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Example sentences for "annexe"

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  1. At Jervaulx, where the infirmary hall was not large, part of the sub-vault of the dorter was partitioned off into separate rooms, probably as an annexe to the infirmary.

  2. The chapter-house was, in fact, a northern annexe to the church, parallel and almost exactly equal in dimensions to the presbytery.

  3. He continued the ancient practice of letting out a portion of his own house, and by a poetical fiction treated it as an annexe of the state side.

  4. The whole area of the castle is 2-1/2 acres, including the annexe known as the Cockpit.

  5. Chilham is an octagonal tower of three storeys, with a square annexe on one side, which appears to be original.

  6. After dinner and a prolonged session upon the camphor-wood chest to hear Lovaina's chatter, I came leisurely to the Annexe along the shore of the lagoon.

  7. The Annexe was bounded by the Broom Road and the rue de Bougainville, and across that street was the restaurant of Mme.

  8. She said that he would call for me at the Annexe the next time he went.

  9. Lovaina with the Dummy drove down to the Annexe for me.

  10. In the afternoon horses were brought down to bathe, and guests of the Annexe swam in the lagoon.

  11. The roosters grew to a size unequaled, and those in the garden of the Annexe roused me almost at dawn.

  12. The bath of the Annexe was a large cement tank, primarily for washing clothes.

  13. He promised to build her a big hotel where the Annexe is.

  14. They cavorted through the Annexe in the smallest hours, and one often wakened to their shrieks and squeals of combat.

  15. Associated Powers within the period fixed in Annexe 2 (not exceeding thirty-one days in all).

  16. All movements of evacuation and occupation will be regulated in accordance with a Note (Annexe 1) determined at the time of the signing of the Armistice.

  17. The above to be delivered in situ to the Allied and United States troops in accordance with the detailed conditions laid down in the Note (Annexe 1) determined at the time of the signing of the Armistice.

  18. All movements of evacuation and occupation will be regulated according to the Note (Annexe 1) determined at the time of the signing of the Armistice.

  19. The Note attached as Annexe 2 defines the details of these measures.

  20. Newgate, as the annexe of the Old Bailey, or great criminal law court of this city, has ever been closely connected with the administration of justice in this country.

  21. It became now simply a place of detention for city prisoners, an annexe of the Old Bailey, filled and emptied before and after the sessions.

  22. The Article of the Final Act relating to the Jews is Article XVI of Annexe IX, "Acte sur la Constitution Federative de l'Allemagne.

  23. In shape it is oblong, with a many-sided annexe at the back.

  24. Accordingly, the following year an annexe was built on at the bows, and eventually a cement floor was laid.

  25. Now there is a water-butt at the junction of the annexe and the main building.

  26. Once more on the ground, we turned towards the eastern annexe of the nunnery, containing five open and two closed rooms.

  27. He thinks that these walls and their statues formed an annexe of the large enclosure which he is probably right in calling the main temple.

  28. After having inspected an excellent miniature hospital which formed an annexe in the rear of the gaol, we were taken by the President to his private room, where from a safe he produced the prison books.

  29. The billiard-room was an annexe to the house, with no rooms over it.

  30. Now there was an annexe to the tent, rudely furnished as a chapel, and at the end of this annexe a tall, veiled object.

  31. It is certain that for men whose books are more numerous than costly the annexe plan is admirable, and the difficulty of excluding damp where four walls are exposed to the elements could surely be overcome.

  32. The only instance of a library annexe attached to a country mansion with which I am acquainted is the recent and very notable instance at Hawarden, of which more later.

  33. His ideas, however, are wholly practicable and admirably thorough when applied to the annexe library.

  34. Certainly Mr. Gladstone's ideas as to the arrangement of books as put forth in the Nineteenth Century for March, 1890, are much more applicable to an annexe library than to the housing of books in an ordinary private dwelling.

  35. What in many ways is an ideal library is a library housed in a building specially constructed as an annexe to a residence.

  36. The eastward prolongation or annexe is formed of two huge walls, which are not less than 13 feet 4 inches thick.

  37. But the kingdom of Ethiopia, the southern annexe of Egypt and the copyist of her civilization, was the chief reproducer of the Egyptian pyramid as it was created by the kings of the ancient empire.

  38. They were rehearsing carols in the annexe of a Base hospital on Christmas Eve, and the sergeant was as hard to please as if they were recruits doing their first squad drill.

  39. The sight of that shameless annexe is too familiar in France to please our fastidious English tastes--it seems to express a truculent nonconformity, it is too like a dissenting chapel-of-ease.

  40. Then I passed to the annexe and the studio.

  41. These would hardly add to the beauty either of the annexe or the studio.

  42. IX He had a taxi waiting, and the driver was getting the boxes on as we reached the annexe again.

  43. View of the completed excavations, showing Bere's rectangular chapel of four bays, and the eastern annexe with the "walls at an angle.

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