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  1. This clot of dust on which we live will grow cold, and break and scatter in the abysses of space.

  2. Clot Bey asserted that the whole class of slaves were not thought worthy of embalming.

  3. There was a decoloured clot in the right ventricle, but "not one spoonful of that ruddy liquor properly called blood could be obtained in this pestilential body.

  4. It was vigorously opposed by Clot Bey, on behalf of Egyptian officialdom, because it fixed upon Egypt the stigma of holding in the soil an inherent and abiding cause of the plague[301].

  5. Occasionally the artery cannot be found, in which case the hole in the scrotum should be plugged with a clean cloth saturated with Tincture of Iron, which will clot the blood and thus close the artery.

  6. Tincture Chloride of Iron applied to small arteries or veins causes the blood to clot in the arteries or veins and hence stops the Hemorrhage.

  7. And he found that all albinoes do not fail to clot when intravascularly injected with nucleoproteids.

  8. The Himalayan rabbits reacted like complete albinoes, and 12% of them failed to clot when injected with nucleo-proteid extracted from pigmented animals.

  9. But about 7% showed an exceedingly limited coagulation, in which the clot was colourless and flocculent, and confined to the heart.

  10. In all gunshot wounds, much discomfort to the patient is prevented by carefully sponging away all blood and clot from the surface adjoining the wound, and by adopting measures to prevent its spreading again in consequence of oozing.

  11. A piece of cloth lying in a wound is recognized at once by a finger, while, saturated with clot as it is under such circumstances, it would probably be confounded among the other soft parts by any other mode of examination.

  12. Pressure from a large clot of coagulum and extensive inflammatory action were the immediate causes of death; but a fissure, confined to the inner table, running in line with the course of the ball, was also discovered.

  13. If blood still will not flow, it may mean that there is a clot ahead of the drainage tube.

  14. The clot continues to grow more impact, and gradually shrinks in volume, pressing out a greater or smaller amount of clear, faintly yellow liquid, to which the name blood serum is given.

  15. Then work rapidly, put the blood drainage tube quickly into the vein and draw off as much blood as you can before it begins to clot at the end of the tube.

  16. The essential part of the clot is the fibrin.

  17. It resembles normal blood in appearance, but is different in composition; it can not clot again.

  18. In forming, it shows an exceedingly fine network of delicate threads that permeate the whole mass of the blood and gives the clot its jelly-like character.

  19. By injecting just a few ounces of fluid or salt water through the tube into the vein, the clot may be pushed to one side, and the blood will continue to flow.

  20. Often when the blood stops flowing, there is a blood clot formation ahead of the drainage tube.

  21. He gave it time to clot after the drainage tube was inserted.

  22. That when a clot is once formed in a blood vessel, it is not dissolved by the addition of fluid or any other solution.

  23. That blood does not clot normally in the blood vessels before death.

  24. Therefore I have been experimenting botanically to discover a remedium for the state in question--something that will act swiftly upon the blood, and directly dissipate such a clot as is spoken of above.

  25. If three-fourths or more of the juice forms a gelatinous mass or clot this indicates that you should use three-fourths as much sugar as juice.

  26. If a large quantity of pectin is present it will appear in one mass or clot which may be gathered up on a spoon.

  27. When he came to where this clot of blood was lying on the ground, he stumbled and fell, and spilled his arrows out of his quiver; and while he was picking them up, he picked up also the clot of blood, and hid it in his quiver.

  28. The old man followed it, and came to where it had lost a big clot of blood from its wound.

  29. Mehemet refused this, and ordered Clot Bey to commence his demonstrations.

  30. This will help a clot to form and will also close the ends of the cut vessels if the bandage is twisted tight with a stick.

  31. The bursting of a blood vessel in the brain may let a blood clot form and press on the nerves which govern the arm or the leg.

  32. A clot of blood formed of a passage of a vessel and remaining at the site of coagulation.

  33. It consists most frequently of a clot of fibrin, a detached shred of a morbid growth, a globule of fat, or a microscopic organism.

  34. When the clot is dragged along by the needle, coagulation has taken place.

  35. When the clot has separated, it is picked out with a needle, leaving the serum.

  36. She had scored her forehead and cheeks before I came; her face and body was a mere clot of blood, and a little stream was dropping from every finger--a more hideous object could scarcely be conceived.

  37. One old woman, in the centre of the group, was one clot of blood from head to feet, and large clots of coagulated blood lay on the ground where she stood.

  38. P: Then fashioned We the drop a clot, then fashioned We the clot a little lump, then fashioned We the little lump bones, then clothed the bones with flesh, and then produced it as another creation.

  39. The battalion will move to-morrow," said the Jersey youth, repeating the orders read out in the early part of the day, and removing a clot of farmyard muck from the foresight guard of his rifle as he spoke.

  40. An examination was made on his body and a little clot of blood was found over the groin on the right.

  41. In two of the most severe of Becquerel's cases the blood coagulated firmly, and in a slight case the clot was dark and loose.

  42. In either case coagulation of the blood in the vessel ensues, and the clot undergoes a series of changes resulting in the formation of emboli, which, carried into the main current, are subsequently lodged in the hepatic capillaries.

  43. The blood coagulates in the affected part of the vessel, the clot is organized, and the vessel ultimately forms a solid rounded cord which is permanently occluded.

  44. If the blood clot is small, so it presses upon the speech center and nothing else, the victim of this sort of accident can read and write as before, and understand all that is said to him.

  45. And my little clot melted away like a snow-flake on the lips, and I was my old self again, after many years--and all through that kiss of a pure woman.

  46. So when I came upon the blood clot I naturally had him in mind; the symptoms of malaria and the quinine came back to me, and I at once determined upon this test on the chance that it would turn out as it has.

  47. One after another and with delicate care he applied the newly exposed surfaces of the clot to one of the bits of glass; a fair sized smear of red appeared upon the smooth glaze.

  48. That the clot was not altogether hard was fortunate; and that I was able to take advantage of the fact without accident was doubly so.

  49. My doctors conjectured that a minute clot of blood had really passed through my heart, producing the faintness from which I had suffered, but not causing death.

  50. Phlebitis had set in, and for a time I was in serious danger from the formation of a clot of blood in one of the arteries.

  51. As is pretty generally known, whilst this state of things exists death may occur at any moment from the stoppage of the heart through the clot getting free and passing into the central organ.

  52. Having completed these preparations he rehearsed his part, thrusting his head through the hole in the tree-trunk and putting the plant and the clot of earth on his head and the reeds on his body so that there should be no mistake.

  53. Then he dug up a clot of earth with a plant growing in it, and rounded it off so that he could clap it right on his head.

  54. Insertion of a saline solution into his artery just above the heart caused the clot to dissolve, and Dillingham came back to life.

  55. Doctors said Dillingham's blood circulation was stopped by a clot of blood.

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