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Example sentences for "curtailments"

Lexicographically close words:
curt; curtail; curtailed; curtailing; curtailment; curtails; curtain; curtained; curtaines; curtaining
  1. Decapitations and Curtailments are riddles somewhat of the nature of the Logogriph, which see.

  2. He looked upon it as a great omission in the report; the more so as the committee had been expressly commanded to report upon the curtailments and the conduct of the bank in the business of internal exchange.

  3. They were altered to suit the occasion sometimes by the poet himself, but more often some local poet undertook the necessary curtailments and additions, whereby the work seldom profited.

  4. Some of these are of mistakes in the copying; others, although seldom, are alterations probably demanded by the performers, either curtailments or additions.

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