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Example sentences for "curtaining"

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curtailments; curtails; curtain; curtained; curtaines; curtainless; curtains; curtal; curtall; curteis
  1. Whose velvet eyes she dared not seek behind their curtaining lashes.

  2. His voice hardened into steel, his velvet eyes flashed through their curtaining lashes.

  3. By this time cavalry and infantry both had disappeared over the curtaining ridge, and the colonel's face grew grave and haggard as he listened.

  4. The snow fell noiselessly, curtaining out all the world; the line of the sky was low and leaden, and nothing was heard to break the death-like stillness of the air, save occasional gusts of wind sullenly booming in the hollows.

  5. Beside these dangers, there was the additional peril of darkness, the immense volume of descending waters effectually curtaining out the light of heaven.

  6. The curtaining of bedroom windows has already been discussed at some length.

  7. The charm of simplicity is always to be borne in mind when curtaining a room.

  8. The would-be interviewer was a man of thirty, quiet and secretive looking, with a heavy dark moustache curtaining the expression of his lips.

  9. It was like curtaining the windows and shutting one's eyes against a storm--in spite of barriers the lightning slashes through to the retina of the eye.

  10. With the earliest pipe of dawn he sought his patch, and when the curtaining night drove him from it he shut himself up with his books and garnered statistics till sleep overcame him.

  11. The lengths of flimsy white curtaining she had been hemming slipped to the floor; she put her hands behind her head, and yawned luxuriously.

  12. Under it the curtaining writhed--out from it spurted thin cascades of cubes.

  13. Swiftly from each side of the gap a metal curtaining of the cubes joined.

  14. She welcomed the movement in the folds of the curtaining mist that betokened a prospect of lifting and liberating the house-bound coterie.

  15. Throughout the day the close curtaining mists had resisted all stir of air, and the temperature had been almost sultry.

  16. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "curtaining" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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