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  1. The fact of agglomeration explains the greater frequency of homicide in France in thickly populated districts.

  2. The agglomeration of persons in a large town is a certain incentive to crimes against property.

  3. The agglomeration of population produced by immigration is a strong incentive to crime, especially that of an associated nature,--due to increased want, lessened supervision and the consequent ease with which offenders avoid detection.

  4. Plainly, it decomposes, it analyses every agglomeration of sounds set up in the air into its individual component parts, each tone being taken up by a different string; it performs a real spectral analysis of sound.

  5. In the first case, you have the impression as if the fixed tone remained unchanged and simply altered its timbre; in the second case, the whole acoustic agglomeration seems to fall sensibly in depth.

  6. He must believe that if the agglomeration of his people in great cities adds but one to the number of their sins, no possible intellectual or material advantages can prevent the construction of cities being a fearful calamity.

  7. It is quite evident that no agglomeration of fallible men can make an infallible church, either by the personal authority of the individuals or in virtue of their agglomeration.

  8. We deny that the church is simply an agglomeration of men; and we deny that the infallibility comes by the authority of its members in any way.

  9. Of course some property belonging to the agglomeration of things which we call by the name; and that property is, the characteristic manner in which the agglomeration is made up of, and may be separated into, parts.

  10. An urban agglomeration is defined as comprising the city or town proper and also the suburban fringe or thickly settled territory lying outside of, but adjacent to, the boundaries of the city.

  11. In Thecaphora, on the contrary, the complex spore, or agglomeration of spores, is compact, being at first apparently enclosed in a delicate cyst.

  12. The earliest condition in which the mushroom can be recognized as a vegetable entity is in that of the "spawn" or mycelium, which is essentially an agglomeration of vegetating spores.

  13. There is usually an agglomeration of delicate threads, either jointed or not, which are somewhat analogous to the roots of higher plants.

  14. The Republican party in 1920 was an agglomeration of minorities, held together by no better binder than the negation of Wilsonism.

  15. He left it with its name covering an agglomeration of groups and blocs and personal followings, supporters of various interests difficult to reconcile, whose votes fluctuate from year to year.

  16. Harold the Fairhaired was founding a state, which would support a higher civilization than could possibly be developed among a loose agglomeration of semi-hostile tribes.

  17. In the olden time, when Norway was but a loose agglomeration of tribes, who felt their kinship to the Danes and Swedes more strongly than they did their own geographical isolation, such conduct was often excusable.

  18. The idea of a retarding ether and, through it, of a final agglomeration of all things, seemed at one time, however, to be confirmed by the observation of a positive decrease in the orbit of the solid moon.

  19. The fact that it was the name of a city, of a large agglomeration of houses and people, eluded him.

  20. Monks Barton stood, a picturesque agglomeration of buildings, beside the river.

  21. There is no maintaining nebulæ to be simply remote worlds of stars in the face of an agglomeration like the Nubecula Major, containing in its (certainly capacious) bosom both stars and nebulæ.

  22. Thus a planet or world, which is simply an agglomeration of atoms, may reveal to us in its motions and laws, what are the motions and laws which govern the atomic world.

  23. In this agglomeration of apartments the stairs found a place where they could.

  24. It is an agglomeration of dreary streets, haunted by legions of clamorous black swifts, and constructed on the rectangular principle dear to the Latin mind.

  25. You see nothing of the Cite from the station; it is masked by the agglomeration of the ville-basse, which is relatively (but only relatively) new.

  26. There are many to whom the later works of Wagner appear as a senseless agglomeration of notes, devoid of meaning and destitute of feeling, a mere jumble of sound.

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