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Example sentences for "consoling"

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  1. But he was not looking toward her, and she withdrew her eyes from him, without having got any recognition, consoling herself with the assurance that he must have seen her come in.

  2. Even the consoling weed barely sustained our fainting spirits, for we knew that the more tedious portion of the journey was yet to come.

  3. In an hour mon pere was to start for the Chapel of the Palms, while I wended my way onward through a new country, bearing with me the consoling memory of my precious friends.

  4. Should I have the courage to go on with my task, should I be able to remain erect amid all the jeering around me if I hadn't the consoling illusion that I shall some day be appreciated?

  5. If he can do all this, he may die in the effort with the consoling illusion that he will be appreciated one day or other.

  6. And moved by affection, the slayer of Vritra, consoling Arjuna, touched his beautiful face with his own perfumed hands.

  7. O Yudhishthira, thereat consoling her with soft words, he enquired of her as to the cause of her grief.

  8. And the illustrious Hara, cheerfully clasping Arjuna with his arms, once more consoling Arjuna said as follows.

  9. And thus addressed by me, that deity of deities, of blazing effulgence and great beauty, that foremost of all speakers consoling me properly, spoke unto me these words.

  10. And consoling Yudhishthira, Krishna set out for Dwaraka on his car resplendent as the sun and unto which were yoked the horses Saivya and Sugriva.

  11. Some people have a remarkable staying power, a power of looking through and over present troubles, and consoling themselves with pleasant visions of futurity.

  12. I knew she was in that mood when confession to a kindred soul is most consoling to the heart.

  13. In its eagerness to climb on discovering wings it must be accompanied by its own retinue of spirits, by enthusiastic and lasting friendships so consoling to its nature.

  14. And Pierre, anxious to escape from his frightful recollections, ended by smiling, by taking pleasure in Abbe Rose's bright consoling tale.

  15. And she led her away in a sisterly clasp, like a sister of affection and despair, lavishing the most gentle, consoling words upon her as they went.

  16. Considering in what spirit the French Revolution was cradled, and from what infidelity it arose, it is consoling to see such sentiments conceived and published among them.

  17. She felt so strongly the presence of these nocturnal comrades that they were uncanny and yet a trifle consoling to her.

  18. The good-hearted Finkenbein, coming gradually to suspect that all manner of ghosts were closing in upon the manufacturer, sometimes gave him an encouraging word, or clapped him on the shoulder with a consoling laugh.

  19. So consoling her daughter, the old queen at once made all the requisite arrangements.

  20. I think my father has only meant this as a consoling conclusion to the series of calamities that he has prophesied.

  21. The wife, after consoling her husband, and preaching to him about the supremacy of fate, had accompanied him unobserved with a lighted lamp concealed in a vessel.

  22. Tis worth an hour of leisure to any man, and is very consoling and useful to a Christian.

  23. While he was consoling Clinch, orders had been sent to Pintard to look for the other gig; but a few minutes' search under the cliffs satisfied those on deck that she was not to be found; and the fact was so reported below.

  24. This is a rum way of consoling a man who is condemned to die," muttered the master; "I wonder the Frenchman stands all their nonsense.

  25. Still he was too frank and generous to deceive, while he had ever been too considerate to strive to unsettle her confiding and consoling faith.

  26. George said what kind and consoling things he could think of.

  27. At times I congratulated myself on the happiness of consoling such a noble mind.

  28. And with this consoling hope I found it easier to oppose, for the time, any further productions of Tristan.

  29. The day would come when that threatened blow would fall; of that Ollie had no consoling doubt.

  30. Frantz was consoling himself for not having been on the Donon: he had finished two Cossacks, and the sight of the inn made him feel in a good humor.

  31. Hullin, not succeeding in consoling them, entered the farm-house.

  32. That was a very reasonable and consoling way of putting the matter, and I mounted my horse with a feeling of relief at the prospect of being out in the country again.

  33. May was standing with her hand leaning on the back of the chair from which she had risen at John's entrance, and somehow it seemed only natural that he now should put his brown hand over her white one in a consoling manner.

  34. He tried to say some consoling words; he endeavored to take one of her trembling hands.

  35. A mild flirtation, with a girl whom he never expected to see again was surely a harmless way of consoling himself for the harsh treatment he had recently received from another of her sex.

  36. He took a rapid survey of his conduct, to discover if he had given offence to any powerful or revengeful man; but in this matter, he was somewhat reassured by the consoling testimony of his conscience.

  37. God has not left her on the earth for thee, and you certainly have not the audacity to believe yourself worthy that God should think of consoling you.

  38. I should not like to see you consoling yourself like that.

  39. I said, with a half-conceived hope of consoling him.

  40. Marian, interrupting his contrite speech with a consoling smile, "speak not of forgiveness!

  41. He was giving his health and life to politics, while here he only experienced peace, consoling caresses and the quieting of every excitement.

  42. And then, what Lissac said had the effect of consoling her!

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