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Example sentences for "fraternising"

Lexicographically close words:
fraternal; fraternally; fraternisation; fraternise; fraternised; fraternite; fraternities; fraternity; fraternization; fraternize
  1. We have now an opportunity of fraternising with the world.

  2. Catch me fraternising again with any of them; a disreputable set of scoundrels with never a shirt to their back.

  3. Hastings, and, with a diplomacy that might have done credit to a Richelieu, the entire party were fraternising within a minute.

  4. Pierre concluded his book with a passionate evocation of New Rome, the spiritual Rome which would soon reign over the nations, reconciled and fraternising as in another golden age.

  5. He was unusually gay and as he passed he yelled out the popular enquiry which he had evidently acquired while fraternising with our Tommies in the camp.

  6. Suddenly our fraternising was observed by some officers who came hurrying up in high dudgeon.

  7. A sergeant of the 53rd Regiment of the line had made such good use of his feet and hands that he had got into the drawing-room, where he announced that that regiment was on the point of fraternising with the people.

  8. But, instead of fraternising with us, the colonel ordered us to withdraw; we took no notice of his injunction, but continued on our way.

  9. Their first instinct was towards forcing the obstacle in their way, but they consented to parley with the sentries on duty, and finally ended by fraternising with them.

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