lost portion of Bessarabia, and Austria had practically annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina, though the nominal suzerainty of the sultan over the two provinces was maintained.

  6. Holland and the Hanse Towns annexed to France, July 9.

  7. Two or three restraints were annexed to the declaration, which deserve notice:--1.

  8. In 1472 it was annexed to the Osmanli empire by Mahommed II.

  9. The country was annexed after the Gurkha war of 1815, and was governed for seventy years on the non-regulation system by three most successful administrators--Mr Traill, Mr J.

  10. Koran with a fearful curse annexed to it, although his son had embraced Islam before the death of Mahomet, and his descendants belonged to the noblest families.

  11. In 1493 the grand-mastership was annexed by Ferdinand the Catholic, and was vested permanently in the crown of Spain by Pope Adrian VI.

  12. Shah Ismail, 1514, annexed Armenia and Kurdistan, he entrusted the organization of the conquered territories to Idris, the historian, who was a Kurd of Bitlis.

  13. The engravings annexed (drawn half size) show another mode of attaching the crown board by means of brass rings, elongated like the link of a chain, and held loosely at the bottom by the head of a screw, inserted at the side of the box.

  14. For the purpose of ensuring the needful uniformity and correctness of workmanship requisite in all points, I constructed a pattern gauge, as seen in the annexed engraving.

  15. The details of construction of the Nadir Hive have appeared several times in our former editions, but by way of illustrating the principle and methods of its application, the engravings annexed will not be without their utility.

  16. The one now about to be described differs from those commonly used, in several respects, as will be seen on reference to the annexed illustration.

  17. With regard to Cilicia Tracheia, which was annexed to the Greater Cappadocia, it will be better to describe it when we give an account of the whole of Cilicia.

  18. After the overthrow of the kings the Romans preserved the same boundaries of the kingdoms; Heracleia was annexed to Pontus, and the country beyond assigned to the Bithynians.

  19. For when everything had fallen under the power of the sons of Atreus, Agamemnon, the elder, assumed the sovereign authority, and by good fortune and valour annexed to his possessions a large tract of country.

  20. When Aratus held this post, he took the Acrocorinthus from Antigonus, and annexed the city as well as his own country to the Achæan league.

  21. It was overthrown by Murena, who annexed Balbura and Bubon to the Lycians.

  22. The city belongs to the province of Pontus, which was annexed to Bithynia.

  23. Jimma and Limmoo uniting, then overran the country; and having dethroned Amno Zermud, the occupant of the throne, annexed the ancient kingdom to the dominions of Abba Bokibo.

  24. Many bloody battles are annually fought with the surrounding tribes, and wide tracts of country thus annexed to the royal possessions.

  25. A small bag, slung in the interior of the buckler, contains the portable wealth of the proprietor, and a forked stick is annexed to the hand strap, to admit of suspension to a tree.

  26. No distinction of birth; no prerogative attributed to rank, to the prejudice of the other free members of society; no pre-eminence annexed to merit that can inspire pride, or make others feel too much their inferiority.

  27. For this Glorious Price of Service, the Privilege of being called Don was annexed to his Family: To his Arms was added Part of the King's.

  28. Kublai Khan, of Marco Polo fame, had annexed Tibet to his vast Empire, and in 1720 the mysterious land was finally conquered by the Chinese.

  29. By way of Bohemia he passed into Russia, and, having annexed Brother Benedict in Poland and Brother Stephen in Bohemia, together with a guide, Carpini made his way eastwards.

  30. The figure annexed shows a small portion of this extraordinary structure.

  31. The annexed diagram may render it easier to follow the description.

  32. In 1172 he annexed Ireland to the crown of England, that is, he claimed it as a part of his dominions.

  33. Although king Henry went through the form of "annexing" Ireland, it was annexed only in name.

  34. This praise so confused Helen that she was long before she could obey the command annexed to it.

  35. This I prove by means of the documents annexed hereto.

  36. The Malaga authorities annexed them, thinking they contained gold, then threw them away as old rubbish.

  37. Besides the archives of Barcelona itself, and of the kingdom of Aragon, to which it was annexed in the twelfth century, the palace contains many deeply interesting manuscripts found in the suppressed monasteries.

  38. I drew up the annexed draft which Lord Lansdowne read over and entirely approved.

  39. The draft warns the Government of Sardinia "not to seek for new acquisitions," as the new "Provinces annexed have hardly as yet been thoroughly amalgamated.

  40. This new arrangement did not prove a success; because, during seven years, he only delivered 44 elephants, although in the annexed Memoir it is stated that he delivered 74.

  41. With regard to the pay books nothing need be observed here but that the instructions given in the annexed Memoir be carried out.

  42. The rules laid down in the annexed Memoir must be observed.

  43. Horse breeding surely promises good results as stated in the annexed Memoir.

  44. As shown in the annexed Memoir, the inhabitants are not so badly off as they try to make us believe.

  45. It must be seen to that these people are not made to refund any loss for which they are not responsible and which they could not prevent, and the annexed recommendation should be followed as far as reasonable.

  46. I approve of the advice given in the annexed Memoir with regard to the Orphan Chamber.

  47. We find it stated in the annexed Memoir that the merchants spoilt their own market by bidding against each other at the public auctions, but whether this was really the case we will not discuss here.

  48. Your Honours are again seriously recommended to see that the sicos or fines specified in the annexed Memoir are collected without delay, and also the amount still due for 1693, because such delay cannot but be prejudicial to the Company.

  49. With Texas annexed and lower Oregon occupied, the selection of the trans-Missouri region had ceased to be judicious.

  50. Under the Intercourse Law of 1834, the Indian Territory had been annexed for judicial purposes to the western district of Arkansas.

  51. To this was annexed a tract ("Matter not a Cogitative Substance") to demonstrate the impossibility of thinking or perception being the result of any combination of the parts of matter and motion.

  52. The rest was not annexed till 1772, so that Frederick the Great was the first king of Prussia.

  53. Every sanction is an eventual evil annexed to a command.

  54. On this doctrine, he remarks, the Creator might have annexed the same sentiments to the opposite actions.

  55. But any system by which the freedmen may be annexed to the soil, like the old adscripti glebæ, will be in direct conflict with their newly acquired rights.

  56. An elaborate letter to Mr. Sumner from this distinguished authority on the exclusion of colored testimony was annexed to this Report,--Senate Reports, 38th Cong.

  57. The annexed paragraph, from the opening of the memoir, is characteristic.

  58. On the contrary, quite the reverse,' as the annexed list of contents will show.

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