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Example sentences for "cahoots"

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  1. Of course, you and he might be in cahoots on this, but Scott's tricky so I'm giving you some of the benefits of the doubt.

  2. If he thinks you are in cahoots with Nelson he will make you trouble.

  3. Someone sketched briefly the approximate locality of Robert Fairfax's resting place, and on the final word Cahoots tore away.

  4. As they were in childhood, so, inseparable through youth and young manhood, Robert Fairfax and Cahoots grew up.

  5. They came back after a while, neither one having taken the oath of allegiance, and if there were any rebels Cahoots was as great a one to the day of his death as his master.

  6. I won't, Mastah,' Cahoots flung back and galloped after his lifelong companion.

  7. But with a light in his eyes and the look of a hero, Cahoots leaped from the tattered vehicle and began dragging out the body of his master.

  8. Thet's the same neighborhood; must've been in cahoots with those red devils to have ever run cattle in thar.

  9. I knew then he an' Koleta was in cahoots an' he 'd be headin' this way after the stock.

  10. Then you think that Rabig was in cahoots with him?

  11. If it was some one else, that some one else must have been in cahoots with Rabig and agreed to make him seem to be in his bunk.

  12. There,” snarled the constable, “now I know you’re in cahoots with a gang of river thieves.

  13. Say, Mr. Chapin, has it ever struck you that Win Bannard might be in cahoots with these pin people?

  14. He vows he's in cahoots with Winston Bannard.

  15. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "cahoots" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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