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Example sentences for "bungler"

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  1. A purple dromedary; a bungler in the art and mystery of thieving.

  2. Commodus," I interrupted, "is not altogether a bungler when he gives his mind to the duties of his office.

  3. Not only would the populace howl a bungler or coward off the sand, they know every shade of excellence; only a superlatively perfect swordsman could kindle their enthusiasm and keep it at white heat year after year as did Palus.

  4. He is but a sorry bungler who leaves his work half finished, and then looks on idly, trusting to chance for what may come of it.

  5. Spiegelberg would have been a miserable bungler indeed if that were the extent of his aim.

  6. Why, what a sorry bungler should I be had I not skill enough to pluck a son from a father's heart; ay, though he were riveted there with hooks of steel!

  7. Rest yourself easy on that score--I am not such a bungler as yourself.

  8. But for that cursed bungler Cestus, I might have been at this present hour in the serene enjoyment of my rights, instead of biting my nails in a daily worry.

  9. The latter was but a bungler in his profession to the other, it is true; but then he had a harder taskmaster to obey, whose will was more wayward and obscure, and whose instructions it was more difficult to practise.

  10. There was not a word of opposition to the union of Irene and Stanhope: Penelope was not such a bungler as to make that mistake.

  11. Franklin was by no means a bungler in his speech, but he was not fluent.

  12. Addison was a bungler in talk, but every sentence from his pen was elegant.

  13. Practical skill and general artistic bearing are more fully exemplified in fishing for grayling, than for trout and salmon, whilst upon the same ground the unskilled efforts of the bungler stand at a yet more glaring contrast.

  14. In many things, flower-pieces for instance, I am a bungler to her.

  15. There was one, the most ridiculous bungler in the world, a certain Koenig, whom his colleagues called the zaunkoenig, because he exhibited old hedges or fences adorned with a few weeds, as landscapes.

  16. If Cartouche was a sorry bungler at prison-breaking, Sheppard was unmatched in this dangerous art.

  17. He was but a bungler on the road, with no more resource than he might have learned from the common chap-book, or from the dying speeches, hawked in Newgate Street.

  18. Brodie was a sorry bungler when at work, but a perfect artist at the gallows.

  19. Nor in his inspired youth was plunder his sole ambition: he cultivated the garden of his style with the natural zeal of the artist; he frowned upon the bungler with a lofty contempt.

  20. You are a clever surgeon, and perhaps will never be more than a bungler at painting.

  21. Many a one has thought this, and has remained a miserable bungler all his days.

  22. Your Stradivarius, his pupil, is only a bungler in comparison with him.

  23. A regular cow-puncher might manage to do it," he remarked, "but no bungler like any one of us would be.

  24. And if that cute little bungler don't improve pretty soon, I just don't know what I'm agoin' to do with him.

  25. The thought that such a bungler as this stranger should be preferred to himself, intensified his pangs of humiliation.

  26. They would say that the saints were against his enterprises and ambitions; that his luck was gone; that he was a bungler and so not fit to give orders to full-grown men.

  27. A bungler would have bored us with ever so many ramifications of the same idea, on one of which, in our weariness, we might have wished him hanged by the neck till he was dead.

  28. Then in matters of art he would carry the difficulties of a beginner or a bungler to a proficient, and the latter would help the former.

  29. Oh, what a fool I was to side with such a bungler as you against Mr. Levi.

  30. Indeed, in this trick there is but little sleight of hand to be exhibited; but a bungler would nevertheless make an egregious muddle of it.

  31. The Bungler You glow in my heart Like the flames of uncounted candles.

  32. However, the happy omen appeared, when the delighted bungler exclaimed that the gods preferred his execution and taste.

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