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Example sentences for "clipped"

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clinkers; clinking; clinks; clip; clipboard; clipper; clippers; clipping; clippings; clips
  1. Lone'' is merely a clipped form of the word, and so ``lonely.

  2. The finest wool, as you know, comes from the sides of the sheep; that clipped from the head and legs is coarse and stiff.

  3. Aye, sir, that they have--dipped every spring after shearing; then we clipped their feet before they started for the range.

  4. Why, you see, lad, it is much more convenient to have the wool clipped near the railroad.

  5. To the right, a labyrinth of young trees, similarly clipped in the fashion of the time, led by a thousand devious turns to a mysterious valley, where one heard continually a low, sad murmur.

  6. When he was gone, Winifred Goode returned to her seat by the clipped yew and cried a little, after the manner of women.

  7. In panic I looked at Baker, but he was bent over the glass plate of the projector, drawing something and speaking in his precise clipped voice.

  8. As he entered our room, we saw that he even looked like the first Stalin, clipped hair, moustache and all.

  9. This definition of duties, while it clipped somewhat the wings of the initiative of the ambitious maréchal de camp, nevertheless had the merit of clearness.

  10. These lower appetites will take all desire for prayer and all earnestness in it out of us, and only when we keep the wings of appetites close clipped will the pinions grow by which we can mount up with wings as eagles.

  11. I remember I once saw a sea-bird kept in a garden, confined within high walls, and with clipped wings, set to pick up grubs and insects.

  12. They are elaborately clipped and powdered and beribboned by special "coiffeurs.

  13. The retreat of the two young hunters came none too quick, for scarcely had they reached the shelter of the wood when several of the Indians let fly with their arrows, one of which almost clipped Henry's shoulder.

  14. Henry, too, was hit by a flying fragment of the gun barrel which clipped off a lock of his hair.

  15. I clipped off the pretty straggler with my pocket-knife, and hid it in my bosom, then held her to my heart for a moment, and hurried home, with a soul surcharged with indescribable happiness.

  16. I think I shall be able to make a better job this time than I did when I clipped your left wing at Memphis.

  17. He again cleverly clipped the word out of my mouth, "Or a kick on the croup, which is worse, Tom.

  18. When the old hooker clipped out of sight, there was not a dry eye in the whole fleet.

  19. Why he clipped into the water with the speed of light, as clean and clear as if he had been a marlinspike.

  20. The part behind the scar dries up, but fresh twigs are put out from further back along the branch, until the tree becomes a closely branched, twiggy, bristling mass which looks like the clipped yews in old gardens.

  21. But this is merely a vigorous reaction against external injury, such as makes a clipped holly hedge bear spinous foliage from base to summit.

  22. When the moon, a timid debutante in a faint sky, rose behind the clipped boxhedge, we were still in the arbour, Millicent and I.

  23. Cunningham clipped off the participle just in time.

  24. She clipped her language very clear and precise.

  25. The mother looked down at the jagged, close-clipped head of her child.

  26. And clipped in the corner of its beak dangled a thread, a shred of his sheep's-jacket.

  27. And Nod, with his Wonderstone clipped tight in his hot palm, bethought him of all Mishcha's counsel, and promised Immanala he would come down the next night following.

  28. She looked at it -- she had ten texts, half a dozen voicemails, a dozen new clipped articles, and it was ringing with a number in New York.

  29. It was apparently a piece clipped from the blade of a safety razor, and keenly sharp.

  30. I selected a Corona, and sinking into the inviting chair, lit it, while he also took a cigar, and having clipped off the end, lit up as well.

  31. The ground slopes gently upwards to the brow of the Hutberg, divided into square compartments by broad paths and clipped limes.

  32. The next was the notice of his marriage to a Kentucky girl by the name of Barbara Shirley, and the last was a paragraph clipped from a newspaper dated only a few weeks back.

  33. What satisfaction was there in having beautiful curls if no big, kind hand ever passed over them in a fatherly caress such as was passing over Peggy Burrell's closely-clipped head?

  34. His other hand also found that pistol with which he had clipped the robber's ear, and which Paul had hung onto, thinking he might have a use for it.

  35. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "clipped" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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