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condensable; condensate; condensation; condensations; condense; condenser; condensers; condenses; condensible; condensing
  1. It contains a well-condensed summary on everything connected with the subject of the Exhibition.

  2. It has been got up as a hand-book for the visitors to the Great Exhibition, but its object is more to give a condensed account of the history of the event than to serve as a guide within the building.

  3. The author has condensed into a most readable work every transaction which has given rise to this exhibition of the choice products of the world.

  4. A cleverly-written and carefully-condensed little volume, containing all that has been done, and much that should be known, respecting the great event of the year.

  5. Iodine distills over in a purple vapor, and is condensed in a receiver, or in a series of two-necked globes.

  6. The bromine is distilled, and is condensed in a cooled receiver, into a red liquid.

  7. It is further suggested that when no such vacant spaces were available, the hydrocarbon vapors would be absorbed into, and condensed in, contiguous clays and shales, and perhaps also in beds of coal, only partially consolidated at the time.

  8. With the exception of the condensed milk, every article examined was contaminated with salts of tin.

  9. Condensed milk, which is often used as a substitute for cows' milk, is not nearly so good, since it has lost in the process of condensation one of the most important elements, that which forms bone tissue.

  10. I suppose it is by way of economy (they being a frugal people) that the Italians have their Book of Common Prayer and their Arabian Nights' Entertainments condensed into one.

  11. Even in the year 1713 the botanist Heucherus stated that the green duck-weed (lemna) is only condensed grease from the surface of foul standing water, and that water-cress was formed from it in fresh running water.

  12. This interesting fact is explained by the biogenetic law, which shows that the ontogeny of the brain is a condensed recapitulation of its phylogeny in virtue of the laws of heredity.

  13. Emerson records the fact that on long tramps Thoreau would carry only a chunk of plum-cake for food, because it was rich and contained condensed nutriment.

  14. Miss Martineau condensed the six volumes into two, and what is most strange, Comte thought so well of the work that he wrote a glowing acknowledgment of it.

  15. Good digestion demands a certain amount of coarse food--refined and condensed aliment alone kills.

  16. In this second edition of it he has corrected errors, supplied omissions, readjusted proportions, condensed information, and carried on his chronicle to the time of publication.

  17. The principal events of Bentham's life, and the development of his opinions, are condensed by Mr. Stephen into one chapter with his usual biographical skill.

  18. Lincoln, my last annual report, embracing among other valuable matters the most interesting and condensed report of Colonel O.

  19. It is not unlikely that the rate of radiation in past time, when the sun had not nearly condensed to its present size, was so much less than it is at present that the period suggested above may have to be considerably augmented.

  20. Bulletins, or small newspapers, are issued daily during the voyage, which give, in very condensed form, accounts of events interesting to those on board.

  21. Solids in impure water do not pass off with the steam, so that the latter, if condensed in clean vessels, is fit for drinking or for use in the engine boilers.

  22. Miss Grant poured some black tea from a big cracked pot and pushed across a tin of condensed milk and a plate of greasy buns.

  23. Black tea and condensed milk, and a ruffian with red hair whom they called Mike had made some doughnuts with lard like engine-grease.

  24. When they came to a narrow stream, which Corette would once have jumped over with ease, the Condensed Pirate had to make a ferry-boat of a piece of bark, and paddle himself and the little girl across.

  25. Corette felt badly, for she had never told that the sisters had been condensed, and the Condensed Pirate, who had insisted on her secrecy, felt worse.

  26. There were no gayer people to be seen than Corette and the Condensed Pirate.

  27. The Condensed Pirate now opened a little gate in the fence, and he and Corette walked in.

  28. Sometimes, Corette and the fairies would take naps in little hammocks under the trees, while the Condensed Pirate helped the little man drive up the little cows, or work in the little garden.

  29. He then lifted Corette and the Condensed Pirate into the basket, where they sat down opposite one another.

  30. As Corette and the Condensed Pirate took their way through the woods to their home, they found it very difficult to get along, they were so small.

  31. Now, Corette," said the Condensed Pirate, "we must be very careful.

  32. I'll take care of your boat," he cried to the Condensed Pirate, as the pigeon rose in the air.

  33. It seems to me that it couldn't be better," said the Condensed Pirate, looking at himself from top to toe.

  34. That afternoon, when the sisters were taking a nap and the little man was at work in the barn, the Condensed Pirate went up into the garret of the cottage and got out on the roof.

  35. If fresh milk is not available, the condensed milk found at the grocer's is an excellent substitute.

  36. If condensed or dry yeast is used, previously dissolve it well in a half cupful or less of lukewarm water.

  37. Condensed milk is made by evaporating milk in a vacuum to one fifth its original volume; it is then canned like any other food by sealing at boiling temperature in air-tight cans.

  38. Put into a porcelain kettle with enough of the condensed juice to cover.

  39. Condensed milk, when not thoroughly boiled in the process of condensation, is liable to harbor disease-germs the same as any other milk.

  40. A child couldn't expect to find them clear in their present condensed state, could he now?

  41. Nitro-glycerine is a kind of condensed dynamite.

  42. When the water was hot he poured in a whole tin of condensed milk, added a cake of chocolate, a handful of sugar and another of oatmeal, too stiffened to measure out anything.

  43. The condensed expression is not too condensed to be intelligible, and beautifully describes the true pilgrim spirit.

  44. Its condensed brevity has induced some critics to mend it by expansion, as they regard it as incongruous to speak of turning away a man's prayer from himself.

  45. The mercury vapour is caught and condensed back into a liquid, while the gold is left in the retort.

  46. That is led into one chamber and condensed there.

  47. Sweet got to work and, using some of the butter and our last tin of condensed milk, turned out a very fine dough.

  48. The following condensed statement of the principal facts, embodied in Dr.

  49. This condensed ether, it is also obvious, must participate in the progressive motion of the solar system.

  50. Condensed and transliterated from the (German) Bucks County Express, Doylestown, Pa.

  51. A few examples, condensed from Kobel, will show the nearness of its dialect to PG.

  52. The next examples are condensed from journals of various localities, all printed in the German character.

  53. One can of condensed milk, unsweetened, to be diluted with water according to directions on can.

  54. Either unsweetened condensed milk or milk powder can take the place of fresh milk.

  55. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "condensed" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.