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Example sentences for "agglomerated"

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ageyns; ageynst; agger; aggere; agglomerate; agglomerates; agglomeration; agglomerations; agglutinate; agglutinated
  1. In these animals the ova first begin to be detached and agglomerated together in definite situations so as to constitute ovaria.

  2. Characters similar to those of the preceding order, but the pollen is agglomerated into waxy granules--granular orchideæ.

  3. Agglomerated in this manner, these little shells form the continuous beds of limestone which are quarried for building purposes in the environs of Paris, at Gentilly, Vaugirard, and Châtillon.

  4. In the Lecanidinæ it probably exudes originally as fine fibres, but these become agglomerated in some cases in a waxy or horny mass, or in others are loosely collected as cotton.

  5. Tests agglomerated in a waxy mass containing colonies of insects, male and female Carteria.

  6. We see matter either agglomerated into rotating, revolving spheres of different density and size, or scattered through space in the form of self-luminous vapor.

  7. Here, too, we find differences existing in the solidity or density of the spheroidally agglomerated matter.

  8. But the same material is interposed between their folds, separating one from another and compressing them and diminishing their calibre; at the same time this agglomerated mass is firmly adherent to the abdominal walls everywhere.

  9. They detach with a hook the agglomerated masses of young mussels, which they gather in baskets, and carry them to their bouchots.

  10. Section of bast region, X 235, showing agglomerated bundles of bast fibre, each bundle representing a spinning unit or filament.

  11. The spores in Sporidesmium appear to consist of irregular masses of cells, agglomerated into a kind of compound spore.

  12. It is only by the microscope and transparency that one can make sure of these tints; upon a sufficient quantity of agglomerated spores the colour may be distinguished by the naked eye.

  13. The problem to be solved was to market an agglomerated material so as to avoid the drawbacks of fine ore.

  14. The agglomerated product must be porous so as to afford access of the furnace-reducing gases to the ore.

  15. Various cities of the dominions agglomerated under his sway claimed his attentions successively.

  16. If Charles desired higher rank, the emperor would be quite willing to erect his territories into a realm and to create him monarch of his own agglomerated possessions, welded into a new unity.

  17. We are thus to presume that that crystalline texture of rock which we see exemplified in granite is the condition into which the great bulk of the solids of our earth were agglomerated directly from the nebulous or vaporiform state.

  18. When the material, distilled in imperceptibly minute portions from the living mollusc, has chemically agglomerated round the original kernel, the pearl is made.

  19. They are found not only in the leprous cells, but also in those of the connective tissue running between the agglomerated masses of the former.

  20. This observer likewise called attention to the presence of agglomerated tubercles as the chief constituent of the new formation of lupus.

  21. Round these two centres, at the ordinary temperature, are agglomerated by attraction other molecules, and in this manner the ions whose properties have just been studied are formed.

  22. The emanation is certainly composed of alpha ions with a few molecules agglomerated round them.

  23. The rocks belong to agglomerated masses, which form the immediate ground of the cascades, and have been already mentioned as constituting a bed of cemented conglomerate rocks, appearing at various places along the river.

  24. These strata appear to rest upon a mass of agglomerated rock, being but a few feet above the water of the river; and over them is the escarpment of perhaps 80 feet, rising gradually in the rear towards the mountains.

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