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  1. The maxillary bone is eroded away from the roots of all teeth.

  2. The maxillary bone has eroded away from around the roots of M3, indicating the presence of an abscess in this area.

  3. The maxillae have eroded away from around the anterior roots of each first upper molar, leaving these roots unsupported.

  4. From these beds up to the top of the Carboniferous there appears to be no break; but the Carboniferous beds were in some places eroded before the deposition of the Productus shales, which belong to the Permian period.

  5. He recently wrote: "The amphitheatres which the young geologist mistook for craters are now known to be glacier basins eroded by ice.

  6. The amphitheaters which the young geologist mistook for craters are now known to be glacier basins eroded by ice.

  7. The basement beds of the Keuper rest with a slight unconformability upon an eroded surface of the "Bunter" next to be described.

  8. It shows that when some of these volcanoes were in action the valleys had already been eroded to their present depth.

  9. The Glen, eroded in vertical silurian slate, is less than a mile long.

  10. Usually fossils are found in "bad lands," where extensive areas are denuded of grass and the surface eroded into hills and ravines.

  11. The horse-driver took us up a secondary saddle, at the eastern foot of which runs a deeply eroded valley, which, coming from the north, 10 deg.

  12. They have eroded deep valleys in the moraines, and one of them has deposited a great dejection cone at the mouth, over which the brook falls in ten channels, carrying 106 cubic feet of water.

  13. However, towards the way we have come, we can see the deeply eroded valleys, and we seem to be higher than the ridges enclosing them.

  14. Between them detritus cones descend to the valley floor, where their bases are eroded by the high water of the summer flood and cut off in perpendicular walls.

  15. In the midst of Gurla Mandatta is seen a huge deeply eroded ravine, its entrance standing out picturesquely below the dense mantle of clouds.

  16. We ride between steep cliffs down a deeply eroded valley, and side valleys run in with narrow deep openings.

  17. Between its terminal moraines and the older moraines we have skirted, a rather voluminous stream has eroded its valley.

  18. In other words, we find that, owing to the inclination of the rocks, or to their varying hardness, or to other causes, particular reaches are less easily eroded than others.

  19. This process was perhaps repeated several times, with the final result that the protected cirque was left as a much-modified remnant of pre-glacial conditions, while the valley below was powerfully eroded by the glacial torrents.

  20. In some instances, if several cirques occur near together, the side walls may be eroded through, so that a shelf is produced, as one might produce a bench by putting two chairs side by side, and cutting away the contiguous arms.

  21. Darkness came on quickly with the blinding rain, and the descent was often at an angle of forty-five degrees, over rocks, eroded hills, along the edge of a precipice.

  22. Reuben squirmed inwardly as usual at that degeneration of Mr. Hibbs' conversation into Latin snippets, the eroded currency of scholarship.

  23. At others, the suppurative inflammation may be seen to have eroded the derma, which is covered with a diphtheritic membranous exudation similar to that covering the mucous membranes lining the mouth, nose, and ears.

  24. Beneath these masses the eroded mucous surface is dry, livid red in color, and has a varnished aspect.

  25. Soon the swellings on the mucosa become eroded and are gradually destroyed, forming large unhealthy, chancrous-looking ulcers, tending to become confluent and to eat deeply through the mucosa into the subjacent tissues.

  26. It is most apt to occur where, from the start, the mucous membrane of the mouth was eroded or ulcerated.

  27. Rock outcroppings were everywhere, but all were eroded and in places polished smooth as glass.

  28. The upper portion was eroded to crumbling ruins, the lower part studded with many bas-reliefs and triangular doorways.

  29. Their basins were not merely remodeled and scoured out by this mighty agent, but in the first place were eroded from the solid.

  30. Most of it is eroded from the sides and bottom of the river's channel.

  31. Softer rocks like shales and clay are more readily eroded and they normally form slopes rather than cliffs or ledges (fig.

  32. Slowly--almost imperceptibly--the walls of the canyon have been eroded by the processes of weathering and mass-wasting.

  33. These Permian and Triassic rocks, which are discussed elsewhere in this publication, are not normally exposed except in deeply eroded areas such as the canyon.

  34. The Devil's Slide in the south end of the park is an eroded spur of Tecovas shales.

  35. These spherical masses are generally harder than the fine-grained shaly sands in which they are found and were thus left behind when the surrounding rock was eroded away.

  36. On the eastern tip of the mesa the sandstone has been eroded in such a fashion that it resembles the profile of an Indian (fig.

  37. It is impossible, of course, to determine how many geologic formations may have been formed and later eroded during the 167 million years represented by this unconformity.

  38. Composed of upper Quartermaster and lower Tecovas shales, the surface of this eroded spur is laced with many trails and "slides" that have been made by previous visitors (fig.

  39. An intermixture of softer rocks has eroded and become the basis for the sedimentation that has resulted in wider valleys between the ridges than are common in the remainder of the country.

  40. There are large areas of marshland and other areas of bare eroded badlands.

  41. The mark of the rift in the eroded mountains.

  42. Moraine with outwash apron in front, the latter in part eroded by a river.

  43. The topography of the island shows the intricate detail of a maturely eroded surface, while that of the neighboring San Clemente shows only the widely spaced, deep cañons of the infantile stage of erosion (Fig.

  44. A new subsidence of the truncated lower series and deposition of the upper series across its eroded surface.

  45. Almost throughout its entire length the Niagara gorge is bordered on either side by a narrow and gently incurving terrace eroded below the general level of the plain and meeting the gorge in a sharp angle (Fig.

  46. Molten rock under intense pressure created these spires as plugs inside softer rock, which has long since eroded away.

  47. Illustration: ④ Streams have now cut clear through the sharply eroded mountains and formed steep-walled canyons.

  48. The large, rounded Maverick Mountain north of the road near the Maverick entrance is the eroded exposure of an intruded mass of molten rock pushed up through softer, older rock beds.

  49. Illustration: ⑥ In a future stage the bedrock mountain uplift might be entirely eroded away to become a deep layer of sediments.

  50. Occasional remains of the great Ice Age mammoths have also come from gravels in deeply eroded ravines.

  51. In the park’s western section you find the Painted Desert, eroded badlands formations showing distinct bands of colorful deposits from up to 70 million years ago.

  52. Illustration: ⑤ All but isolated mesa remnants of the mountains have eroded and weathered away.

  53. The 1994 genocide decimated Rwanda's fragile economic base, severely impoverished the population, particularly women, and eroded the country's ability to attract private and external investment.

  54. Downward from this line a heavy robe of dark forest drapes the mountains; above it the treeless heights rise cool and apparently barren, piled with old and eroded snowdrifts amid silent moorlands and rocky terraces.

  55. Rains had eroded this area to bed-rock and had torn out a gully that was several feet wide on the slope below.

  56. The former region consists of detached mountain masses of crystalline rocks, not yet eroded down to the level of the Piedmont Belt.

  57. How did it happen to be eroded into so regular chambers, leaving intermediate floors and partitions.

  58. That the mountainous mass of western Maui is much older is shown by the destruction of its crater, by its sharp ridges and by deeply eroded gorges or valleys.

  59. Between rocks striped with huge eroded cracks, and a squarely cut wall, with the river flowing below, a narrow ledge along the steep incline served as a mountain trail.

  60. Rounding a huge eroded rock, suddenly Camilla found herself face to face with Luis, who was seated on a stone, hatless, his legs dangling.

  61. There was a fine stretch of eroded palisades in front of the island on which we lunched.

  62. With half his head eroded by the ray, the serpent struck again, but this time his aim was wild.

  63. In past ages the elements have eroded and undermined the soft layers of sandstone or shale to such an extent that great blocks of rock, being left without foundations, have broken away from above, falling down the precipice.

  64. This cave, as already stated, was formed by erosion or undercutting the softer rock at a lower level than the massive sandstone, leaving huge blocks of stone above the eroded cavities.

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