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Example sentences for "curtailed"

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cursu; cursum; cursus; curt; curtail; curtailing; curtailment; curtailments; curtails; curtain
  1. The privileges were curtailed and the English were restricted to the single port of Firando.

  2. I have much curtailed the story, particularly where Mansouri proceeds to relate to the sultan the fate of the head, because, had I given it with all the details the dervish did, it would have been over long.

  3. Under the unexpectedness of the representation it sat up straight, and there was a keenness of desire to see what would happen next which plainly curtailed the applause, as it does with the children at a pantomime.

  4. Her opportunity for defense was curtailed by a heavy step in the hall, and the lifted portière disclosed Surgeon-Major Livingstone, looking warm.

  5. Age seems to have curtailed its branches, yet it is not exceeded in the height of its coloring or richness of its foliage.

  6. It is perhaps this humour of speaking no more words than we needs must which has so miserably curtailed some of our words, that in familiar writings and conversation they often lose all but their first syllables, as in MOB.

  7. Robert answered for me that the omission of such and such things would be much preferred by me, and accordingly the article appears in the 'Revue' with the passage from your book garbled and curtailed as seemed best to the quoter.

  8. Suetonius tells us that he threw himself into the agitation for the restoration of the ancient powers of the tribunate curtailed by Sulla, and that he secured the passing of a law of amnesty in favour of the partisans of Sertorius.

  9. War among the tribes curtailed the design, and his journey went no farther than Medina and Mecca.

  10. Eagerness for any activity was curtailed in a man whose self seemed to be oozing into his shadow, and he was no exception.

  11. They had already reduced wages to the point of the merest subsistence; and now they decreed that wages must again be curtailed ten cents on every dollar.

  12. If the will decides that the pay of the men must go down, curtailed it is, irrespective of their protests that the lopping off of their already slender wages means still keener hardship.

  13. The treaty was largely ratified, and by a strong slaveholding vote, notwithstanding it curtailed slave territory, and made soil free which was then slave.

  14. It is possible that on the eve of the publication of the Twelve Tables this vetoing power may have been greatly curtailed or only occasionally and capriciously exercised.

  15. A clear addition has been made to the precedents, and the canon of law elicited by comparing the precedents is not the same with that which would have been obtained if the series of cases had been curtailed by a single example.

  16. The metropolitans were curtailed in their prerogatives and subjected to the Pope.

  17. These are the material facts in relation to the matter, and I think present the case in a very different light from the garbled and curtailed statement of Gen.

  18. They are probably much curtailed by Mrs. Crawford's modesty, but still it is impossible to transcribe them.

  19. Whatever the cause, he gradually lost money and curtailed his activities until he was in danger of bankruptcy.

  20. I saw that situation arising, and gradually I curtailed the business.

  21. A few million dollars saved here or there in the normal or in curtailed work of the old departments and commissions will make no great saving in the Federal budget.

  22. She even curtailed some of her own expenses in order to contribute to the building of new ships to replace those which had been lost; and she received M.

  23. He was not the least in love with Madge, but even in so short a time they had fallen into ways of comradeship, and her engagement, he felt, curtailed the liberties of that delightful relationship.

  24. Where crofters have been evicted, or have had their privileges curtailed or their rent raised, they and their descendants do not soon forget the grievance.

  25. If the blockade had been effective earlier it would have curtailed the war.

  26. Only one thing was absolutely definite in my mind, that was, come what might, I had not the slightest intention of having my liberty curtailed without a fight to a finish.

  27. He rebuked Becket for his weakness in promising to sign a paper which curtailed so fundamentally the privileges of the Church.

  28. In both these opposing theories the divine power is distinctly and avowedly curtailed by the introduction of a rival power that is diabolical; upon this point Parsee and Gnostic are agreed.

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