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Example sentences for "condensing"

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  1. Hence I will recommend nothing short of a pair of condensing lenses, as these have been proved by experience to be satisfactory in every respect if properly handled and cared for.

  2. But we need in addition two extra pieces, a light-box and a pair of condensing lenses.

  3. It should be mentioned that with larger engines Mr. Rowan employs as much as 1,600 feet of condensing surface.

  4. This arrangement afforded a condensing surface of about 800 square feet.

  5. So long as they remain clear and undewed, the surface of the soil is hotter than the dew-point, and vapor is being given off, while if they get dewed, the soil will also be condensing vapor.

  6. The nearness of the chambers to each other tends no doubt to diminish the power of condensing the steam, but this is somewhat compensated by the artificial circulation of air produced by the movement of the carriage.

  7. The steam engines will be three in number, and of the kind known as condensing rotative beam engines, with steam cylinders of 35 in.

  8. Each wisp of nebula, as it found itself unduly hurried, would have declared its independence, and set about revolving and condensing on its own account.

  9. Shortly condensing Wills's diary, we gather the following account of their route.

  10. The second is, the vapour with which the air of an inhabited room is charged, condensing into a shower of snow immediately on the opening of a door or window communicating with the external atmosphere.

  11. It is not, I must confess, without some apprehension that I undertake the task of summing up so much research, and of condensing into a few pages so many and such new conclusions.

  12. On this flux consciousness concentrates at long intervals, each time condensing into one "quality" an immense period of the inner history of things.

  13. PLATE XLIX] The propelling machinery consists of a pair of inverted compound condensing engines.

  14. They are strongly constructed of steel, and are fitted with compound surface condensing engines capable of indicating 420 horse power.

  15. She is propelled by a screw which is placed beneath the vessel in a central position, and which is driven by a direct acting condensing engine placed in the forward part of the boat.

  16. An apparatus for condensing vegetable juices, or for drying fruit by heat.

  17. The act or process of condensing or of being condensed; the state of being condensed.

  18. A vessel connected with an alembic, a retort, or the like, for receiving and condensing the product of distillation.

  19. An apparatus for receiving and condensing the volatile products of distillation to a liquid or solid form, by cooling.

  20. The condensing tube of a still, often curved and wound to economize space.

  21. It may be either a condensing or a noncondensing engine.

  22. The man who wrote this letter was capable of condensing in a few calm words a world of passion, whether he spoke or wrote them; but he had governed his pen carefully in his agonizing uncertainty.

  23. That is condensing the matter, certainly," I observed.

  24. Then it was about luncheon-time--it would hardly be worth starting the condensing business till afterward.

  25. Sometimes I had to rearrange several of the pictures, and straighten the books, and pull the rugs around a little, before I felt ready for the condensing process.

  26. The difficulty was to get busy at the condensing process.

  27. Magic-lanterns, the condensing lenses of which are from one and a half inch to two and a half inches in diameter, are calculated to produce discs of light from four feet to six feet in diameter.

  28. When muriatic acid was used, the plates acquired the power of condensing the oxygen and hydrogen, but in a much inferior degree.

  29. Throughout the day a north current blew above the southern; and when the mist was thin; the air sparkled with spiculae of snow, caused by the cold dry upper current condensing the vapours of the lower.

  30. The engine consists of one non-condensing cylinder, 7-1/2 in.

  31. Besides these horse capstans there are steam capstans which are less complicated and have condensing steam engines of about 100 horse power, the power being transmitted by gearing to the rope drum.

  32. The use of high pressure steam engines had long been common, and Lenoir's engine was analogous to the high pressure engine, as Buren's was to the condensing engine.

  33. The upper part of the tub is connected with a condensing apparatus by means of a wooden or bamboo pipe.

  34. The carbon disulphide and salicylic aldehyde products have also been used as means of distinction, as has also the formation of the stilbazonium bases obtained by condensing ortho-semidines with benzil (O.

  35. It is customary on the morning after a new piece to "call" it upon the stage with a view of condensing it where it will admit of condensation, and making such improvements as the experience of one night may have suggested.

  36. Whilst we were condensing on Lake Lapage, one moonlight night we saw a flight of ducks fly over us to the northward.

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