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  1. In the case of quarter-crack, where the constant movement of the parts under expansion and contraction of the foot makes itself most felt, it is wise to apply a shoe with clips fitting moderately tight against the inside of the bars.

  2. The clips to catch the inside of the bars; b, c, saw-cuts.

  3. B] After another fortnight or so, I had a shoe made with clips resting against the inside of the bars,[C] and the next time he was shod these were also dispensed with.

  4. The shoe is then fixed by nails in the ordinary manner, taking care that the last nails come not too far back, and that the clips rest evenly and firmly on the inside of the bars.

  5. Footnote C: The expanding shoe itself was here evidently dispensed with, and an ordinary shoe with bar-clips used in its stead (H.

  6. Oh, yes, it was his all right; bought it for a song after the bad seasons fifteen year ago, and sold it in the end for a quarter of a million, after making a fortune off of his clips alone.

  7. My task, to hang the thin sheets of composite, cut from three to fifteen hundredths of an inch in thickness, on metal clips to dry.

  8. When the frame swings toward the cloth the needles are pushed through the fabric and their points are caught by spring clips in a frame on the opposite side.

  9. The needles are held by spring clips in a swinging frame.

  10. Lo, if we might, we would embrace thee for desire, Even as a lover clips his mistress, when they meet.

  11. We put in fresh clips night before last, and exploded eight or nine cartridges apiece on the return trip to Quito.

  12. The boys briefly related the story of their visit to the aeroplane while Sam busied himself with the sandwiches, and then they loaded the three automatics and distributed the remaining clips about their persons.

  13. She was very well equipped, I found two electric torches in clips alongside her barometers by the rear seat.

  14. Chicago North landing-tower was unlighted, and Arnott worked his ship into the clips by her own lights.

  15. Snatching his gun-belt from the fallen rat-man, Powell crammed new clips of ammunition into the two guns and wheeled to confront the rest of the rat-men.

  16. All ammunition is now packed in clips in canvas bandoliers holding fifty rounds, and there is very little necessity for the big ammunition pouches with which equipments were burdened.

  17. We at first thought the Germans were upon us, but the scattering of the fire brands all over the room told us that some "blighter" had left some clips of live cartridges in the sweepings of the fire place.

  18. By the brass material of the clips Ralph knew that they were not British but German.

  19. That explains it to my mind, because I know I have fired rifles with clips and fired them without clips.

  20. The clips are set in this way after the first part has been machined to the required size and before disturbing the final position of the tools.

  21. These clips or "observation stops" are used in the production of duplicate parts.

  22. For setting tools on other faces of either turret, this operation is repeated, except that clips are used bearing numbers corresponding to the turret face in use.

  23. To obtain the same setting of the tools for the next piece, clips No.

  24. For turning a duplicate part, the tools are simply brought to the same position by turning the feed screws until the clips and stationary pointers again coincide.

  25. All of these dials have small adjustable clips c which are numbered to correspond to numbers on the faces of the respective turrets.

  26. It should not be difficult to contrive to perform the experiments, using india-rubber connecting tubes, pinched with spring clips to take the place of taps.

  27. India-rubber pipes connected them with two bottles about six inches above them, and screw-clips were used to regulate the supply.

  28. Trephines, } Michel's steel clips and special forceps for applying the same.

  29. Petri dish used for plate cultivations; and should be supplied with spring clips (removable at will) to secure the 3 by 1 glass slides.

  30. Open both metal clips and pass hydrogen through the vessel until the atmospheric air is replaced by hydrogen.

  31. Close the wound in the skin with Michel's clips and a dressing of gauze sealed with collodion (or Tinct.

  32. These small steel clips enable the operator to easily and rapidly close skin incisions and are most satisfactory for animal operations.

  33. There was no demand for tie-clips or clay-pipes.

  34. Tie-clips and clay-pipes were all he had to offer in competition with attractions which had delighted kings and princes, if the honesty of the showmen could be accepted as advertised.

  35. Sixty ball cartridges in 12 clips are packed in a cloth bandoleer to facilitate issue and carrying.

  36. Next fix on your canopy by setting the lid upright on to the end of the box, and glue or fix it into place with stationers' paper clips or large stitches.

  37. Small wire paper clips will do instead if they can be got.

  38. You can also add curtains at each side of the canopy, and, if you want a footboard, that also can be fixed across the bottom with big stitches or paper clips before the valance frill is sewed on.

  39. Then hang up to dry, using either clips or pin a corner to the edge of a wooden shelf or long lath suspended in a cool, airy place.

  40. To move the clips or to see that they are properly moved.

  41. When clips are used, their position, in case of dispute, shall be conclusive as to the position of the balls in the game.

  42. The bottom, when corked and papered, fits inside the frame, "butting" up to the strip which clips it all around to about the width of 0.

  43. Pieces of wood, peat, or clips of tin may be cut to the form of the ears, and used to block them to shape, from the outside.

  44. If one of these clips is not at hand, form a piece of wire in the same shape, as it will be needed for balancing purposes as well as for holding the paper together.

  45. The bars are held with V-shaped metal clips as shown in Fig.

  46. The clips FF are soldered to the cylinder and nailed to the base, and the bearing B is fastened by staples.

  47. Wash the prints thoroughly and hang them up with clips to dry.

  48. For art-glass the metal panels are [Illustration: The Completed Lamp] cut out, the glass is inserted from the under side and held in place by small clips soldered to the frame of the shade.

  49. Solder on the back several small clips with which to hold the picture in place.

  50. Metal clips may be soldered to the back to hold the picture in place and also a metal strip to hold the frame upright.

  51. There you saw their wrinkled arch Where the East wind cracks his whips Round the little pond and clips Main-sails from your toppled ships.

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