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  1. This evil is found also in some branches of other systems of philosophy, where it introduces abstracted forms, final and first causes, omitting frequently the intermediate and the like.

  2. If, therefore, the notions (which form the basis of the whole) be confused and carelessly abstracted from things, there is no solidity in the superstructure.

  3. Heat can now be abstracted by a very simple process, till the degree of cold be of almost any required intensity.

  4. But axioms properly and regularly abstracted from particulars easily point out and define new particulars, and therefore impart activity to the sciences.

  5. Secondly, notions are improperly abstracted from the senses, and indeterminate and confused when they ought to be the reverse.

  6. All the rest which men have hitherto employed are errors, and improperly abstracted and deduced from things.

  7. No complete system of dramatic species can be abstracted from any one dramatic literature.

  8. Aristotle's remarks on the subject are scanty; nor indeed is the strength of the dramatic literature from whose examples he abstracted his maxims to be sought in the fulness or variety of its characterization.

  9. In truth, the object and the sensation are the same thing, and cannot therefore be abstracted from each other.

  10. So likewise there is included stature, but then it is neither tall stature, nor low stature, nor yet middle stature, but something abstracted from all these.

  11. But I am not so thoroughly satisfied that you have proved the impossibility of Matter, in the last most obscure abstracted and indefinite sense.

  12. In short, extension, figure and motion, abstracted from all other qualities, are inconceivable.

  13. But what is there positive in your abstracted notion of its existence?

  14. Matter totally abstracted from percipient spirit must go the way of all abstract ideas.

  15. Are you not yet satisfied men may dispute about identity and diversity, without any real difference in their thoughts and opinions, abstracted from names?

  16. Geometry may not properly be reckon'd amongst the mixt mathematics--Arithmetic & Algebra being the only abstracted pure, i.

  17. Now, if it be certain that those original qualities are inseparably united with the other sensible qualities, and not, even in thought, capable of being abstracted from them, it plainly follows that they exist only in the mind.

  18. I can consider the hand, the eye, the nose, each by itself abstracted or separated from the rest of the body.

  19. A deceiving Bella she was, to look at him with that pensively abstracted air, as if her mind were full of her book, and she had not heard a single word!

  20. She said nothing of her experiences of the day, but Millard, who called in the evening, found her more abstracted and less satisfactory than ever.

  21. A safe has been opened and property of great value abstracted from it.

  22. When she rejoined me, her manner was abstracted and very depressed, a circumstance that gave me considerable food for reflection as we made our way in silence towards the main entrance.

  23. Percival was unusually gloomy and abstracted in his way to town that day, though Varney was his companion, and in the full play of those animal spirits which he owed to his unrivalled physical organization and the obtuseness of his conscience.

  24. Hevin mentions several cases of grains of wheat abstracted from abscesses of the thoracic parietes, from thirteen to fifteen days after ingestion.

  25. Afterward the knife was abstracted from his groin.

  26. Her mind was so abstracted that she kept continually playing wrong fingering, or even an occasional wrong note in the harmonic minors.

  27. John Horner, a plumber, was accused of having abstracted it from the lady’s jewel-case.

  28. As to Holmes, I observed that he sat frequently for half an hour on end, with knitted brows and an abstracted air, but he swept the matter away with a wave of his hand when I mentioned it.

  29. Sherlock Holmes welcomed her with the easy courtesy for which he was remarkable, and having closed the door, and bowed her into an arm-chair, he looked her over in the minute, and yet abstracted fashion which was peculiar to him.

  30. The science of the form of thought abstracted in this way from its matter or content was regarded as of value both as propaedeutic and as canon.

  31. Abstraction proves to be synthesis with compensatory universal marks in the place of the particular marks abstracted from.

  32. It is questionable whether even this modest task could be really achieved without other reference to the content abstracted from than Mansel, for example, allows.

  33. No," said Violet, with a smile and a sigh, her face gradually growing abstracted and her eyes more fixed.

  34. The white abstracted look of his face, the low vehemence of his tone, thrilled me almost painfully; never had Raby looked or spoken like that.

  35. Sometimes, however, it is sufficient to have phantasms abstracted in the usual way from the senses without any imaginary vision divinely vouchsafed, and thus prophetic vision is said to be without imaginary vision.

  36. For some say that the Apostle knew his soul to be united to his body as its form, but ignored whether it were abstracted from its senses, or again whether it were abstracted from the operations of the vegetative soul.

  37. Now this were impossible if the prophet were not in possession of his faculties, but abstracted from his senses.

  38. At last the astrologer spoke in an abstracted manner.

  39. At last, seizing his hat, he rushed into the street, where his rapid walk and abstracted manner excited astonishment but too visible to his sensitive mind.

  40. The higher, therefore, a body ascends in the atmosphere, the greater is the quantity of heat abstracted from it, the surrounding fluid becoming more rare.

  41. She looked at her husband and gave him a silent, urgent message to break the awkward pause, a message which he disregarded, continuing coolly to inspect his fingernails with an abstracted air, contradicted by the half-smile on his lips.

  42. Similarly the least idolatrous religion would be the one which used the most perfect art, and most successfully abstracted the good from the real.

  43. Spiritual life comes to mean life abstracted from politics, from art, from sense, even in the end from morality.

  44. The spell which dialectic can exercise over an abstracted mind is itself great; and it may grow into a sacred influence and a positive revelation when it offers a sanctuary from a weary life in the world.

  45. The form of events, abstracted from their material presence, becomes a general mould to which we tend to assimilate new observations.

  46. The intellectual sciences could be allowed to spin themselves out in abstracted liberty while man practised his illogical and inspired art of life.

  47. Passions when abstracted from their bodily causes and values when removed from their objects will naturally fall into the body's mind, and be allied with appearances.

  48. In mathematics and logic we might carry out long trains of abstracted thought and analyse and develop our imaginations ad infinitum.

  49. When one ore is abstracted and purified, the residuum subsists in that primeval quarry in which it originally lay.

  50. Mathematical principles in particular are not imposed on existence or on nature ab extra, but are found in and abstracted from the subject-matter and march of experience.

  51. To distinguish and to create beauty would then be no art relegated to a few abstracted spirits, playing with casual fancies; it would be a habit inseparable from practical efficiency.

  52. Mental facts, which he approached from the side of abstracted reflection and Platonic ideas, seemed to him obviously non-extended, even when they represented extension; and with them mechanism could have nothing to do.

  53. Forms are abstracted from existence by intent.

  54. Enormous sums had been abstracted from corporation funds for the purpose of defraying the expenses o£ candidates for the boroughs.

  55. This request was granted, but all papers which it contained were abstracted by the Irish secretary, and several documents and letters from the other leaders, of a treasonable nature, were discovered.

  56. Whilst he was thus vainly indulging in the paroxysm of grief, the duenna kept crossing herself with such active fervour, that the repeated and rapid motion of her hand at last caught the attention of the sorrowing and abstracted father.

  57. Her abstracted senses awoke as if from a horrid dream, and with fearful and convulsive clasp she hung to Don Lope's neck.

  58. But Edith was too intent upon Nina to think much of him, and after the lesson commenced, she appeared so abstracted that it was Arthur's turn to ask if she were offended.

  59. Summoning all her courage, she arose, and sitting on Richard's knee, buttoned and unbuttoned his coat in a kind of abstracted manner, while she asked if it might be so.

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