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Example sentences for "curtailment"

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cursus; curt; curtail; curtailed; curtailing; curtailments; curtails; curtain; curtained; curtaines
  1. The licence duty would be reduced proportionately to the curtailment of hours (p.

  2. The production of civilian cloths and clothing suffered some reduction during the war, and has suffered heavy curtailment for many months since the signing of the armistice.

  3. Boot and shoe production for civilian use was unfavorably affected by the war and has likewise undergone extreme curtailment since the signing of the armistice.

  4. As a consequence, therefore, of increased prices, business men required increased credit if they were to avoid curtailment of operations and reduced production.

  5. Nine had to do with manufactures and trades, "invasions by the state of the self-government of the various interests of the country, and curtailment of the freedom of contract between employers and employed.

  6. Removal of every curtailment of political rights except in case of tutelage.

  7. To many who have pleaded with me for an immediate balancing of the budget, by a sharp curtailment or even elimination of government functions, I have asked the question: "What present expenditures would you reduce or eliminate?

  8. I do not wish to be understood as recommending in the least degree a curtailment of what is being done by the General Government for the encouragement of education.

  9. The customs receipts have decreased owing to disturbed political and economic conditions and to a very natural curtailment of imports in view of the anticipated revision of the Dominican tariff schedule.

  10. Rent control is still necessary to prevent widespread hardship and sharp curtailment of the buying power of millions of consumers in metropolitan areas.

  11. Therefore, it does not seem logical to me, at the moment we seek to increase production and consumption, for the Federal Government to consider a drastic curtailment of its own investments.

  12. A moderate curtailment of mail service consequently became necessary, and has been effected, to shield the Department against the danger of embarrassment.

  13. The real improvement, however, must come not from additional curtailment of expenses, but by a more intelligent, more ordered spending.

  14. Deflation of government after a war period is slower than deflation of business, where curtailment is either prompt and effective or disaster follows.

  15. Curtailment so far as members of Parliament are concerned.

  16. Stanhope was unwilling to submit to the curtailment of his profits, which necessarily followed the appointment of de Quester.

  17. At first, the majority of Jewish communities in Poland were indignant at this curtailment of their autonomy, and adopted a hostile attitude towards the new communal organization.

  18. They had long contemplated the curtailment of the autonomy of the Kahals, and now "the very Jews" clamored for it.

  19. The Book of Concord on the Curtailment of Free-Will.

  20. The Book of Concord on the curtailment of free-will.

  21. Let us assume for a moment that the indirect taxes extorted from the workers, which mean a curtailment of their consumption, are used entirely to pay the salaries of the state officials and to provision the regular army.

  22. Sidenote: Curtailment of Philosophy in the Age of the Sophists.

  23. As curtailment of service was out of the question, revision of the rates was recommended.

  24. That the spiritual is not the immaterial, that we become spiritual not by any change or curtailment of nature, not by any depreciation or ignoring of the body, is the constantly asserted principle of S.

  25. It is fancied that dogma in its very nature, quite apart from its contents, is a curtailment of the rights, and a limitation of the powers, of mind.

  26. The recognition of the advantages of limiting competition by price tariffs, and the experience of the difficulty of maintaining such tariffs, lead competing businesses to take further steps in the curtailment of competition.

  27. There are, of course, powerful social forces making for a curtailment of the working day, and these forces are in many industries powerfully though indirectly aided by machinery.

  28. The growing consideration for the duties of maternity, operating through public opinion and legislation, favour this curtailment of woman's sphere of activity.

  29. The curtailment of the supply of cotton to Germany when the war started, because of England's blockade, and later when America entered the conflict, threatened disaster to the "Fatherland.

  30. Curtailment of luxuries which means non-importation of foreign articles will conserve our wealth and give a chance of new life to our dying industries and starved handicrafts.

  31. As a true patriot Chitta Ranjan foresaw as early as the year 1917 that our national regeneration lay in the curtailment of our luxuries.

  32. Belgrade, where a treaty was concluded in 1699 between Turkey and other European powers, very much to the curtailment of the territories of the former.

  33. Soon she would be under the ban of the unclean which entailed the curtailment of her liberty again, and she dreaded that possibly the charm might grow stale.

  34. So far so good, reflected Birnier, although the enforced isolation and strict curtailment of his actions had already begun to be irksome; yet to attain so difficult a goal sacrifice must be borne, he argued philosophically.

  35. The literal interpretation of this decree would have left Gordon helpless to do anything for the curtailment of the slave trade until the year 1889, and then only permitted to inflict a quite insufficient punishment on those who broke the law.

  36. The Controllers had got the finances in good order, and were bound to look to the welfare of the people, which could only be done by the curtailment of Tewfik's power.

  37. The rule of the nobles had by this time become so great a curse, both in Denmark and Norway, that any measure for its curtailment seemed justifiable.

  38. She insisted on that, and urged the curtailment of the weekly expense by having Mrs. Joyce come in to help but one day.

  39. But, perhaps, such a sacrifice as the curtailment of your education will not be required of you.

  40. So far did this disposition prevail that it produced a marked curtailment in the use of credit.

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