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Example sentences for "clipboard"

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  1. Yes; Kaiser came downstairs and took me back upstairs with him and pointed out the clipboard which he had left on the floor.

  2. There were how many unfilled orders on that clipboard when it was found?

  3. This FBI was standing there with me--he was standing there then and I told him I had a clipboard laying up there with the orders.

  4. All right, he was walking with his clipboard from that southeast corner?

  5. You have marked an "X" on the carton--between that carton and the wall the clipboard was found.

  6. Now, you said that he had a clipboard in his hand?

  7. You recognized that clipboard when you saw it?

  8. The clipboard was generally in the northwest corner of the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository.

  9. Lee--when he first started to work there he got my clipboard and started using it.

  10. Now at a later time do you remember a clipboard being found?

  11. I returned the clipboard to my office and made an exhibit of it, as I recall.

  12. You see, it don't do no good to get a clipboard around here--everybody is always running off with it.

  13. The clipboard was picked up by another FBI agent at a later time and was made an exhibit.

  14. I believe that someone from a government agency either got the clipboard or looked at it.

  15. I am referring to Frankie Kaiser who brought the clipboard with the orders downstairs and told Bill Shelley that he had found Oswald's clipboard with some orders on it.

  16. They were trying to identify this clipboard just a short while ago for someone--the FBI or the Secret Service, or it could be you, could it?

  17. Well, he brought the clipboard to Bill Shelley and told him about it, and he said, "This is an old clipboard I used to use.

  18. Sometime later there was a clipboard found that had two or three orders on it.

  19. Who is the man who brought the clipboard to you?

  20. At the time nobody considered it of too much significance, I suppose--that the boy was just filling orders up there and he had just thrown his clipboard over.

  21. According to our records, Frankie Kaiser, when interviewed on December 2d, said that on the morning of December 2d he found a clipboard which he had made and which he had turned over to Lee Harvey Oswald with orders.

  22. To your best recollection, who gave the clipboard to Bill Shelley?

  23. C" where you think the clipboard was found.

  24. What did you do with the clipboard and the order blanks that were on there?

  25. Could you tell us the approximate date that this individual found the clipboard and brought it to your attention?

  26. No, sir; I didn't see anything other than the clipboard with the orders on it that he was filling, as I remember.

  27. He took the clipboard from the foot of her bed and studied it for a moment.

  28. The medtech looked at the clipboard he held.

  29. Chuckling, Odeon took the clipboard and scanned the form it held.

  30. They'd still have to pay the worldly penalty for their crimes, but as long as they ended up in Purgatory rather than Hell, they could still contribute.

  31. To his shock (but only mild surprise), there was a balding man with a clipboard standing in his corner taking notes.

  32. Sigger enter wearing a white lab coat and holding a clipboard -- a smirk borne of a thousand cut-throat departmental meetings perched cruelly on his lips.

  33. It was so beautiful, so tragic, that he held the clipboard over his face as Justin fired once, piercing the thin wood with a single, perfect hole.

  34. He had three inches clipped onto a weathered clipboard which he flipped through with precision.

  35. Carl Sagan Justin watched the clipboard plummet to the floor, followed by a multi-colored stream of papers, detached from the clip, fluttering like autumn leaves.

  36. The door opened, and twenty year-old resembling a ferret and wearing an identical lab coat entered, a clipboard in his hand.

  37. Uncle Justin has the clipboard all ready.

  38. Song of Solomon 8:7 Ritchie flipped through the clipboard one more time before placing it on the table between his recliner and his wife's rocking chair.

  39. And, coincidentally, the contents of a clipboard came fluttering down upon them like leaves.

  40. He plopped his clipboard onto the bar and ordered a beer.

  41. Justin lightly turned over the clipboard with his foot.

  42. Anyway, there's no body here, so there's no need to call the cops, but he left behind a clipboard that said he was going to call you and leave a message about me!

  43. And considering that he hadn't exercised regularly in years, the clipboard seemed to be the better option.

  44. Kurt tossed his clipboard aside and jumped on Tom.

  45. Well, I'm very sorry, pal, but every contingent in this parade is listed on my clipboard and you're not.

  46. He picked up his clipboard and papers from the street.

  47. He picked up the clipboard again and studied the papers on it.

  48. He removed the clipboard from its hook and looked through the sheaf of papers fastened to it.

  49. Thirty minutes to Litchfield, sir," the first officer repeated, and gave him the clipboard to check the luggage list.

  50. He had a clipboard in his hand, and he was wearing a Terran Federation Space Navy uniform of forty years, or about a dozen regulation-changes, ago.

  51. Selim dropped his rag back in the bucket; she laid her clipboard on top of the case beside her.

  52. She turned quickly to the others, catching hold of Hubert Penrose's arm with one hand and waving her clipboard with the other.

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