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Example sentences for "annexes"

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  1. A spirit which to-day annexes Hawaii, threatens Spain, and defies Europe with the Monroe Doctrine, will certainly be driven to increase its armaments or to abate its ambitions.

  2. It is somewhat voluminous, filling with its annexes no less than one thousand pages.

  3. Real ships are not annexes of Westminster Abbey or Borstal Reformatory.

  4. He used to make excuses for not going into the dry goods shops at Christmas, when hastily enlarged annexes are hidden, roof and sides, with embroideries.

  5. King Offa murders Ethelbert and annexes East Anglia to Mercia; in atonement for his crime he levies a tax on his subjects to support the school founded at Rome by Ina; this is afterward converted into "Peter's pence.

  6. Narses puts an end to the power of the Ostrogoths in Italy, and annexes it to the Eastern Empire.

  7. On the whole, these three passages present a variance which I am unable to reconcile in the meaning which Aristotle annexes to the very equivocal word--nature.

  8. This provision as to valuation does not apply to deliveries under Annexes III.

  9. Deliveries of coal, dyestuffs, and ships, dealt with in the Annexes to Part VIII.

  10. Agreement, in so far as France is concerned, virtually suspended, the obligations of Germany to deliver to France under the other Annexes remaining unaffected.

  11. For example, the Annexes to the Treaty which deal with deliveries in kind chiefly relate to coal, dyestuffs, and ships.

  12. The aggregate value of the deliveries to be made under the Agreement, and of the deliveries to be made under Annexes III.

  13. For the purposes of this division the value of property transferred and services rendered under Article 243 and under Annexes III.

  14. Germany further agrees to the direct application of her economic resources to reparation as specified in Annexes III.

  15. The annexes I I are trapezoidal enclosures of stone-work as high as a man's breast, and respectively of the sizes indicated on the ground-plan.

  16. The Japanese version of the Formal Agreement and its annexes shall be the official text or both the Chinese and Japanese shall be the official texts.

  17. Annexes consist of amplifying instructions which are so extensive as to make them undesirable for inclusion in the directive itself.

  18. On the other hand, the directive may include annexes in the form of alternative and subsidiary plans, letters of instructions (page 188), and other material designed to be of assistance in the intelligent accomplishment of the assigned task.

  19. Each room in the annexes has one or two beds, a stove, dressing table, and Navajo rugs.

  20. For the idea to which he annexes the name body, being bare extension, his knowledge that space cannot be without body, is certain.

  21. He arranged it so that he should have the two Annexes under his more immediate charge.

  22. There is no mistaking the interest with which the two, Annexes watch all this.

  23. Or is one of the two Annexes the make believe lover?

  24. The two Annexes hurried out their pocket-handkerchiefs, and I almost expected a semi-hysteric cataclysm.

  25. What did our two Annexes say to this unexpected turn of events?

  26. The young Doctor was to take the two Annexes in a wagon, and the Tutor was to drive Number Five in a good old-fashioned chaise drawn by a well-conducted family horse.

  27. The rest of us had been soberly sipping our tea, and when the Doctor and the Annexes stopped talking there was one of those dead silences which are sometimes so hard to break in upon, and so awkward while they last.

  28. The two Annexes giggled, or came very near it.

  29. She brought the two Annexes with her, and I gave my three visitors a lecture on carbon, which they seemed to enjoy very much.

  30. The two Annexes turn towards the mystic urn as if the lots which were to determine their destiny were shut up in it.

  31. The two Annexes are, it is plain, very curious about her.

  32. It is safe to say that each of the Annexes world have liked to be asked the lover's last question by the very nice young man who had been a pleasant companion at the table and elsewhere to each of them.

  33. The two Annexes whispered together, and the American Annex gave their joint result.

  34. Something which she had pleasantly said to him about the two Annexes led him to ask her, more or less seriously, it may be remembered, about the fitness of either of them to be the wife of a young man in his position.

  35. He annexes a summary of some facts relative to this capture.

  36. It annexes the territory in question to the Orleans Territory; it creates a Governor; it enacts laws, and appropriates money.

  37. To that legal or artificial person, once created, the common law of every State, of itself, annexes all those incidents and attributes which are represented as a prostration of the main pillars of their jurisprudence.

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